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1913.04.13 “Women Don’t Understand the New Law”, The Arizona Daily Star

“Women Don’t Understand the New Law”, The Arizona Daily Star, 13 April 1913 Sunday morning, Section 2 Page 6.  Transcribed by Karen Board Moran.


They Must Register Before May 1 or They Can’t Register

Until One Year Later; Not Asked to Give Their Age

            Although the registration books at the county recorder’s office in the court house have been open almost a month but twenty-five women have taken advantage of the opportunity to register.  It is evident that the women do not understand the situation or they would go to the recorder’s office at once and register.

If the women do not register before May 1, 1910, they will not be able to register again before the same date next year.  That is, they have two weeks and three days in which to register.

The law requiring the books to be open at the present time and to remain open until May 1 is an emergency law passed by the present legislature at the last extra session.  It was done for the benefit of the women but the women apparently do not know it.

It was intended to have the books remain open all during the summer so that the women could register, but some of the members of the legislature, in order to make it a bit difficult for women to become register, cut the time down to May 1.  In order to resent his action some of the women are getting busy now and they intend to see that all the women possible who are eligible are on the registration books before May 1.

If the women want to vote at any of the special elections, they must, they must be registered.  It is now certain that there will be a special election on the matter of capital punishment.  Petitions are being circulated asking for such election and over 1,000 signatures have been secured.

It is also possible that there will be a special election regarding the matter of voting bonds for water supply improvements in Tucson.  The bill allowing Tucson to increase   its indebtedness probably will pass the legislature and then the bond election will be called.  The women will want to express their views by their ballots on both the questions mentioned.  If other elections should be held they will be in a position to vote if they register before May 1.

Tucson women need not fear being bothered by crowds of men at the recorder’s office because the men are nearly all registered and only one or two drop in during the day.  Some days not a man appears to be registered.

In order to register a women [sic] must have lived in the state a year and in the precinct one month.  She must be 21 years old, able to read English and to write her name.  She will not be asked her age.  Women clerks do the work.

In view of the interest that is being taken in the matter at present it is believe the women will take advantage of the privilege extended to them and that at least five hundred will be register within the next fifteen days.