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Window On Your Past


One of the most intriguing things about studying history is that there is always the adventure of visiting places where history happened, more details to discover and more evidence to gather to prove that what you learn is actually true.  Curiosity about a minor detail, fascination of the romantic stories set in a particular place or time, or even questions about your ancestors can open a “window on your past”.

Many of the themes posted on this website evolved from such feelings.  It is hoped the reader will either find answers to questions or models for making one’s own discoveries.

As an educator my life’s mission is to stimulate curiosity about the past and educate the general public using primary source documents.  In my quest for uncovering the woman’s side of history– i.e.”herstory”—one must dig deep, especially if the historic character has not left behind her own thoughts in diaries, journals, recordings or letters.  By exploring the evolution of the woman’s rights movement at various times and places, one can begin to imagine how these efforts touched the average women of the past and the present.  Woman’s rights are still an issue.

The Internet has opened a huge window, even to non-researchers, but we all must be cautious as we evaluate the validity of what we discover.

I invite you to “climb” through the “windows” offered on this site to enjoy history and heighten your awareness of how one must continue the legacy of those who came before us.  I look forward to hearing of your discoveries as you build upon this research.

                                                                                                                                       Karen Board Moran

Equality Day, 26 August 2012

   2007 genealogist at Hein Reunion  1989 Lobbying in Washington, DC1988 Emergency Dig for Old Sturbridge Village1908 ca. Congress St Tucson, AZmemory

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