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Esther Allen Howland, mother of the American valentine, Worcester, MA (1828-1904)

                                             Forget me not, I only ask

                                             This single boon of thee

                                             And let it be an easy task

                                             Sometimes to think of me.

                                                        New England Valentine Company, Teacher’s Guide

For almost one hundred years, Worcester was the Valentine-making capital of the United States.  Esther was the first American to create and sell her own innovations, and was the first assembly-line producer of high quality lacy valentines.

Esther Howland was born and lived at 16 Summer Street.  After her graduation from Mount Holyoke College in 1847, she received her first English valentine and became fascinated with the idea of making valentines in America.  Operating in her home with friends as her assembly-line labor force, she eventually grossed $100,000 annually. She sold her business to the George C. Whit Company when is retired in 1881.


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