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The Journals of Jørgen Larsen | Window On Your Past

The Journals of Jørgen Larsen

It is important to preserve the past when a family is lucky enough to have a collection primary source documents: letters, cards, diaries, journals or notes.  In this case our family had 40 immigrant journals of Jørgen Larsen preserved by his daughter Betty Larsen Andrew and passed onto his eldest granddaughter Karen Board Moran.  As his descendants continued to spread across America, they decided to digitize the journals and English translations and store the originals in the Danish Immigrant Archives at Grand View University Library where a digitized version of the originals in Danish are coming soon!

I.1904.cover   jnlone1904p01

JOURNAL TRANSLATIONS BY Paul Sorensen, Franklin, North Carolina, 1984 with Betty Larsen Andrew’s notes

Volume I      1904 Denmark & Language of Flowers                        Volume XXI      1908

Volume II      1904-5 Michigan                                                               Volume XXII     1908

Volume III     1905                                                                                  Volume XXIII   1908

Volume IV     1905                                                                                   Volume XXIV    1908

Volume V      1905                                                                                  Volume XXV     1908  Iowa

Volume VI      1905                                                                                 Volume XXVI    1909

Volume VII     1905                                                                                 Volume XXVII  1909  Delavan, Wisconsin

Volume VIII    1906                                                                                 Volume XXVIII  1909

Volume IX      1906 plus                                                                         Volume XXIX     1909                                               

Volume X       1906                                                                                 Volume XXX    1909

Volume XI      1906                                                                                 Volume XXXI  1910 Denmark

Volume XII    1907                                                                                  Volume XXXII  1910 Delavan, Wisconsin

Volume XIII     1907                                                                                Volume XXXIII  1911

Volume XIV     1907                                                                               Volume XXXIV  1911-12

Volume XV     1907                                                                                Volume XXXV  1911-12 and 1939 summary

Volume XVI     1907                                                                                Volume XXXVI Accounts 1906-1921

Volume XVII    1908 pages 1-23;  24-25                                                 Volume XXXVII  1917-1919 World War I

Volume XVIII    1908                                                                                Volume XXXVIII  1919  Rockford, Illinois

Volume XIX      1908

Volume XX       1908





Man by pushcart on New street identified as Frederiksen by George Larsen, 1904 or later                                     

1898 Postcard from Gorlev RR station & lumberyard

Gorlev Railroad Station and Lumberyard, 1898








  1900s Gorlev  1900 Postcard from Gorlev1900s Gorlev 002  1900s Gorlev 001    1900 New Year wishes Postcard Gorlev  1900 maybe of Gorlev drugstore  



Scanning a journal page by page and reading the translations opens a window on the past that often produces more questions than answers.  The following links help others follow the path into the past.  Karen was fortunate to continue her research with cousins in Denmark in 2009.  There is always more to discover such as bumping into another cousin in a cemetery who had a picture of my great grandmother!

Aagaard Research        Aagaard

Exploring Grandpa’s Homeland

Gørlev Research, 2009

Karen’s Thoughts, 2004-2009

“Mother’s Song” translated by Ann Uffe

Slibestenen Homestead Visit, 2009  Image 1,  Image 2,  Image 3

Stenagergaard Research         Stenagergaard, Danske Gaarde, 1926  Ingeborg Jensen with son's family and daughter to far left

During 2009 visit to a cemetery in search of our Jørgensen branch, we encountered a cousin who had the above image of George’s maternal grandmother Ingerbord (Jensdatter) Jensen with her son’s family at the Stenagergaard homestead.  

Store Kongsmark Store Valby  Research

Valdbygaard  Research 



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