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Our Family History | Window On Your Past

Our Family History

Boards, Larsens, Morans, Wolfords and Related Families


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                            Our family lines are older than our nation, larger than our holiday gatherings                                      and more mysterious than any book or novel.

Family history is a never ending quest. Our family is made up of a diverse group of ancestors who took risks, fell in love, had adventures, worked hard, cared about others, met the challenges they encountered and made a mark on the time and place they lived.

Within each lifetime, generations overlap and are enriched by the stories shared. Most of us are lucky if we know individuals from four generations. This book attempts to tell the stories of fifteen generations, whenever possible.

Although we have few family manuscripts (written in the first person), the documentary tale is woven together with the known history of time and place. Contemporaries of our ancestors often shared similar circumstances. Their words enrich our tale, but cannot be taken as hard fact, for each person is a unique individual. It is up to you, the reader, to use your imagination to bring your ancestors to life.

Karen Board Moran

December 2008

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