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Door County, Wisconsin Suffrage

When searching for historical information about Door County, Wisconsin, one should visit the Door County Library Newspaper Archives for the years from 1862 to 1925.  These are some of the treasures found while looking for Liberty Grove suffragists.

1886 11-5 The Independent on the School Suffrage Referendum, p.3.

1887 4-7  Door County Advocate.  Sturgeon Bay women inaugurate a new deal and cast their ballots led by organizers:  Mrs. Hannah Stoakes,Mrs. [Hortense] Charles Scofield, Mrs. [Annie Daly] Thomas H. Smith, Mrs. [Anna E. Stoakes] Capt. C. B. Packard, [Hannah stoakes’ daughter], Mrs. L. M. Sherman, Mrs. [Eliza Bunker Coleman] C. L. Nelson, Mrs. [Elizabeth Maria Hanson] Y. V. Dreutzer, Mrs. J. G. Hendricks, Mrs. G. W. Prescott, Miss Anna M. Potter, Miss Lucy Bacon, and Miss Jessie Dreutzer [Elizabeth Dreutzer’s sister-in-law and future sister-in-law of Mrs. Sherman maybe].

1887 4-8 The Independent, p. 3.  One hundred ten Sturgeon Bay women cast their ballots in the municipal election.

1912 6-21 Door County Democrat on Suffrage Auto Tour,  p. 6.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCulloch (Katherine Waugh McCullough), Miss Harriet E.Grimm (with photo) and Mrs.Rex McCreery (Maude Leonard) tour Door County.  A wonderful photo of Mrs. McCullough addressing the people of Sister Bay, Wisconsin on this tour can be found at the Wisconsin State Historical Society.  

1912 10-25  Door County Democrat on W.C.T.U. Meeting in Liberty Grove and Resolution 227 on Suffrage, p. 6.

1912 11-8 Door County Democrat on Suffrage Referendum Results, p. 1.

1919 6-20 Door County Advocate on Wisconsin Ratifies the 19th Amendment, p. 3. 

1919 6-20 Door County Advocate on National Woman’s Party, p. 4.

1920-10-14 Door County News (p.1) and 1920-10-15 Door Count Advocate(p. 5) carry the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS organizational notice:

 All women voters are urged to attend the meeting to be held at the high school assembly room on Friday evening,    at 8 o’clock, to discuss the organization of a League of Women Voters.

No woman who feels, the responsibility laid upon her by the passage of the nineteenth amendment wishes to vote blindly. The aim will be to create a permanent organization which will keep Its members informed on issues, laws, candidates and office holders, regardless of party connections.

This call is addressed to all women of the city and surrounding territory. Its importance is self-evident.

According to the following issue of the Door County News,  Mrs. Elizabeth (Y. V.) Dreutzer and Miss Williams conducted the meeting.  Miss Williams may be dressmaker Jessie Williams per 1920 Census.

1920-10-28 Door County News (p. 3) reminds its readers,

Every man and woman in the county should cast their ballot on November 2nd. This is the first opportunity that the women have had to express their choice for the different candidates. It is hoped that they will set an example to the men folks and go to the polls early. 

1921 4-1 Door County Advocate, p. 3 on getting out the vote for school superintendent Katherine Conley.

The following is a table of Women’s Polling Data from Liberty Grove April meetings (1919-1932).
The data is also available as an Excel (2010) spreadsheet
and as PDFs LG Poll Lists sorted by maiden name and LG Poll Lists sorted by married name


Name with Census or family details by compilerMaiden nameMarried nameSigned in as; Husband’s Occupation per census; P.O. when given; burial site19191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932
Lydia Augusta (1903-1975) or (1887-1973)AbendrothKoesselMrs. Theodore [C.] Kuesell [ also spelled with one L or Koessel] b. WI or IL; laborer and son of William, minister of German Lutheran Church who lived near LG school; b. WI m.1925; Little Sister Cem.x
Edith (1904-1993)AlgerSINGLE; b, WI lives in Luxemburg, Kewaunee when father dies in 1920; perhaps she taught briefly in LG before moving to Kenosha; married Grant Birmingham at Kenosha where she had taught for 2 years 10 June 1926 DC Advocatex
Berniece (1908-)AmundsonSINGLE; teacher boards with Elmer Disgarden 1930C; b. WIx
Agnes (1872-)AndersonSINGLE; may be Theoline Larson’s sister x
Alhe M. AndersonSINGLEx
Edna Beatrice (1908-)AndersonAndersonMrs. Milton [M.?] Anderson; grocery & meat merchant (Lake Shore Meat Market in SB); b. WI m. 1928; SB Baptist; 1951 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society; mother-in-law Emma; mother Martha (Anton) Anderson and possible sister Florencex
Edna E. (1898-1968)AndersonCarlsonMrs. John C. Carlson; teamster on farm; b. WI m. 1919; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister-in-law Hulda (R) Carlson; contact granson Colin Dahl,
Emma (1874-1947)AndersonNordeenMrs. Charles [F.] Nordeen; farmer; SB Baptist; b. WI m. 1904; Little Sister Cem.xxxxx
Florance Anderson (1909-1962?)AndersonSINGLE; possible mother Martha (Anton) and sister Edna (Milton) Andersonx
Harriet (Hattie) Louise (1888-1968) AndersonSeaquistMrs. John R. Seaquist; farmer; 1917 justice of peace and town clerk, 1921 clerk, school supt. 1928? and on town board; b. WI m. with 2 kids by 1917; SB Baptist Church where he started Sunday school in 1868 and played organ and she was superintendent of primary Sunday school; Little Sister Cem.; mother-in-law Mary (CR) Seaquist; J. R. spoke at WCTU anniversary 19 Jan 1928 DC News; PIC See Seaquist, J.R. “Pioneer Experiences in Door County”. 1954 at Sister Bay Library; Dale Seaquist’s mother states both parents disliked liquor and were community and church leaders, they believed in excellence, Hattie had little formal education, but was an avid reader and could discuss almost any subject (see more notes in notebook)xxxxxxxxx
Hedvig (1875-1933)AndersonBoquistMrs. John Boquist; b. Sweden immig . 1893 “Bagquist” 1910C m. 1899 Chicago; she is a dress maker; he does general labor; Little Sister Cem.; Hedwig; she owned & operated Hotel DuNord with sisters spinster Josephine Anderson and Julia (Arthur) Hilander (others didn’t vote)xxxx
Hilda Theresa (1875-1950)AndersonJohnsonMrs. Christ Johnson; farmer on Garret Bay Road; EB Cem.; b. WI m. 1899 2nd wife; Bethel Baptist in Newportxxx
Joyce (1902-)AndersonSINGLE; b. WI, father Henry; mother Alida (Henry) and sister Violet (Ervin) Andersonx
Lesthe [Esther] (1896-1978)AndersonSINGLE; daughter of Axel and Mathilda Anderson 1905C who married Peder Overby 1922 and moved to Chicago; she was a cousin of Berit Overby who later married Willie Johnson in Florida per Don Overbyx
Louise (1863-1932)AndersonBroddMrs. Charles Broad [Brodd]; carpenter; b. WI m. 1887; Mrs. Clarence Brodd was original Moravian member; daughter Pearl (Alvin) Mickelson PIC; pronounce Brud per Kristin Brodd Seaquistx
Mildred [E.] AndersonCarlsonSINGLE; WIDOW; b. WI; SB Baptist and 1st church Historian 1936; teacher boards with Theodore Ecklund family with son Clayton 1930C; sister Edna Carlsonxx
Odell Ester (1898-1987)AndersonLogerquistMrs. George Logerquist; m. 1919; SB Baptist Church; Little Sister Cem.; sisters-in-law Mabel Logerquist and Hilma Erickson and mother-in-law Wilhelminaxxxxx
Theoline (Lena) Boletta (1878-1970) AndersonLarsonMrs. Reinhardt Larson; Theolena, b. Norway m. 1893; Moravian Women’s Fellowship; father John Anderson; daughters Mabel Logerquist and Agnes Wickman, daughters-in-law plus her sisters-in-law;”It was said…she had a big heart, warm with love for the needy child.” often took in children who had no home in addition to her 12 children (Garments)xxx
Violet B. or R. (1894-1962)AndersonAndersonMrs. Ervin Anderson; farmer on State Rd.; b. WI m. 1915; sister Joyce, mother Alida (Henry); moved awayx
Ethel Victoria (1893-1974)AnderssonSeaquistMrs. Ralph Seaquist; carpenter; b. WI m. 1915; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; mother-in-law Mary (CR) Seaquist; WCTU meeting in her home 1938 DCNews 8 Decxxxxxxx
Emma M. (1896-1990)AnschutzKoepselMrs. Aug[ust] Koepsel; farmer and later Am. Family Insurance agent; b. WI; she started a roadside farmstand in 1940; Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church WELS (German Lutheran at Q & 57); Little Sister Cem.; 1940s PIC (67 Zurawski); Eldred is only son and Karrie Oram and Don are grandchildren; sister-in-law Caroline Koepselxxxxxxx
Alma B. (1892-1988)AntonsonLarsonMrs. Adolph [L.] Larson; farmer on State Road; b. Sweden immig. 1916 m. 1917 Cook Co., IL; Little Sister Cem.x
Irma (1901-)BassfordSINGLE; WI; parents Charles & Beatrice Newman Bassford?; SB Baptist; teacher at County Training School in Marinette, WI 1930C so may have taught in LG in 1925; [neice of DC school supt, 1912-4, George A. Bassford?]x
Alma C. (1889-1970)BeckstromNelsonMrs. Joseph Nelson; farmer and carpenter who helped remodel Kramer’s Kottages (now Norrland); Waters End & Old Stage; Zion Lutheran; b. Sweden; Pic (58 SB); sisters Edith (SR) Voight and Anna Arenson and sisters-in-law Bertha Beckstrom, Delia and Elsie (Sam) Nelson; Larry Nelson’s grandmother and Ida Holm Mickelson is great grandmotherxxxxxx
Anna (1886-)BeckstromArensonMrs. Charles Arenson; farmer, E. Farmer Road; b. WI m. 1906; Lutheran; sister Edith (SR) Voight and sister-in-law Bertha Beckstromx
Edith M. (1897-1989)BeckstromVoightMrs. Stanley [R.] Voight; fisherman; m. 1918; Little Sister Cem.; sister Anna Arenson and sisters-in-law Bertha Beckstrom, Edna and Lena Voight and sisters Alma Nelson and Anna Arenson and mother-in-law Maryxxxxx
Augusta (1871-1930)BergmanOlsonMrs. Even Olson; farmer; b. Sweden immig. 1882 m. 1890; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; may be related to John Helmer Bergman and his wifexx
Sophia A. (1873-1946)BergmanOlsonMrs. Sievert [Severt]Olson; farmer; b. Sweden immig. 1882 m. 1892 from Ephraim; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; daughter Carrie Sigurdson and daughter-in-law Amelia (Walter S) Olson active; son Harvy A. baptised 1907 EB Norwegian Lutheran with Mrs. Cornelius and M/M Anton Anderson godparentsxxxxx
Josephine (1884-1961)BodohJohnsonMrs. (Jake) Jacob Johnson; fisherman, hotel proprietor 1930; b. WI m. 1908; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.xxxxxx
Pearl Ester (1895-1954)Brodd MickelsonMrs. Albin [William] Mickelson; b. Chicago; retail merchant, groceries 1930 C Mickelson’s General Store and Ice Cream Parlor now DC Ice Cream Factory; SB Moravian Cem.; mother Louise Brodd and sisters -in-law Ruby (Walter), Annie and Alma (Gotfred) Hilander; PIC at FAG; related to Ida Mickelson?xxxx
Anna (Annie) E. (1887-1971)BundaHilanderMrs. Elmer Hilander; b. WI m. 1906; her mother Mary V.was a strong businesswoman and leader, especially after her father Wenzel’s death; the elder Mary “remembered as being an ambitious woman who seemed to always run rather than walk.” according to her granddaughter (66 SB); SB Moravian Cem.; Aunt Mary Worachek; sisters-in-law Hilma and Alma Hilander, Amanda (J) Lundquist and Amelia (Christ) Anderson and future sister-in-law Alma Witalison; PIC at SBHSxxxxxxxx
Mary (1865-1935)BundaWorachekMrs. John Worachek; carpenter; Liberty Grove Hotel north of SB 1894 (90 Zurawski); b. WI m. 1885; neice Anna (E) Hilander; niece to be Alma Witalson; brothers Wenzel Bunda, Jr. and Frank with store where Husby’s is now; John is brother of Mary V. (Wenzel, Jr.) Bunda so sister-in-law to Mary twicexx
Helen (1907-1987)CarlsonSINGLE; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.xxxx
Lillian A. (1896-1985)CarlsonTeskeMrs. Frank Teske; fisherman; b. WI m. 1913; Bethel Baptist?; EB Cem.; grandsons Niel & Lyle?xxxx
Hilma O. (1883-1952)Carlson (Liebstuckle per Brann)HilanderMrs. Charles Hilander; farmer; b. WI m. 1909; SB Moravian Cem.; sisters-in-law Amelia (Christ) Anderson, Amanda (J) Lundquist, Lillian Bergman, Julia (Ed) Newman, Anna (Elmer) and Alma (Gottfred) Hilanderxxxxxx
Anna (Annie) A. (1878-1935)CarmodySeaquistMrs. Frank Seaquist; farmer and merchant of general store; b. WI m. 1907; SB Baptist; lived in Wilste home in SB, now gone; Little Sister Cem.; sisters-in-law Mary (CR) and Mary Voight; Lilly Carmody, a servant, is also a sister-in-lawxxxxxxx
Lucy C. [May] (1858-1942)CarrollPowersMrs. WIDOW; b. IL m. 1882, widowed by 1910C and lives with son Wm. C. and daughter Mary G. 1920C; son ran 1921 Potato Corporation in EB; was she Dottie Telfer’s “long suffering” piano teacher?x
Eliza Bunker (1849-1938)ColemanNelsonMrs. Charles Nelson; WIDOW of banker in Sturgeon Bay in 1910; she taught 1913-4, #6 Newport; b. IL m. 1870 per obit.; Sturgeon Bay Bayside Cem.; VOTED IN ST B since she was a leader in suffrage movement voting in town meeting 1887 believing previous year’s referendum gave municipal suffrage instead of just school suffrage and worked with Elizabeth Hanson (Mrs. Yngre) Dreutzer who owned property in LG (1899 Atlas) and was President of Wisconsin Womans Suffrage Association (WWSA) then founded ST B League of Women Voters in 1920 (DC Advocate 1887 April 7)xx
Wilhelmina (1856-1946)DanielsonLogerquistMrs. John Logerquist; b. Sweden PIC; SB Baptist Church; daughters-in-law Mabel and Odellxxx
Eva A. (1889-1969)DeHosEvansonMrs. Edward [L.] Evanson; fisherman; b. WI m. 1909; EB Cem.; Woman’s Club Charter member 1931 Jan; she may be related to Justice of Peace in ST B 1887; 1951 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Societyx
Ida A. (1883-1970)DesjardinOlsonMrs. W[alter] C. Olson.; farmer; he owned and operated stage service 1911 then 1st bus line 1912 from Sturgeon Bay RR to EB (40 Century); sheriff at one time (61 Centur); b. WI m.1904; sister-in-law Lillie (Milton) Olson; EB Cem.; Woman’s Club; sisters-in-law Elma and Marie Disjardin; daughter-in-law Clara (Henry) Olsonx
[Mary] Lydia Marie (1865-1945)EricksonSeaquistMrs. C[arl] R. Seaquist; farmer, orchardist, realtor; he’s called Robert and started Baptist Sunday School per son (6, Seaquist, J.R. “Pioneer Experiences in Door County”. 1954 at SB Library); 1924 clerk of judicial election and 15 yrs. town clerk; his parents Anders and Sophia Sjoquist founded SB Swedish Baptist Church in 1877 with 14 members (Zurawski); b. Sweden immig. 1872 to Frans Gustaf Erickson (age 59) and arrived from north side Chicago at age 13 (1878) to settle at Three Springs farm (walked from BH to SB to S10, T31,R28 LG sold to DC Nature Ctr.- “a keen disappointment surrounded by stumps” cut by father previouse year to 34 year old mother Elda p.20) m. 1886 widow by 1926; keen to learn, 3 mi. walk to school and read to quench her thirst for knowledge (Pioneer and Dale Seaquist); she was a founder of the WCTU in Sister Bay; SB Baptist Church, she was church clerk and 1926 president of Mission Circle PIC (12, 50 Years History of the Baptist Church, SB, 1927); Little Sister Cem.; delegate to Oct 1910 WCTU state convention with Amelia Hilander; sister Hannah (Frank) Swenson and Agnes (N) Nelson, daughter Ruth (Ralph) Larson, sisters-in-law Anna (Frank), Mary (G) Voight Hilma (Sam) and Evelyn (Elmer) Erickson and Minnie (Dan) Hedeen and daughters-in-law Hattie, Ethel and Leona; when SB incorporated in 1912 they voted to be “wet” town; grandson Dale Seaquist remembers she was called Mary and was a serious stern person, “opinionated and staunch in her faith and beliefs”; mother Edla; Annie Kellstrom Appel cousin of CR who came on same ship in 1868xxx
Agnes Elenora (1885-1944)EricksonNelsonMrs. N. J. Nelson, Annie b. 1889 Norway if Nels 1910C or more likely she is Agnes b. WI m. 1913 to Nels Ludwig Nelson who moved to CA 1930C; Nils & Anna Nilson had child confirmed 1898 EB Norwegian Lutheran; sisters Mary Lydia (CR) Seaguist, Hannah (F) Swenson and sisters-in-law Evelyn (E) Erickson and Hilma (S) Ericksonx
Hannah Carlotta (1866-1947)EricksonSwensonMrs. Frank Swenson; farmer, b. Sweden immig. 1866 m. 1892 (1st in church building); Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister Mary Lydia (Carl) Seaquist, sisters-in-law Evelyn (E) and Hilma (S) Erickson and daughters-in-law Ebba and Jennie Swenson; wedding certificate on wall at SBHS with PIC; possible link to Mrs. Frank Sevensonx
Nettie (1883-1968)EvensonSINGLE; SB Moravian Cem.; Anna’s sister; works out 1920Cx
Anna (1893-1972)Evenson [Evanson]SINGLE; SB Moravian Cem.; original member per Diary of SB Moravian Church, Harberg) father is John, brother of Edwardxxxx
Gertrude M. (1884-1933)FagerJohnsonMrs. Henry [E.] Johnson; farmer; b. Sweden immig. 1890 m. 1905; may be second wife; 1924 clerk of judicial election and very active in town government; SB Baptist?; Little Sister Cem.; xxxxxxxxx
Antoinette A. (1888-1972)FichtnerGrasseMrs. John Grasse; farmer and auctioneer who d. in accident; Little Sister Cem.; father Frederick of Sheboygan who sent sons to check his property; daughter Mabel Kramer; her father Dr. Fichtner of SB lived with Therese Fichtner (19, SB)xxxxxx
Alice FisterMiss; SINGLExxx
AliceFitzgeraldSINGLE; maybe daughter of Henry Fitzgerald; Bailey’s Harbor; maybe related to John and Phyllis Fitzgerald (1959 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid), daughter Carrie Fitzgerald x
Lydia (1877-1962)GarrettNewmanMrs. Gust[af] Newman; farmer; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; father John Neman; daughter Matilda attended Door/Kewaunee Training School and taught at Appleport, then EB, earned her Phd and married Elmer Husby; son Percy also taught there per Rice; Lester is their son b. 1902 who owned Pioneer Store and has Berman grandparents (62 Century); grandson Lester also a teacher; b. Sweden immig. 1882; EB Cem.; sisters-in-law Johanna (Jay) Rogers and Julia ( Ed) and Rebecca (Harry) Newmanxxx
Selma C. (1871-1966)GothlinLindenMrs. Peter Linden; farmer; b. Sweden immig.1891 m.1896xx
Mabel Louise (1902-1972)GrasseKramerMrs. Melvin Kramer; cheesemaker and 1946 Kramer’s Kottages (Norrland Resort); b. WI m. 1920; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; Little Sister Cem.; mother Antoinette (John) Grasse, daughter Virginia m. Russ Hanson (Albert & Ella’s son) and other daughter Verna; Kathy Kramer Springer reenacts family storyx
Jessie (1884-)GraySINGLE; servant for Jay Rogers family (1930 Census); b. WI Danish heritage; votes with Hannah Rogersx
Pearl Ione (1903-1989)HandellSittieMrs. Harvey [Harry?] I. Settie [Sitte at Little Sister Cem.]; farmer; b. WI m. 1920; Moravian?; mother-in-law Wilhelmina; sister Laura m. Clarence Broddx
Clara Mary (1872-1934)HawkeyOlsonMrs. Frank Olson; farmer; b. WI m. 1896; EB Cem.x
Gladys Edith (1900-1979)HedeenIsaacsonMrs. [Ernest R. Isaacson] Isaakson; farmer and founded SB Motors (Ford) see SBHS; m. 1920; SB Baptist Church; Little Sister Cem.; sister Minnie Hedeen and sister-in-law Lena Isaacson; CONTACT Susan Pritchettxxxxx
Mamie E. (1898-1993)HedeenNelsonMrs. Arnold Nelson; farmer; b. WI; SB Baptist (96 SB); she worked for Andrew Knutson Birchwood Hall 1914 and boarded there, 4 mi from home $3/wk (95 SB); mother Minnie Hedeen and sisters-in-law to Delia, Alma (Joseph) and Elsie (Sam); Little Sister Cem.; CONTACT Donna Prichettxxx
Caroline (1865-1966)HempelKoepselMrs. Herman Kopsel [Koepsel]; farmer; August’s brother (another brother Henry started SB Bowl)b. WI; Little Sister Cem.; her parents Christian and Wilhelmina Sette Hempel 1857 early settlersx
Anne C. (1883-1969)HengartnerMooreMrs. Wesley Moore; b. IL m. 1903x
Lena Louise (1897-1967)HermanIsaacsonMrs. Albert Isaacson; farmer; b. WI m. 1919; SB 1st Baptist Church; Little Sister Cem.; sister-in-law Gladys Isaaksonxx
Miranda M. (1887-1962)HettigerJacobsonMrs. Arthur Jacobson; farm laborer; sisters-in-law Elda and Anna (Mathias) x
Amanda (1878-1940)HilanderLundquistMrs. John Lundquist; farmer; b. WI m. 1903 2nd wife; came from Chicago 1909 to be near parents; SB Moravian Cem.; sisters Amelia (C) Anderson and sisters-in-law Hilma (C), Alma (G) and Anna (E) Hilander; see her daughter Alice Brann’s Just South of Heaven, Blurb Inc., 2009 for good story of women’s work and school; probably WCTU, aware of other families where kids verbally & physically abused when Dad’s drink; she was “a breath of susshine in darkened household after 1st wife’s death”, gifted seamstress; great stamina, raised 5 and cared for parents & unclexxxxxx
Amelia (1873-1945)HilanderAndersonMrs. Christ Anderson; farmer; b. IL m. 1916; Little Sister Cem.; Zion Lutheran Ladies met in her home 17 Oct 1941 DC Advocate; delegate to Oct 1910 WCTU state convention with Mary Lydia (CR) Seaquist; sisters Lillian Bergman, Amanda (John) Lundquist and and Julia (Ed) Newman and sisters-in-law Hilma (Charles), Alma (Gotfred) and Anna (Elmer) Hilander; Woman’s Club? [may have been Baptist earlier]xxxxxxx
Julia Mae (1885-1958)HilanderNewmanMrs. Ed Newman; b. WI m. 1913; EB Cem.; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; Woman’s Club; sisters Lillian Bergman, Amelia (Christ) Anderson and Amelia (John) Lunquist and sisters-in-law Anna (Elmer), Alma (Gottfred) and Hilma (Charles) Hilander and Rebecca (Harry) and Lydia (Gust) Newman; possible relative of Louis J Newman who had hotel in 1880s where GR Stoneware is now?; was her daughter Matilda Newman EB teacher (per Dottie Telfer Sladky)xxxxxxxx
Lillian (Lillie) C. (1884-1947)HilanderBergmanMrs. [John] Helmer Bergman; blacksmith, 1920 garage mechanic, built 1st garage in EB with brother-in-law Byron Arenson and remodeled 1st school house next to Pioneer store (39, Centennial) (torn down 2013); b. WI; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; Woman’s Club; sisters Amanda (John) Lundquist, Julia (Ed) Newman and Amelia (Christ) Anderson and sisters-in-law Anna (Elmer), Alma (Gottfred) and Hilma (Charles) Hilander; their twin daughters Myrtle A.V. (taught in Appleport, m. John Beckstrom) and Lillian (m. Roy Larson?) b. 1910 and taught in EB (Dottie Telfer in class)xx
Ida Hehn (1861-1949) HolmMickelsonMrs. Mickelson; probably Lars’ widow b. Sweden immig. 1877 m. 1878 widowed 1911; on Shore Road with son Albin and son Edwin; Ida is a cook for private family; Moravian Women’s Fellowship; daughters Annie and Alma (Gotfred) Hilander and daughters-in-law Julie (Art), Ruby (Walter) and Pearl (Albin W.); could be Ida Soderberg Mickelson with same vitals (Garments) or Emma Bergstom (Mrs. Ralph) Mickelson (b.1893 WI of SB Baptist Church)x
Selma T. (1887-1964)HusbyHansonMrs. Olgott [Algot] Hanson; farmer; b. WI; SB Moravian Cem.; original member of church; PIC; sister-in-law Emma Husbyxxx
Alice C. (1897-1992)JacobsonSunstromMrs. Ray Sunstrom; farmer; m. 1918; Little Sister Cem.; no church per Mabel Petersonx
Elda Elvira (1896-1982)JacobsonSINGLE; daughter of Gustav Jacobson who owned old boarding house in Hoagsville 1966 (40 Century) and if G.Q. was town assessor 1891; b. WI; sisters-in-law Miranda (Arthur) and Anna (Mathias) xx
Pearl (1903-1972)JenceneHeiseMrs. William Heise; farmer; b. WI; their neighboring farm was bought by S. Telfer, Sr. in 1934; propabably SB Moravian per Mabel Petersonxxx
Wilhelmina (1868-1947)JohnsSittieMrs. William Sittie; farmer; b. Germany immig. 1873 m. 1884; Bethel Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; Harry and Minnie Peterson’s mother; PIC (63 Century)xxx
Anna (1867-1947)JohnsonLarsonMrs. Henry Larson; b. Sweden immig. 1885; practical nurse and midwife who delivered Mabel Peterson; PIC; daughter Elenora Ebbersxxxxx
Celia R. (1900-1984)JohnsonEricksonMrs. Henry Erickson; farmer Door Rd; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; Little Sister Cem.; sister Mabel (H) Erickson and sister-in-law Mayme (Herman) Ericksonx
Ella F. or M. (1883-1965)JohnsonHansonMrs. Albert Hanson; fisherman; b. WI m. 1904; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; moved to top of hill c. 1922 his parents Augustus & Matilda Pfeil Johnson Hanson and brother Russ Hanson (Virginia); Woman’s Club OR less likely the other Albert in gray house on Mink River Road next to cemetery would be Gladys Fairchild (1890-1970) m. 1912 on 1914 map under Dorothea widow of Hans; Contact Ron Lubke grandson, his mom is Mabel Hansonxx
Ella Mae (1904-)JohnsonSINGLE; Hilda’s daughter; b. WIx
Emma C. (1871-1938)JohnsonAndersonMrs. Pontus Anderson; meat cutter; b. Sweden immig. 1884 m. 1892; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; daughter-in-law Edna (Milton) Anderson [maybe Emma Nordeen?]xxxxx
Etta (1896-1974)JohnsonNelsonMrs. Carl Nelson; farmer; b. WI m. 1917; moved from Iowa; Little Sister Cem.xx
Grace Johnson (1904-1938)?JohnsonSINGLE; Gertrude’s daughter; b. WI; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.x
Hulda M. (1888-1969)JohnsonCarlsonMrs. Robert Carlson; farmer; b. WI; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister Mildred Carlson and sister-in-law Edna (JC) Carlsonxxx
Ida (1860 -)JohnsonCarlsonMrs. Aug[ust] Carlson; farmer, school board 1911; b. Sweden immig 1887 m. 1902; Gus carlson was original Moravian member; his mother churned butter and he hauled wood for Mr. Ellison (47 Century); [could be Marion 1895-1984 EB Cem.]; one of 1st fruit orchards 400 cherry in 1912 then 400 more plus 150 apple in 1915 (24 Century)xx
Jennie (1879-1940)JohnsonOlsonMrs. Aug Olson; farmer SB Moravian Cem.xxxxxx
Jennie (1903-1977)JohnsonSwensonMrs. Leonard Swenson; he bought SB Mortors in 1927 (44 SB); b. IL m. 1925 in AL; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister-in-law Ebba and mother-in-law Hannah (Frank) Swenson; Svenson owns property on 1914 map so possible link to Mrs. Frank Sevensonxxxx
Julia L. (1882-1974)JohnsonEvansonMrs. Daniel [R.] Evanson; farmer; b. WI; his 2nd wife; maybe Julia was widow of Soderberg with 2 sons; her mother Lena lives with them 1930C; Moravian Cem.; original Moranvian member; SB WCTU meeting at her home 1921xxxxx
Mabel (1887-1965)JohnsonEricksonMrs. Helmer Erickson; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem. [Error? Elmer listed as #169 & #351 in 1930; Mabel in Woman’s Club; Sister Celia (Henry) Ericksonxxxx
Ruby Helen (1901-1989)JohnsonMickelsonMrs. Walter Mickelson; farmer; b. WI; SB Moravian Cem.; mother Anna (Carl) Jacobson; mother-in-law Ida Mickelson; sisters -in-law Annie, Pearl (Albin W.) and Alma (Gotfred) Hilanderxxxxx
Selma E. (1888-)JohnsonWiestrom [Wistrom]Mrs. Carl Wiestrom [Wistrom]; b. Sweden immig. 1906 m. 1910 Chicago; on State Road 1920C then moved to Chicagox
Anna Matilda (1863-1943)KellstromAppelMrs. Charles Appel; brother Axel Appel in lumber with a partner and farmed from 1868 (Zurawski); SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; wore her Baptist woman’s temperance pin every Sunday; WCTU meeting at her home 1941 DC Advocate 4 Apr; contact granddaughters Charlene Appel Rice (SB) and Judy (N Bay); best friend Anna Koeppe Grasse; cousin of Mary (CR) Seaquist via CR’s mom Sophia and immigrated with Seaquists; Kathy Kramer Springer portrays her family (mom Clessie)xxxxxxx
Gertrude (1903-1984)KnutsonPetersonMrs. Erick [R.] Peterson; b. WI; SB Moravian Cem.x
Anna B. (1887-1966)KoeppeGrasseMrs. Herman Grasse; farmer; Little Sister Cem.; b. WI m. 1909 d. CA; father Frederick of Sheboygan who sent sons to check his property; PIC at SBHS; she is one of first female cheesemakers in DC (per Jack & Jackie Charney of Milw, SBHS); Christian Scientist leanings; good friend of Annie Appelxxxxx
Anna Agnes (1903-2002)KoesselDaubnerMrs. Matt Daubner; farmer; b. WI m. 1925; St. Rosalie Catholic Cem.; sisters-in-law Grace Koessel and Emma Daubnerx
Esther Alida (1892-1959)LagerquistDalstromMrs. Sam Dalstrom; farmer; b. WI m. 1919; SB Baptist; father Anders Lagerquist (Justice of the Peace); Little Sister Cem.x
Hilma W. (1885-1982)LagerquistEricksonMrs. Sam Erickson; contractor; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; sisters-in-law Mabel and Odel Logerquist, Mary Lydia (CR) Seaguist, Hannah (F) Swenson, Agnes (N) Nelson and Evelyn (E) Erickson and mother-in-law Wilhelmina xxx
Hulda A. (1895-1943)LandeenOlsonMrs. Hector [M.] Olson; farmer; b. WI m. 1914x
Emma M. (1887-1968 )LandinJacobsonMrs. Enoch Jacobson; rural mail carrier 1911 (1st to use auto 29 Century) and school board 1912; lived on Garrett Bay Rd.; bought land with S. Telfer, Sr. for Driftwood Farms 1920 (50 Century); EB Cem; 1955 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society; Woman’s Club; sister-in-law Adella Landinxx
Agnes R. (1893-1976)LarsonWickmanMrs. Alfred [Otto] Wickman; farmer and his parents are Sarah and Andrew Wickman (20 Century); b. WI m. 1911; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; Woman’s Club?; sisters-in-law Aud, Agnes (Alfred) and Olga (GW) Wickman and Amanda (Charles) Anderson and Martha (Anton) Andersonxxxxxx
Della (1899-)LarsonSINGLE; b. WI; mother Gracex
Elenora E. (1898-1990)LarsonEbbersMrs. William Ebbers; cheesemaker N of Appleport School; many teachers boarded with her family while she was young; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; mother is Anna (Henry) Larson; moved to Sheboygan by 1937; his mom Mrs. George Ebbers at Meadows (Annette Ebbers Erickson?)xxx
Ella V. (1899-)LarsonProntoMrs. Charles Pronto [Peronto]; b. WI; mother Theoline and sisters and sisters-n-lawx
Julia (1890-1979)LarsonMickelsonMrs. Art [B.] Mickelson; farmer; Moravian Women’s Fellowship; SB Moravian Cem.; mother-in-law Ida; sisters -in-law Annie, Ruby (Walter), Pearl (Albin W.) and Alma (Gotfred) Hilanderxxx
Mabel Alvina (1895-1986)LarsonLogerquistMrs. Elmer Logerquist; farmer; m. 1915 PIC; SB Baptist Church; mom is Lena Larson; sisters-in-law Odell Logerquist and Hilma Erickson and mother-in-law Wilhelminaxxxxxx
Alma Sophia (1892-1966)Larson?NelsonMrs. Nicoli Nelson; farmer and Hotz estate caretaker; b. WI m. 1913; EB Norwegian Lutheran member, then Bethel Baptist Ladies Aid & trinity 1st tent revival; Audrie (Eldon) Watkin’s mother-in-law; EB Cem.; sister-in-law martha (Olaf) Nelson; hosted WCTU meeting in her home 1938 DC News 3 Nov; PIC; she is a spinner featured in July 1962 article in museum scrapbookxx
Verna (1898-)LeClaireSINGLE, District 1 teacher 1918-1920; ONLY ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR CO. SCHOOL SUPT; possibly married a Mueller (Erick or Robert H.??) c. 1921-2 since a Verna Mueller came back to teach in January 1923x
Clara Myrtle (1905-)LeniusOlsonMrs. Harvey [H] Olson; fisherman at today’s Lone Eagle Harbor; b. WI; she voted while a single teacher boarding with Elmer Disgarden family in 1930C; home now Mead’s; 1951 TL Ladies Aid Society; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; mother-in-law Ida (W C) Olson and Aunt Lillie (M) Olson xxx
Mata Minnie (1892-1962)LensingHeilingMrs. Ernest Heiling; farmer; b. WI; SB Moravian per Mabel Petersonxxxxxx
Emma Rose (1882-1973)LetheHusbyMrs. Martin [E.] Husby; farmer, cheese factory; Mink River Road; SB Moravian Cem.; b. WI m. 1910 CZ heritage; cook 1930C; PIC; mother Josephine Lettie and sister-in-law Selma Hansonxx
Evelyn L. (1882-1965)LewisEricksonMrs. [F.] Elmer Erickson; Error? Elmer listed as #169 & #351 in 1930 (was one Mr.?); she’s from Marinette per Mabel Peterson; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sisters-in-law Mary Lydia (CR) Seaguist, Hannah (F) Swenson, Agnes (N) Nelson and Hilma (S) Erickson ; hosted WCTU meeting in her home 1938 DC News 6 Octx
Grace (1860-) McDermottLarsonMrs. [John] Larson; WIDOW; farmer who d. 1912; original Moravian member; Little Sister Cem.; b. Canada immig. 1871 m. 1877; daughter Dellaxx
Alma Alfred (1881-1930)MickelsonHilanderMrs. Gotfred Hilander; farmer; SB Moravian Cem.; b. WI m. 1908 d. Chicago; mom Ida, sister Annie and sisters-in-law Amelia (Christ) Anderson, Amanda (J) Lundquist, Lillian Bergman, Julia (Ed) Newman, Hilma (Charles), Anna (Elmer) and Alma (Gottfred) Hilander and Pearl (A.W.) and Ruby ( Walter) Mickelsonxxxxxxx
Annie (1885-1982)MickelsonMiss SINGLE; SB Moravian Cem.; b. WI; mother Ida; Moravian Women’s Fellowship; sisters -in-law Julie (Art), Ruby (Walter), Pearl (Albin W.) and Alma (Gotfred) Hilander; she is first in family to vote!xxx
Elsie A. (Else) (1890-1961)MickelsonNelsonMrs. Sam Nelson; farmer; b. WI m. 1910; original Moravian member and Women’s Fellowship; sisters-in-law Delia, Alma (Joseph) and Mamie (Arnold) Nelsonxx
Elizabeth W. (1879-1934) MickleyDornMrs. Charles Dorn (Charlie or Carl E.]; farmer; b. IL d. Sturgeon Bay; Little Sister Cem.; Wilhelm Dorn helped establish LG 1859xxx
Hulda S. (1875 -1973)MoreyEllquistMrs. Emil Ellquist [Elquist preferred]; farmer and carpenter; b. Sweden immig. 1882 m. 1892; child baptised 1906 at EB Norwegian Lutheran; EB Cem.; Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society; contact granddaughter Joyce Elquist Ford or her cousin is Elizabeth Larsonxxx
Anna (1891-1994)NelsonMrs. John E Nelson; farmer; b. Norway immig. 1910; EB Cem.
Josephine (Josie) Marie (1886-1961)NelsonTesnowMrs. Albert Tesnow; farmer, school board 1911 (28 Century) and 1966 OEBD King (64 Century); b. WI m. 1905; m. EB Norwegian Lutheran; EB Cem.x
Julie (1883-)NelsonMiss SINGLE; father Ole Nelson; b. WI; lives in Forestville on Sturgeon Bay Rd. 1920 and 1930C; does private housework in 1930 so may have had a job in LG year she votedx
Lillie M. (1888-1964)NelsonOlsonMrs. Milton [O.] Olson; b. WI m. 1923; EB Cem.; sisters-in-law Teresa (Edward) and Ida (Walter C.) Olson; Woman’s Club if Mrs. M.S. Olsonxxxxxx
Marie N. (1877-1965) or (1881-1974)NelsonDisgardenMrs. Theodore Disgarden; bookkeeper in Wausau in 1918 and back in Milwaukee 1928; b. WI m. 1904; brother Elmer boarded with Theodore in Milwaukee 1910C; EB Cem.?; sisters-in-law Ida (WC) Olson and Elma (E) Disgardin; Martin Evanson m, sister-in-law Emma Disgardinx
Hannah (Hanna, Johanna) (1878-1968)NewmanRogersMrs. J[ay] W. Rogers; farm manager; b. WI m. 1902; Rowleys Bay Cem.; servant Jessie Gray also voted; teacher Emma Toft boards with them; sister-in-law Lydia (Gustav) Newmanxxxxx
Martha E. (1892-1973)OhnesorgePrustMrs. Charles Prust; pronounced proost; Ephraim; farmer; Charles elected school clerk #1 1913-1924; b. WI; Christ Evangelical Lutheran WELS; Little Sister Cem.xxxx
Elda (1907-1954)OldenbergSINGLE; taught in Dist #2 1927-1929 and known to crack bull whip in class (but never hurt anyone) (70, Rice); Mrs. Guy H. Helgerson later; a Frank Oldenberg of BH donated piano to WC 1938xx
Carrie Myrtle (1900-1946)OlsonSigurdsonMrs. Stiner [“Stannie”, Thorstein] Segutsen [Sigurdson, Sigertson]; Sister Bay postmaster then a rural mail carrier who died of exposure 1954; BH and LG assessor; b. WI m. 1920; SB 1st Baptist Church; mother Sophia (Severt) Olson and sisters-in-law Linda and Amelia Olson; his parents Sigurdson and Margaret Johnson on Washington Island; her home was lot across from Town Hall in 1961 per article in “The Peninsula”xx
Elma (Alma) E. (1899-1989)OlsonDisgardenMrs. Elmer Disgarden ran Hotel Disgarden with husband; 1902 father Ed “Pete” Disgarden opened hotel and boarding house where Hillside is now (12, 35 Zurawski); Elmer confirmed in EB Norwegian Lutheran; Elmer bought it 1924 and then sold to Martin Evanson 2 1/2 years later, Martin Evanson m. sister-in-law Emma Disjardin (34 Century) then Bay Beach Inn sold to Melvin Kramers 1946; b. WI m. after death of 1st wife Nellie E. in 1920; he is postmaster 1915-1935 (29 Century); 2nd Women’s Club meeting in her home 1931 Feb (16 members signed charter), did they hold a pre org meeting at her home?; Trinity Lutheran; 1955 & 59 Ladies Aid Society; Sturgeon Bay Bayside Cem. ; father Even Olson; sisters-in-law Ida (WC) Olson and Marie (T) Disjardinxxxx
Magdalane Olivia (1897-1952)OlsonSINGLE; spelling per obit. or Magdalene per Century or Magdaline per Nyla Small; b. WI m. 1928; still in Vernon Co. teaching at a business college 3 Jan 1920C; at Wildwood School 1922-1924 [per obit: teacher who arrived in 1917; woman’s club founder/president and served on school board DATE?] and WC organized January 1931; 1927 signed in next to Gust Klenke and 1930 signed in as Mrs. Gust Klenke who came in 1918 as cheesemaker where his garage now located (40 Century)xxx x
Olga (1893-1990)OlsonWickmanMrs. Gilbert Wickman; meat cutter in own shop built 1913 (39 Century), Door Rd. 1920C; spring 1921 bought CJ Anderson property and house then expanded into hotel with 16 rooms as EB Lodge (44 Century); built Viking Grill 1939, run by Magdalana one year; b. Coon Valley, WI m. 1917-8 (DC News 16 May 1917 lists them as dating) widowed 1970; 1910C lists her as servant for Roy Seely family in Minneapolis at 16; 4 years of college at LaCrosse State Teachers College; 1916-1917 EB school [Savory Spoon today] single, 1918-1919 EB school even tho married, she’s high school teacher 1920C; taught English and is fondly remembered despite being strict; EB Cem.; 1951 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society; Woman’s Club; sister Magdelana Olson and sisters-in-law Aud and Agnes (Alfred) Wickman and Amanda (Charles) Anderson and Martha (Anton) Anderson; owned EB Lodge (Wickman House) and built Viking Frill for daughters to run during summer break from college (Lawrence and Annette Nelson Wickman ran it; WC member); contact daughter Genivieve Fallingsted at Scandiaxxx
Agnes E. (1886-1969)PalmSINGLE; b. KN, adopted daughter of Rev. Charles Palm, son-in-law of 1st SB Baptist pastor C. W. Wassell; m. childhood sweetheart Carl M. Johnson in CA 14 Apr 1955; SB Baptist Church; gift shop proprietress; see Sturgeon Bay newspaper re 60th church anniversary in museum scrapbooks 11 Jun, but no date; Agnes and father moved to Ephraim to live with Richard & Selma Peterson one winter per Mabel Peterson; father was Pastor Bethel Baptist 1929-1935x
Anna Catherine (1872-1955)PearsonJacobsonMrs. Carl Jacobson; house painter and dairy farmer; b. Sweden immig. 1887 alone to Kansas City m. 1894 on Washington Island; known as Catherine; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; daughter Ruby (Walter) Mickelson; Carl’s brother is a preacher and couple moved to SB in 1898 and she was a wonderful seamstress (Garments)x
Berit (1871-1948)PederdatterOverbyMrs. John Overby; farmer; b. Norway immig. 1895 m. 1891 and in DC by 1912; SB Baptist; Don’s grandma; Norway 1st independent country in world to have suffrage 1910 local and 13 June 1913 general elections PIC; son operated excavating business with Russ Hanson 1963 (49 Century)x
Amelia (1895-1988)PetersonOlsonMrs. Walter S. Olson; farm laborer; b. WI m. 1917, father Niels from DK; corner of School & Garrett Bay Rd.; Trinity Lutheran; Little Sister Cem.; mother-in-law Sophia (Severt) and sisters-in-law Carrie Sigurdson, and Minnie (James) and Marie (Alfred) Peterson; Woman’s Clubx
Ebba Olive (1899-1969)PetersonSwensonMrs. Harry Swenson; farmer; b. WI m.1928; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister-in-law Jennie (Leonard) and mother-in-law Hannah (Frank) Swenson; possible link to Mrs. Frank Sevensonx
Martha Mary (1893-1968)PetersonNelsonMrs. Olaf Nelson; m. 1915; Bethel Baptist; sister-in-law Alma S. (Nicoli) PICxx
M[ary Grace]PowersMiss SINGLE; b. IN; taught at Dist. #4 Rowley’s Bay; lives with brother Wm. C. and mother Lucy on Door Road 1920C;x
Ida (1873-1952) PrustMoegenbergMrs. Paul Moegenberg; farmer; b. WI; Little Sister Cem.; Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church WELS (Q & 57)xxxx
Cora (1894-1956)ReinMoegenbergMrs. Adolph Moegenberg; farmer; b. WI m. 1913; Little Sister Cem.; Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church WELS (Q & 57)x
Olive E. ((1899-1084)RoalkvamSINGLE; b. WI; teacher boarding with Christian O. Anderson family 1930Cx
Mary Hulda (1893-1962)RosengrenJohnsonMrs. Axle Johnson; farmer; b. WI m. 1915; SB Moravian Cem.x
Martha RubabeauSINGLEx
Jennie M. (1891-1963)RummelhartRootMrs. Charles Root; farmer; b. WI m. 1910; St. Rosalies Catholic Cem.x
Amy M. (1890-1931)SeaquistAndersonMrs. Arthur Anderson; farmer; Little Sister Cem.; Woman’s Club?xxxx
Caroline Alida (1872-1949)SeaquistAndersonMrs. Henry Anderson; farmer; b. WI m. 1893; WIDOW 1919; original Moravian member; Did she marry a Hanson? Buried in Little Sister Cem. and Henry buried next to Effie Anderson; 1920 WCTU SB PIC; her parents Andrew (Anders) and Sophia Seaquist; sister Mary (G)Voight and sisters-in-law Mary (CR) and Anna (F) Seaquist and Minnie (D) Hedeen; Steve Anderson descendant; she went by Alida or Elida (long i)xxx
Mary (1864-1957)SeaquistVoightMrs. Gotlib Voight; WIDOW in 1906; postmaster Gills Rock; b. Sweden immig. 1868 m. 1884; Little Sister Cem.; see History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881, her father Anders Seaquist founded SB Swedish Baptist Church; very good seamstress per family; sister C. Alida (H) Anderson; daughter Isabelle (Alick) Johnson; daughters-in-law Edna (Harry), Edith (Stanley) and Lena (Lawrence) and sisters-in-law Anna (Frank) and Mary L. (CR) and Minnine (D) Hedeen; she may have been a midwife (midwivery book from Sophia Seaquist) in possession of Erika Burt; 90th birthday article 26 Oct 1954 newspaper in museum scrapbookxx
Ruth E. (1894-1982)SeaquistLarsonMrs. Ralph Larson; carpenter 1930C; b. WI m. 1916 (first marriage in new SB Baptist Church); mother Mary Lydia (Carl) Seaquist and mother-in-law Anna (Henry) Larson; Little Sister Cem.xxxxxxxx
Helen (1903-)SimonSINGLE; b. WI and servant in Sturgeon Bay for Richard Koehn familyxx
Minnie M. (1893-1991)SittiePetersonMrs. James Peterson; b. WI; drifted between Bethel Baptist and Lutheran churches per Mabel Peterson; Little Sister Cem.; mother Wilhelmina Sittie and sisters-in-law Amelia (Walter S.) Olson and Marie (Alfred) Peterson; Woman’s Clubxxx
Amelia (1873-1961)SmithSmithMrs. Oscar [O.] Smith; farmer; b. WI m. 1899; Ephraim Moravian per Mabel Peterson; mother-in-law Bertha Smith lives with them in 1910 and Fred on her headstone in cemetery; daughters Erma and Martha; Little Sister Cem.; Verna LeClair boards with them 1919-1920 (quite a delay in suffrage actions by Smiths from any of her influence)x
Erma (1907-1978)SmithSINGLE; teacher, daughter of Oscar Smith; Ephraim Moravian per Mabel Peterson Little Sister Cem.; Verna LeClair boards with them 1919-1920 x
Leona Emmaline (1904-1957)SmithSeaquistMrs. Ruben Seaquist; m. 1924;SB Baptist; mother-in-law Mary (CR) Seaquist; Ruben is now at Scandiaxxxxx
Lillian (Lilly) A. (1887-1948)SmithStaverMrs. Richard Staver; farmer; b. WI m. 1908; Moravian; Little Sister Cem.; possible sister-in-law of Julia Staver if husband mis labeled as Otto Stragerx
Martha (1908-1990)SmithSINGLE; daughter of Oscar Smith; Ephraim Moravian per Mabel Peterson later married Bert Heinzen; Little Sister Cem.; Verna LeClair boards with them 1919-1920x
Adella (Della) Alvira (1892-1972)StrandellLandinMrs. Stanley Landin; b. WI m. 1927 EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; 1959 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society; Woman’s Club was her family homestead 1872 and her 1/2 sister Sylvia Icke (Palmer) Johnson sold to WC 1934; Woman’s Club; sister-in-law Emma Jacobson; may be related to Josephine Madson; Bea’s Ho Made had roadside stand 1962 (86 Zurawski) related through her mother Linda Landin; contact son Bob & Beatrice whose daughters Linda and Lauri run Bea’sx
Josephine W. (1876-1939)StrandellMadsonMrs. Lars Madson; lake steamer captain, EB school janitor c. 1930 per Dottie Telfer Sladky; lives on Garrett Bay Rd.; b. WI m. 1891; he’s oringinal Moravian member; EB Cem.; Woman’s Club charter member 1931 Jan; may be related to Adella Landinxxxx
Emily [Emilia] (1885-1970)TeskeSittieMrs. Fred Sittie [Sitte at cemetery]; farmer; b. WI, father Anton Teske, she’s a twin, m. 1909; Bethel Baptist?; Little Sister Cem.; pronounced sitteyxx
Josephine (Josie) (1846-1933)TeskeLettieMrs. Frank Lettie [Sr.]; farmer; Mink River Road; b. Austria Bohemia m. 1871 immig. 1874; Rowleys Bay Cem. [if Junior then Matilda (1890-1967 LS)]; daughter Emma Husbyxx
Allette Laura (1874-1946)TostensonOlsonMrs. Cornelias Olson; farmer; b. Norway immig. 1882 m. 1890; went by Laura in Census; Bethel Baptist; may be related to first postmistress Matilda Tostenson 1878-90, 1897-1904; sisters-in-law Theoline (Lawrence) Voight and Olga (William) Weborg; may be Oleta?xxx
Olga S. (1878-1955)TostensonWeborgMrs. William Weborg “Willie”; fisherman, his dad Andrew; b. Norway immig. 1883 m. 1901; Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; sister Lena (Lawrence) Voight with father Emil Theodore Tostenson whose brother is married to first female post mistress Matilda Tostenson; sister-in-law Ida (John) Carlson; may be related to Allette (Cornelius) Olson PIC; obit 8 May 1955 in museum scrapbook; contact Else and David Weborg, his nephew or Jane Nelson, his neice; contact granddaughter Barbara Dickensonx
Theoline (Lena) (1886-1959)TostensonVoightMrs. Lawrence Voight; fisherman; Little Sister Cem.; maiden name might be Larson?; sister Olga (William) Weborg with father Emil Theodore Tostenson whose brother is married to first female post mistress Matilda Tostenson; mother-in-law Mary and sisters-in-law Edna and Edith; may be related to Allette (Cornelias) Olsonxxxx
Jennie A. (1898-1974)TurnquistJohnsonMrs. Richard Johnson; fisherman; b. WI m. 1922; Bethel Baptist; EB
Isabell E. (1886-1981)VoightJohnsonMrs. Alick Johnson; fisherman on Door Road; Little Sister Cem.; b. WI m. 1905; SB Baptist; mother Mary and sisters-in-law Lena (Lawrence), Edith (Stanley) and Edna (Harry) Voightxxxx
Emma M. (1893-1968)VolkmanHassMrs. Julius Hass; farmer Door Road, sec/treas pf potato corporation 1921; 1921 ballot clerk; b. WI m. 1914; Little Sister Cem.; Woman’s Club?xxxxx
Inez Minnie (1893-1983)WallaceTelferMrs. S[idney] S. Telfer; manager Friedlund Orchards, EB Orchard Co. on 1914 map and Friedlund on 1937 map; he was town chairman many years; he had horticultural degree from UW and came from Ft. Atkingson 1917 (given tent to live in as newly weds, but rented house) ; b. SD m. 1917; Moravian Women’s Fellowhip; Little Sister Cem., EB Orchard in 20s became Driftwood Farms 1944 when he partnered with Enoch Jacobson in 1929 and bought neighvoring farm from Heise in 1934 (67, 69,70 Zurawski); house Clay Bay Pottery studio and shop was first a chicken coop then packing house; Woman’s Club, instumental in gaining clubhouse; daughter Dottie Sladky’s Yesterday in Ellison Bay, 2002 (925-447-4488, 2391 Fifth, Livermore, CA 94550); grandson Lee & Ruth 854-2733xxxxxxxxxxx
Bertha Agnes (1891-1983)WallerBeckstromMrs. Henry Beckstrom ; 1924 election inspector; b. WI m. 1916; Lutheran; Little Sister Cem.; sisters-in-law Anna Arenson, Edith Voight and Alma Nelsonxxxxxxx
Marie Longley (1891-1971)WalshPetersonMrs. Alfred Peterson; truck farm foreman; Trinity Lutheran; Little Sister Cem.; sisters-in-law Minnie (James) Peterson and Amelia (Walter S.) Olsonx
Ida Marie (1869-1954)WeborgCarlsonMrs. John [A.] Carlson; farmer and director of new potato corporation 1921; founded 1897 Baptist Sunday School on his land next to original 1890 German Baptist Church at Newport in small log building “Little Red Church” which disbanded when many Germans move away (40 Centennial Footprints, First Baptist Church, 1977) ; b. WI m. 1891; Bethel Baptist; daughter Lillian (Frank) Teske and sister-in-law Olga (Wm.) Weborgxx
Amanda Wilhelmina (1884-1952)WickmanAndersonMrs. Charles [J.] Anderson; fisherman; b. WI m. 1903; EB Norwegian Lutheran; lived at and cooked for Hoagsville boarding house where Anton 1st sawmill worker (16 Century PIC); G Wickman sold meat market to CJ in 1920 and then CJ sold to Erwin “Dick” Will in 1931 , now Caxton Books; CJ built Cedar Grove Cottages in 1930s-50s and pioneered trucking industry 1928 hauling to Green Bay as Anderson Trucking in 1928 where cider place is now (42 Century); EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; Woman’s Club meeting hostess in 1934; sister Aud and Martha (Anton) Anderson and sisters-in-law Olga (Gilbert) and Agnes (Alfred) Wickman PICxxxxx
Aud [Augusta?] (1886-1964)WickmanSINGLE; maybe Augusta b. WI, in Chicago 1910C (at school?); Augusta Joosephine confirmed EB Norwegian Lutheran 1902; m. Engelret Jacobson then Emil Weiss and then Charles Anderson (widower of her sister Amanda);sister Amanda (Charles) Anderson Martha (Anton) Anderson and sisters-in-law Agnes (Alfred) and Olga (Gilbert); contact granddaughter Sharon Davison of EB x
Minnie C. (1880-1958)WillAndersonMrs. Alfred Anderson; carpenter; b. WI m; 1898; Little Sister Cem.; Woman’s Club?x
Alma S. [or Louise] (1900-1974)WitalisonSINGLE; teacher; b. WI; later marries William A. Bunda (Anna Hilander’s brother Bill who takes over Bunda store after July 1912 fire abour 1920); sisters Mayme (H) Erickson, Teresa (Edward) Olson and Ethel Charney; SB WC 21 Dec 1928x
Ethel Amanda (1904-1895)WitalisonCharneyMrs. Dewey Charney; farm laborer for EB Orchards; b. WI; Lutheran; Little Sister Cem.; sisters Mayme (H) Erickson, Teresa Olson and Alma Witalison; pronounced Churneexx
Mayme Augusta Victoria (1895-1976)WitalisonEricksonMrs. Herman Erickson; fisherman 1910C; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; Little Sister Cem.; SB Womans’s Club sec. 21 Dec 1928 DC Advocate; sisters Teresa Olson, Ethel Charney and Alma Witalison; sisters-in-law Celia (Henry) and Mabel (Helmer) Erickson; PIC (71 Zurawski c. 1920; CONTACT Augusta Ericksonxx
Teresa C. (1897-1987)WitalisonOlsonMrs. Edward Olson; farmer; b. WI; Little Sister Cem.; sisters Mayme Erickson, Alma and Ethel Charney; sisters-in-law Lillie (Martin) and Ida (Walter C.) Olsonxx
Anna E. (Annie) (1890-1957)WorachekJacobsonMrs. Matt Jacobson; coast guard life saving station; b. WI; possibly Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; possible mom and sisters-in-law Elda and Miranda; mother Anne (John) Worachek and cousin of Annie (E) Hilander and later Alma Witalison; story of station in Telfer bookxxxxx
Mary (1901-)WorachekJohnsonMrs. [John? Or Robert B.?] Widow?; b. WI; sister-in-law Ella (Albert) Hanson? mother Anne (John) Worachek and cousin of Annie (E) Hilander and later Alma Witalisonx
Amanda F. [or M.] (1877-)SmithMrs. A[lbert] W. Smith; fruit farmer; b. WI m. 1919; Ephraim Moravian per Mabel Petersonx
Anna (1854-)JohnsonMrs. Johnney Johnson; farmer; b. Denmark immig. 1873; original SB Moravian membersxx
Anna (1891-1994)NelsonMrs. John E. Nelson; farmer; b. Norway immig. 1910; EB Cem.; see Memories of the Door Peninsula at libraryx
Annie S. (1884-1959)JohnsonMrs. Andy Johnson; odd jobs/ fisherman; b. Sweden immig. 1889; EB Cem.x
Charlotte H. (1888-1978)SchultzMrs. George Schultz; farmer; b. WI m. 1912; maiden name may be Lottie Abrahamson; Little Sister Cem.x
Clara S. (1908-1976)OlsonMrs. Howard E. Olson; farmer; EB Trinity Lutheran Cem.; 1951 TL Ladies Aid Societyx
Clara Sophia [if H. Elmer] (1894-1986) OlsonMrs. Elmer [Helmer?] Olson; EB Cem.; EB Norwegian Lutheran confirmed 1909x
Daisy O. (1902-1983)WetterstromMrs. Roy Wetterstrom; farmer; b. WI m. 1923; EB Cem. See LGHS Website for 2012 Newsletter article; maiden name may be Cladd since Caroline Norlen Cladd d. at their home in 1923 per obit. 6 Jul in DC Advocate altho no family connection was listed; IS SHE JANE NELSON’S GRANDMA?xxx
Edna (1913-1980)OlsonMrs. Harry Olson; EB Cem.x
Edna E. (1905-1999)VoightMrs. Hare [Harry F.]Voight; fisherman; school supt. 1928 ?; b. WI m. 1926; Bethel Baptist; she taught Sunday school; Little Sister Cem.; mother-in-law Mary and sisters-in-law Lena and Edithxxxxxx
Eleanor H. (Nora) (1896-1975)Leder [Leeder]Mrs. Leder [Leeder, Lueder, Leaders] DIVORCED from Albert Leaders 1930C; b. WI; later married John Larson 1940C & Mabel Peterson; Little Sister Cem.; maiden name may be Schmidt according to her neice Mabel Leeder (Hilton) Peterson whose inlaws are Richard & Selma Petersonx
Elizabeth (Lizzie) (1883-1965)NelsonMrs. Emil C. Nelson; fisherman on E. Farmer Road; b. WI; EB Cem.x
Ellen M. (1888-1973)JohnsonMrs. Oscar [A.] Johnson; private estate caretaker; b. WI, 2nd wife; Little Sister Cem.x
Emma M. (1893-1963)DaubnerMrs. Elmer Dabner; farm laborer; b. WI; St. Rosalie Catholic Cem.; sister-in-law Anna Daubnerx
Florence (1902-1981)AndersonMrs. Earl S. Anderson; fish & freight truck driver; SB Baptist; Little Sister Cem.; 1951 Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Society, Secretaryxxxx
Hilda J. (1889-1962)FagerstromMrs. W[aldemer] Fagerstrom; farmer; b. Norway or Sweden immig. 1907, m. 1922; SB Baptist; Little Sister
Ida (1803-1856?)AlbertsonMrs. Alen Albertson; farmer; Ida Hanson was married to Alex Albertson m. 1909; related to Philip? (41, Zurawski)x
Irene S. (1902-1984)NelsonMrs. Elmer [L.] Nelson; farmer; b. WI m. 1924; EB Cem.x
Mabel M. Strager [Straver?]Mrs. Otto Strager [Staver?]; farmer; if Staver wife Julia Smith (1883-) m. 1904 possible sister-in-law to Lillian Starver; Strege owns property on 1937 mapx
Mary D. (1888-)MillerMrs. Erick Miller; farmer; b. WI m. 1918x
Mary J. [Mari T.] (1875-)ArndtMrs. Knute Arndt; farmer; b. Swedenxxx
Mrs. Alen JohnsonMrs. Alen Johnson [maybe Alden 1908-1971 EB Cem.]x
Mrs. C. VoightMrs. C. Voightx
Mrs. Dan EilingMrs. Dan Eiling x
Mrs. FrankSevensonMrs. Frank Sevenson; Mrs. E. Severson in Woman’s Club; MORE RESEARCH NEEDEDx
Mrs. Rudolph EderenMrs. Rudolph Ederenxx
Mrs. SievertOlsonMrs. Sievert [Severt] Olson; farmer, 1930 grocery & dry goods merchant xx
Mrs. W. J. OlsonMrs. W[alter] J. Olson; Jennie?xx
Rebecca J. (1900-1959)NewmanMrs. Harry M. Newman; b. WI m. 1928; Lutheran per Mabel Peterson; EB Cem; sisters-in-law Julia (Ed) and Lydia (Gust) Newmanx