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Clara (Clarinda) Cramond Fish Roberts, suffragist, Tucson, AZ (1876-1965) | Window On Your Past

Clara (Clarinda) Cramond Fish Roberts, suffragist, Tucson, AZ (1876-1965)

Clara Fish Roberts, daughter of a pioneer Tucson family and the first woman to register to vote in Pima County following the passage of woman suffrage in Arizona on 5 November 1912, will share the story of the early days of Tucson and the struggle to gain Arizona women the right to vote seven years before all American women did by U. S. Constitutional Amendment.

Clara was the first student to register at the University of Arizona in 1891 and 18 years later helped found the Collegiate Club of Tucson (American Association of University Women).

Clara is portrayed by Karen Board Moran, retired 32 year teacher and historic reenactor.  Board Moran received several teacher of year awards throughout her career and was an American Antiquarian Society Fellow and National Endowment of Humanities Scholar at Harvard (New Scholarship on Women).

A suggested honorarium of $100 covers a 40 minute presentation, which includes audience participation, and is followed by a question and answer session.   A handout of suggested reading will be provided for duplication by your organization.

Clara (Clarinda) Cramond Fish Roberts February 14, 2012, WWHP Newsletter.

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