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1913 Women Pima County Voter Registration Data | Window On Your Past

1913 Women Pima County Voter Registration Data


This data is from the 23 January 2012 abridged transcription of the Great Register 85.3.65 Pima County Recorder’s Office, RG11SG5, History and Archives Division, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

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1913 Tucson Female Voters BY DATE & NUMBER updated 2014

1913 Tucson Female Voters BY NAME updated 2014   (In this file 11 point font is used for what was written in the register; 8 point font is used for added background information).

1913 Tucson Voter Registration in CSV (updated 10.2014)

1913 DateReg. No.First NameLast NameAgeOccupationAddressHeight in inchesWeightSpouse research by compilerCollegiate Club (CC)Woman's Club (WC)Notes: 11 point font indicates original info | 8 point font indicates added info |Tucson location if not listed
30-Apr3064Mollie [Parrish] TX Marriage CollectionActonover 21none125 E. Alamada62.5110WIDOW of George B. Acton 1900Cb.1867 IL 1900C; m.1892 in Witchita, TX Marriage Collection; spouse SP conductor 1899CD
21-Apr2677Adalina L.Adams42housewife217 E. Broadway69186Thomas J. Adams, RR engineer CA 1920C b. 1871 France, spouse b. 1871 VA living in Bakersfield, CA 1920C
19-Apr2604ElizabethAdamsover 21teacher727 E. 1st; possible boarding house65121SINGLETaught Latin lived at different address 1912CD
28-Apr2850Emily JuneAdamsover 21housewife253 N. Main St.63.5130Fred E. Adams, watchmaker 1910Cb. 1887 VA 1910C; spouse on city council 1905-6
16-Apr2534Florence P[owell] LeightonAdamsover 21housewife925 N. Tyndale62144Ruel J. Adams, mgr. retail grocery department, Seinfelds 1912CDb. 1874 CT and m. about 1891 MA per son 1910C; spouse arrived Tucson early 1897 at L. Zeckendorfs & Co.per Leighton "Street Smarts" ADS
29-Apr2916Hattie E.Andersonover 21none356 Granada St.62.5100SINGLEb. 1892 CA to Oran M. and Mattie Anderson 1910C; m. James F. Miller about 1920 per 1930C
30-Apr3079LillianAnderson35housewife648 N. 7th Ave.64122DIVORCED 1910C b. 1878 USA 1910C; ORIGINAL REGISTRATION NUMBER; son Harold b. 1894 TN
30-Apr3036Mary E. Anderson55housewife513 S. 4th Ave.61110John B. Anderson, own income 1910Cb. 1855 WI; spouse is Austrian 1910C
28-Apr2857MattieAnderson49housewife356 Granada St.62120Oran M. Anderson, construction 1910Cb. 1863 KY 1910C; he served on city council 1902-3; daughter is Hattie
30-Apr3000Ida L.Archibald21nurse502 S. 4th Ave.64.5142WIDOW?b.1887 IL and she is unmarried servant for J.W. Wheeler family 1910C; listed as MRS. in 1912CD; a widowed housekeeper for John L. Criveling in Langhorne, AZ 1920C
22-Apr2698Emma F.Armstron[g]over 21none741 E. 1st St.62.5150Arthur A. Armstrong, clothing merchant 1910Cb.1870 PA 1910C
29-Apr2902Martha [D.]Armstrong30housewife420 S. 4th Ave.64110William Armstrong, engineer S P Co. 1914 CDb. 1883 OH 1920; Cochise Co., AZ 1910C; CA 1930C
30-Apr2957JennieArnds43cashier at The Woman's Exchange 1914CD105 N. 1st St.65127WIDOW of F. W. Arnds 1913CDb. 1872 OH and widowed 1920C; Woman's Exchange 52 W. Alameda 1914CD; Miss B. F. Hartley, proprietor, of this dining room and delicatessen at 85 N. Stone 1912 Polk's Arizona Pictorial Gazetteer And Business Directory(p. 530)
19-Apr2598Julia F. Atkinsonover 21teacher; HS math teacher 1910-14 CD166 Scott St.66115SINGLEb. 1876 Jonesburg, MO student at U of MO-Columbia 1896 Biennial report of Board of Curators, 1897; "Miss Julia F. Atkinson, formerly of the faculty of the School of Mines, passed through Socorro this morning on her way from Denver to Tucson, Arizona, where she has accepted a desirable position as instructress in mathematics in the city high school." Socorro Chieftan (NM) 31 Aug 1907; B.L. NM School of Mines assistant in preparatory department NM (ter.) Superintendent of Public Instruction Report, 1902 (83) books.google.com; m. Charles Rollin Keyes 1927; spouse 1864 IA-1942 Des Moines, IA FAG; spouse Pres. of NM School of Mines 1902-6, lived in IA and Tucson wrote manu geology books, Tucson Daily Citizen 19 May 1942
15-Apr2516RobinaBartlett55housewife212 E. 12th St.62155William S. Bartlett 1920Cb. TX 1920C
29-Apr2891Mary A.Batesover 21housewife128 N. Court St.68136Benjamin T. Bates, mining engineer 1914CDScotch; naturalized by husband; if Dr. Bates, she is in CC; not in 1910C; could be b. 1870, widowed with 2 children both born in IL, m. about 1894 per eldest child Chicago 1920C
29-Apr2901Jane H[all]Batteover 21librarian; Carnegie Public Library 1914CD35 W. Broadway 6497WIDOW 1900C; maybe Henry S. Batte d. 1894 Evergreen Cemetery FAG(1862-1918) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; "Jennie" b. MO with 10 year old son boarding at Hotel Hall owned by her sister Anna Hall 1900C and 1910C; m. about 1889 MO per son's birth 1900C; Pima Co. librarian 1896-1918 http://www.library.pima.gov, first serves at library over city hall; she registered the same day as sisters Anna and Mary hall
19-Apr2591Elizabeth S. [Sheilds] FAGBaylessover 21housewife145 E. 3rd St.67110John S.Bayless, Fulton Meat Market(1873-1955) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1876 KS 1910C; Maria E. 1900C and married by then; m. in KS per FT; maybe in LWV 1922
28-Apr2884Lillian M[ay Golly] IA Selected MarriagesBeatty41housewife741 S. 3rd Ave.66.5135John E. Beatty, engineer 1913CD(1870-1959 or 1872-1958) in CA per FAG; b. 1872 IA with son born 1896 per 1940C
16-Apr2527Harriet E[lizabeth Ward] FAGBeckley55housewife25 W. Alameda 65145WIDOW of Wakefield G. Beckley, RR car repairer 1914CD(1853-1939) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1858 MA m. about 1876 MI 1920C; widow by 1910C
21-Apr2684Grace I[sabell] FAGBedellover 21housewife3.5 mi. NW Tucson64145George D. Bedell, bookkeeper at Dairy 1910C(1879 NY-1951) spouse 1876 NY-1953 Evergreen Cemetery FAG
26-Apr2807Ada E.Bellover 21housewife722 N. 4th Ave.66.5144A. E.Bell, hardware salesman 1910Cb. 1884 MO 1910C; d. 1972 Soc Sec Death Index
30-Apr3091Mary R. Luta Reardon] FAGBellover 21housewife219 E. 4th St.65140Charles E. Bell, pharmacist Owl Drug 1918 CD(1881 FL-1944) spouse 1879 PA-1935 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; lost a child 1914-15
30-Apr3073Clara V[iola Wood] FAGBenzie43housewifecorner 10th St. & 3rd Ave.60117Robert Benzie, supervisor Water Service 1914CD(1869 Ellsworth, WI-1966) spouse 1862 Scotland-1954 Auburn, CA FAG
19-Apr2605Linno H.Berger29stenographer103 E. 2nd St.66120Could be Lena Burgers, 1883 KY, m. Howard Burgers or Laurie Burgers, 1884 KS, m. Howard B. Burgers 1910C-or neither?
25-Apr2774Mary Neal [Cheyney] FAGBernard25housewifeArivaca64147Noah C. Bernard, rancher (arivaca @jeff.scott.tripod.com)(1888-1918) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AZ 1910C; m. 1910 WSMI; Mary registered with her mother Annie Cheyney; sister-in-law Mary Bernard Aguirre (1844-1906); 1913 UA yearbook lists her in Gamma Phi Sigma sorority;spouse runs Arivaca Land and Cattle Co. with John Bogan and George Pusch (arivaca-connection.com)
29-Apr2913Mary [Knoll] FAGBertram41housewife1011 N. 6th Ave.66150Edmond Bertram, saloon at 195 N. 6th Ave. 1914CD; prop. of The St. Louis 1912CD(1871-1938) spouse 1870-1958 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. MO 1910C
25-Apr2796Agnes [M. Krueger] CA Marriage IndexBiddle22housewife112 E. Alameda68125WIDOW of Otto C. Biddlem. San Mateo, CA; not in 1913-4CDs; works in music store and rooms with a family at different address, b. US 1920C; maybe died 1966 CA Soc. Sec. Death Index
15-Apr2515Maud [Williams] FAGBillings34housewife638 N. 10th Ave.62147Jos Billings, mining engineer 1914CDb. 1879 MO 1910C or 1870 NM and m. about 1993 per 1920C; maybe d. 1977 CA per CA Death Index
30-Apr2990Birdie [May White] WSMIBinns25housewife335 E. 13th St.67130Birney Binns, engineer S P Co. 1914CDb. 1888 CO Benson, AZ1910C; m. 1907 WSMI; he seems to have remarried by 1930
23-Apr2726Anna M[ay] FTBird46housewife533 E. 9th St.64135Thomas Hall Bird, yard forman J. Knox Corbett Lumber Co. 1914CD(1867-1959) South Lawn Cemetery FAG; b. MI 1920C; m. IN FT; moved to Cochise Co., AZ 1930C
3-Apr2482Ellen G.Bisbee76none817 Speedway6195WIDOW of George Bisbee 1914CDpossibly died in 1925 CA Death Index
28-Apr2841Minnie [A. Pakiser] WSMIBlack32housewife3.5 mi.S. 6th Ave. W63101Pat W. Black, blacksmith for railroad 1910Cb. CO 1910C; m. 1907 Tucson b. 1881 WSMI; in CA 1930C and spouse died there
15-Apr2509Frances D[ouglas] FAGBlair38housewife338 Speedway64.75135Thomas R. Blair, accountant Bail-Heineman Co. 1913CD(1874-1966) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b.KY and m. about 1905 1910C
19-Apr2600Lupe [Guadalupe] C. Righetti] WSMIBlanc40housewife208 N. Stone Ave.67112Fred or Felix S. Blanc, furniture repair 1913CD b. Sep 1873 MEX with both parents Mexican, immigrated 1874 1900C; spouse from Switzerland and she b. AZ under "Blank" with Mexican mother 1910C; b. AZ 1920C; m. 1892 Maricopa County, AZ WSMI; Righetti is also a Swiss name
30-Apr3120Louise [H. Springer] FAGBlenman36wife204 Scott St.61124Charles Blenman, Attorney 1912CD(1876 Chicago-1966) Evergreen Cemetery, arrived Tucson 1902 to marry and lived in same house 69 years FAG; no signature so perhaps reregistered in different ward? Played cello in Tucson Symphony Orchestra; spouse became a judge
19-Apr2626Clara FerrinBloom32housewife414 S. 3rd Ave.61112David Bloom, Meyers & Bloom 1914CDx(1881 Tucson-1973) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1912; UA grad 1901 BS and Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Sorority member and on UA faculty in 1908 per Announcement for the Academic Year.books.google.com; worked CC voter reg. day; taught in 1906 for $70 and was at Safford Elementary School 11 years and school named for her in 1973, founding member of Tucson Women's Symphony Association and member of Temple Emanua-El (director of Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society 1910); parents arrived 1878 and had store where Cushing Grill is now; mother (Theresa Marx Ferrin) known as the "angel of Tucson" for her nursing skills.
19-Apr2637Katherine S[tuart] FAGBogan47housewife245 S. 5th Ave.67108Mrs. John W. Bogan county assesor 1913CD(1866 CA-1947) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m.1887 as "Stewart" WSMI; helped organize the Saturday Morning Musical Club: spouse in Arivaca Land and Cattle Co. with Noah Bernard and George Pusch (arivaca-connection.com); she registered with her sister Eleanor Stuart Hogan, sister-in-law Phoebe Brink Bogan and wives of her husband's partners
19-Apr2658Ph[o]ebe M. [Brink] FAGBogan45teacher; 4th grade Davis School in Barrio 1912 CD147 W. 5th St.65.5148Albinus E. Bogan 1922 Obit; listed as patient in 1920C; a minerxx 1904-5(1868 IL-1927) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; author of "Yaqui Indian dances of Tucson, Arizona"- an account of the ceremonial dances of the Yaqui Indians; a Mrs. Bogan worked CC voter registration 4/19; m. in Arivaca per his obit; ; 1910C on UA; 1920C visiting McDermotts & teaching; 1910C listed as a patient?; registered same day as Katherine Stuart Bogan, her sister-in-law
29-Apr2921Mary E[lizabth Brink] 1900CBoggs60milliner244 E. 3rd St.64160WIDOW 1880Cwidowed and son Wirt Pendergast Boggs b. 1876 CA ( father b. NY and mother b. MO altho more likely father b. MO and related to Boggs of MO) , spouse b. NY CA Napa, CA 1880C; b. 1847 NY, widowed and owns shop at 25 E. Congress, her daughter and sister Louise works and lives with her 1900C and 1910C; all three lived together Los Angeles, CA 1920C; her daughter Nydia Boggs registered the same day
29-Apr2925Nydia L.Boggs33milliner244 E. 3rd St.64120SINGLEb. 1878 CA; daughter of Mary E. Boggs 1910C; registered same day as mother Mary Brink Boggs
5-Apr2485Rosa GoodrichBoido43physician143 W. Pennington St. (office); home 240 Ott St. 1912 CD64160Dr. Lorenzo Boido, MD(1870 TX-1959 HW) womensplaza.arizona.edu; see Conners, Jo. Who?s Who in Arizona with picture; 1st president of Equal Suffrage Club in Tucson; WTCU member; m. about 1893 with children born in San Salvador and Guatamala; spouse is Mexican
30-Apr2979Hattie L.Boltonover 21[C]aterist [caterers]?410 N. Granada 68156WIDOW of J[ohn] W. Bolton 1913CDcolored; C.W. Bolton at same address 1913CD; spouse 1866-1902 FAG; spouse a barber who became the first African-American Mail carrier in Phoenix. Bolton died on December 26, 1902. The grave is located at 1317 W. Jefferson Street in the "Rosedale Cemetery" section of Phoenix's historic Pioneer & Military Memorial Park http://commons.wikimedia.org
26-Apr2803Elizabeth [Lizzie] [Murtaugh] FAGBortonover 21teacher; principal Drachman (barrio) 10-11 CD376 S. Stone Ave.63100Miss; SINGLE(1855-1926) Holy Hope Cemetery, father is Thomas A. Borton, atty. FAG; b. 1862 NY 1910 C; 1st female Supt of Schools 1895, but resigned due to illness (Tusd1.org); school named for her; sister m. Ignacio Bonillas; before 1888 taught in Safford (Military Plaza) and Barrio Libre; in 1906 earned $80 salary in Tucson schools; her neighbor Emilie Mihan Rosenstern also registered
23-Apr2731HarrietBoucherover 21teacher; 2nd grade Davis 1912-3 CD703 S. Stone Ave.67.5150SINGLEIf m. William F. Elsworth per AZ Marriage Index; he's a salesman 1921CD; 1914CD lists address as 738 N 6th Ave.; spouse d. 2005 San Diego, CA Death Index; b. 1884 IL San Diego 1930C
28-Apr2853Mamie [Mary] 1920CBouschetover 21housekeeping5 mi. NW66125SINGLEb. 1890 CA 1920C; Head of household consisting of her 4 brothers and a sister; parents are John (d. 1911) and Mary Bouschet (d.1925) from Luxemborg or Germany who came to Tucson about 1895 per 1910C and FAG; m. Arthur E Brown or C. B. Brown before 1930 C
21-Apr2686Maude I. [or J.]Bowan [Bowen]35stenographer910 N. 4th Ave.62135Mrs. Ralph W. Bowen 1920Cb.1878 PA spouse 1878 IL 1920C; still Tucson 1930C; m. 1898 District of Columbia 1900C; a Mrs. M. D. Bowen WC in 1908-9; maiden name Freet or Faeet FT
26-Apr2833Amelia [Alverta Geho]AZ Selected MarriagesBower30housewife112 E. Broadway68.5125Edwin T. Bower 1920C(1882-1966) Evergreen FAG; known as Millie G. b. MD 1900C; newly wed about 1913
30-Apr3007Emilie L[angworthy] AZ Select MarriagesBowers31none297 N. Church St.68.5135Edward W. Bower, furniture manager 1910Cx 1901 sec.b. 1887 CA, widowed 1920C; 15 Apr 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen WC article; mother Josephine Langworthy Flynn (per 1900C) registered with her; m. 1893 stayed at Curly and Annie's hotel in Oracle
30-Apr3083E. MayBoyd43teacher; grade school 10-11 CD724 E. 3rd St.64115WIDOW of Walter C. Boyd 1913CD(1860-1924) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. IN and widow 1910C
30-Apr3076Emma E.Boyd24housewife640 S. 4th Ave.64125Joseph H. Boyd, Boyd & Thresher Favorite Saloon 1913CDb. 1889 KS 1910C; d. between 1920-1930; name may be Evelyn E. Boyd per 1920C
30-Apr3010Elizabeth [M.] B[arry] usgwarchives.org/az/pima/pimabiosBrannan40housewife238 W. Franklin 65150Phil C. Brannan, clothing, hats and shoes 1913CDCanadian; by father's naturalization; b. 1873 came through IL; m. ca.1900 and kids born in AZ 1920C; in CA by 1930C; sister is Emma Barry 1920C
25-Apr2797[Caroline] Ethel 1910CBriggs33teacher; high school 1913 CD1410 E. 9th St.64150Thomas A. Briggs 1910-12CDb. 1881 PA and m. about 1907 with son b. in Louisiana 1910C
23-Apr2718Mary R. [Adams Rice] AZ Selected MarriagesBrintonover 21housewife115 Olive Road66133Paul H.M.P. Brinton, professorb. 1880 TX like her spouse 1920C; in CA by 1930C; m. in AZ; She is on UA faculty in 1917 having graduated with A.B. from there
26-Apr2805Kathrine H[aarer] WSMIBrooksover 21housewife827 N. 4th Ave.69140Guy Brooks, salesmanx 1908-9b. 1872 MI 1910C; m. 1904 WSMI; spouse b. 1875 TX
26-Apr2806Sammie F[aucett] 1910CBrooksover 21housewife829 E. 1st St.65.5142Byrd Books, Tucson Bank 1920 C; City Treasurer 1913CDb. 1877 TX 1920 C; d. 1947 TX Death Certificates
21-Apr2670Alberta R. [Emma Alberta Robinson] FAGBrown45housewife841 Tyndall Ave.62.5126Fred W. Brown, mill builder 1910C; contractor 1913CD (1867 Winchendon, MA-1961) "Berta", spouse 1861-1939 and arrived Tucson about 1901 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; lives with parents 1920C; picture on FT; registered after her mother Rhoda Doane Robinson; investigate feelings about National Woman's Rights Conventions in MA
19-Apr2660Eleanor [Kelly] AZ Selected MarriagesBrown50housewife605 N. Stone Ave.64130Thomas F. Brown, fuel and feed merchant 1910CCanadian; by American husband; spouse 1862 KY-1914, but no death date for Eleanor at Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1902 in AZ
19-Apr2627Harriet E[stelle]Brownover 21teacher; 1st grade Mansfield grade school 1910-11CD422 S. 5th Ave.60107SINGLEx(1883-1918) Evergreen Cemetery FAG;b. 1885 AZ 1910C; parents James K. and Olive Brown; Margarite is her sister; sophomore 1904-5, earned advanced degree in 1907, Ph. B., teacher, 1912 Evening Instructor in Spanish per 1913 Sahuaro UA Yearbook; Miss Brown, UA Librarian AAUW member 1919 and worked CC voter registration same day she registered; sister Margarite Brown and her mother Olive Stephansen Brown also registered; m. Miles M. Carpenter between 1913 and 1918
21-Apr2683Lizzie P[hoebe Davis] FTBrownover 21housewife901 N. 3rd Ave.62150Rollin C. Brown 1918CD(1892 IN-1933) FT; m. Rollin Carr Brown 1891; grade teacher 1910-11CD and 2nd grade Mansfield 1912CD; elementary school named for her
19-Apr2632Margarite B[ernice] AZ Selected MarriagesBrown21student422 S. 5th Ave.69103SINGLE(1888-1966) FAG; b. 1889 AZ and Harriet's sister 1910C; graduation picture in 1913 Sahuaro UA Yearbook; m. about 1916 to Leon H. Strong; 3 sons born in OR, divorced and living with her and her widowed mother in Tucson 1930C; sister Harriet Brown and mother Olive stephenson Brown also registered
30-Apr3110Martha Ashley [Ashley is her maiden name FAG]Brown44housewife7th St. & Freemont61105Haddington G. Brown, city water works 1910C(1868 IL-1964) Evergreen Cemetery FAG;b. 1867 MI 1910C; spouse was Superintendent of Indian School 1905
26-Apr2804Mary S. [Agnes Shibell] 1870CBrownover 21housewife220 N. Court St.64.5100Herbert Brown, Tucson Citizen editor 1913CDb. 1869 AZ, called "Mamie", daughter of Mercedes Sais Quiroz and Charles Shibell; d. 1940 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Lilly Shibell is sister 1910C who also registered; m. 1909 WSMI; curator of the Territorial Museum 1897; 2nd generation Hispanic with mother born in Tucson before the Gadsden Purchase in 1849 FAG
25-Apr2793Olive L. [Stephenson] FAGBrownover 21housewife422 S. 5th Ave.62160James K. Brown, Supt. City Schools 1910C(1858-1953) death certificate b. Iowa, taught school and m. 1879 OH, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1858 OH 1910C; her daughters Harriet and Margarite Brown also registered
28-Apr2872Anna Giffs [Chase Geffs ] WSMIBrownell57housewife1124 S. 4th Ave.64.5135Frank Brownell, clerk Levy's 1914CDb. 1858 KY in Silverbell, Pima, AZ 1910C; m. 1910 WSMI
29-Apr2889Helen V.Bryan24housewife311 E. 4th St.62137William J. Bryan, Jr., 24, student 1914CDb. WI, m. about 1899 based on first child b. AZ, spouse b. 1889 NB 1910C; spouse with A.B. was treasurer of Board of Regents UA College of Agriculture, 1920 Circular; did not sign the register, but not crossed out
23-Apr2724ViolaBryant21housewife396 S. Stone Ave.66149SINGLETOO YOUNG? (1895 Chicago-1959) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. Charles H Warren 1914 Gila, AZ without ages mentioned WSMI; b. 1896 TX, widowed with 3 children Miami, Gila, AZ 1920C another possibility
19-Apr2654M[abel] Della [Walker] FTBurnett38housewife35 Washington69148Alfred E. Burnett, inspector in charge of U.S. Immigration 1914CD(1875-1964) Los Angeles, CA FAG; b. TX 1910C in Cochise, AZ; spouses job seems to moved them around as he was registered for the draft in AZ, in Honolulu 1920C and then CA
28-Apr2854MayBuschover 21bookkeeper; Brena Commerical Co. 1913CD 223 N. Church St.64115WIDOW? Mrs. 1913CDBrena Commerical Co. was wholesale grocer Polk's Arizona Pictorial Gazetteer And Business Directory, 1912; Russell Electric & Machine Co. 1918CD
25-Mar2475Maud W.Bushover 21house keeper135 N. Main St.64130Mrs. Dan C. or J. H. or B.F. Bush? 1901CD; Noah H. Glass? Not in 1913-4CD; if spouse Dan C. maiden name may be Hamlin b. 1881 NM? May be sister-in-law of Mae Bush Hartman who also registered
26-Apr2822EthelByerly28teacherEscuela [Indian Training School]63142SINGLEnot in 1910C or 1913-4CDs; maybe b.1885 TX and d. 1963 TX; she was at Escuela 1913-1915 with Minnie Parker and Elizabeth Wolfe per Mission Monthy, Vol.29, Issue 4, Feb. 1915 books.google.com and registered the same day
30-Apr3096Clara [C.Tucker] 1910CByers24housewife116 N. 1st Ave.64174Gibson H. Byers, locomotive engineer 1914CDb. 1889 NY 1910C
19-Apr2623Alice F. [Smith] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaCameron59none208 Granada64190.5WIDOW of Colin Cameron, Sr., cattleman usgwarchives.org/az/pima(1854 PA-1922) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse 1849 PA-1911, m. 1877 PA ftp:rootsweb.com; lived on Lockaber 1914CD; mother of Mrs. Mary Wakefield who registered next in line; daughter-in-law Nella Thacher Cameron also registered
30-Apr3025Nella T[hacher]Cameron24housewife298 Granada St.65.5151Colin Cameron, Jr., broker 1914CD(1888 PA-1958) spouse 1882-1929 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1909 PA per FT; in Tucson by 1910C
19-Apr2643Jennie V[ennerstrom] susan,tweit.comCannon43housewife1189 Speedway [UA Desert Lab]68.5165William A. Cannon, botanist 1913CDxx 1904(1869 MN-1952 CA) became an impressionist painter, lithographer and writer susan.tweit.com; m. 1898 CA and arrived in Tucson 1905; divorced and living in CA 1920C
30-Apr3069Gulie [Guielma Corbett] LyonsCaperton24housewife179 N. Main St.66138Joseph C. Caperton, manager Bell Drug Co., 1912-13CD(1889 AZ-1945 CA) FAG; daughter of J. Knox and Lizzie Hughes Corbett; m. 1911 Tucson WSMI; studied music at Ward Belmont School in Memphis and divorced sbout 1913 Lyons' A History of the J. Knox Corbett House and the J. Knox Corbett Family' azmemory,azlibrary.gov; registered next in line to mother
21-Apr2664Mrs. ChemenyCapini58house keeper120 N. Stone Ave.65125WIDOW?Swiss; naturalized by husband; may be related to Domenico Capini who died 1907 Santa Cruz, CA
21-Apr2691Jennie E. [Mrs. Johnston] WSMICapo38housewife601 S. Stone Ave.70142Edward G. Capo, Capo-Hohusen Jewely Co 26 E. Congress 1912-14CDb.Aug 1873 OR 1910C; m. 1896 Tucson; Jennie is secretary of company 1914CD; spouse is 1910 Master of Masonic Lodge #4; she is only in 1900 and 1910C; spouse has different wife in 1920C
30-Apr3048LydaCarson32washing & cooking219 S. 5th Ave.65152SINGLEcolored; listed as maid in 1913CD; b. Mar 1883 TX "Lidia" daughter of Frank and Kittie Carson Gonzales, TX 1900C; San Antonio, TX 1910CD; housekeeper for widowed William A. Dixon, who is also black San Diego 1920C
24-Apr2761Carrie A[rvilla Hankins] 1914CDChafin57husband's manager111 Olive Road65185Eugene W. Chafin, lecturer(1855 WI-1942 ) Waukesha, WI FAG; spouse was twice the Prohibition Party candidate for US presidency (1908 and 1912); spouse founded the Tucson Anti-Saloon League in 1906 with Louis Hughes; spouse b. 1853 WI and moved to Long Beach, CA by 1920C
22-Apr2704Ella M.[Allan] FTChambers25housewife70 E. Alameda62112Howard E. Chambers, clerk AZ Eastern RR 1914CD(1887-1975) spouse 1885-1974 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. NC 1910C
19-Apr2639Mary E. Chapmanover 21housewife519 E. 4th St.64150Charles J. Chapman, building contractor 1914CDb. 1868 IL 1920C; spouse 1858-1934 Evergreen FAG; spouse 1908 Master of Masonic Lodge #4
25-Apr2773Annie NealCheyney51housekeeper252 N. Main St.65150WIDOW of George M. Cheyney 1900C; widowed by 1910Cb. 1861 KS 1910C; d. 8 Dec 1947 obit. Tucson Daily Citizen; spouse b. 1900C; spouse b. 1854 PA, m. 1882, spouse post master and mining man in Pryce's FAG site; daughters Bernice Neil Pryce and Mary Neal Barnard also registered
30-Apr3017Pauline [Agnes] FAGChilds53housewifeLee St. 1914CD6478WIDOW of Levi C. Childs 1914CDGerman; by husband; (1859-1951) Altdena, CA FAG; living in Chicago 1910C; m. about 1973 in IL
21-Apr2673IdaChoate82none308 E. 2nd St.66135German; husband American; original transcription 4/24 but would be out of numerical sequence; naturalization papers in her name 1881 Pima Co.; she's still alive in 1952 per Tucson Daily Citizen; possible spouse P.H. Choate, a miner 1881CD
30-Apr3040Elizabeth [A] 1914CDClapp35housewife907 N. 5th Ave.68.5145Eugene W. Clapp, general freight and passenger agent for AZ Eastern and SP Co. 1914CDb. CA and m. about 1903 Fresno, CA 1910C; lives in San Mateo, CA 1920C; a Mrs. Clapp worked 4/19 for CC registration drive (more likely Mary B. Clapp}
30-Apr2989CarolineClark50housewife632 S. 5th Ave.62130Thomas O. Clark, general foreman 1914CDb. 1858 OH 1910C; still no children 1920C; spouse served on city council 1899-1900
30-Apr3105May Clark23housewifeGould Cottage #565155Mrs.no definitive clues-possible spouse John S. Clark; a May Jenevieve Clark m. to Leslie Clark (1888 IL-1842) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; a Mrs. May E. and Edna M. Clark at 9 E. Ochoa 1899-1900 CD; Liberty mine owner in Arivaca with daughter 1900 C (but ages don't match)
19-Apr2663Elizabeth Clothier41housewife639 N. Park Ave.65140Robert W. Clothier, teacher UA 1914CDb. 1872 KS, spouse b. 1872 WV and m. KS about 1903 per children b. KS and MO 1910C; maybe in CA 1940C
29-Apr2896Winifred W[heeler] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaCoberly25housewife157 Franklin64160William B. Coberly, rancher 1914CD; Pima County Supervisor 1913CD(1888-1976) Evergreen Cemetery obit 5 Jan 1976 Tucson Daily Citizen; m. 1907 usgwarchives.org/az/pima; b. 1888 AZ, spouse b. 1884 CO 1910C; moved to Hollywood, CA
26-Apr2811Lottie FordCochranover 21housewife164 N. Stone Ave.67173David S. Cochran, contractor and builder 1899-01CDx 1901 com.(1858-1927) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1888 with 23 year old daughter Mary J. Cochran 1900C; Lottie was a widow from IN and brought her daughter to Tucson because she had TB- maybe from her obit; Lottie S. b. IN with no children listed, spouse b. OH 1910C; spouse remained in Tucson in 1930 and 1940C; he built house in Catalina foothils by hand in 1915; see 15 Apr 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen WC article
22-Apr2697BirdeCode24none741 E. 1st St.62.5127maybe Mrs. William E. Code if real name is Anna Geff b. IN (birth date doesn?t support this) 1919CD; lives at same address and registeres next to Emma F. Armstrong
30-Apr3026Della A.Cole30housewife1014 N. Park Ave.62116Oscar C. Cole, merchandise broker 1913CDb. IL 1900C; in Yuma 1920C
30-Apr3074Rhoda W[hite O.] FAGColyer33housewife606 E. 9th St.67135John H. Colyer, switchman SP Co. 1914 CD(1880-1942 c.) spouse 1875 KY-1936 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. KY 1920C; sister-in-law Eloise White also registered; no relationship to Vincent Colyer, attorney for the Apaches was found
30-Apr2999Alice J.Compton35housewife401 E. 4th St.67170James Grant Compton, conductor SP Co. 1914CDb. 1879 OH as was spouse and m. about 1909 per daughter b. AZ 1910C
19-Apr2661Jennie [Francis McClelland] see listed web addressComstock56housewife727 N. 22nd Ave. [2nd Ave.] 1914 CD65115[Rev.] Oliver E. Comstock, Justice of the Peace 1914CDb. 1857 KY and m. about 1888 KY per children 1910C; m. 1876 and d. 1941 maybe in OK FT; spouse founded the Comstock Hospital for Tuberculars (1854 IN-1937) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; arrived in Tucson 1907 http://www.gchudleigh.com/ointment.htm
15-Apr2520Eva Conners [Connors] 1914CD27housewife218 S. 4th Ave.6095Jo[seph] Connors, office 1914CDtwo spellings; only listed twice in CD so they may have moved to CA
30-Apr2976Mary [D] 1914CDConnor40housewife221 E. 13th St. #223 1914CD64110Jerry [D.] Connor, carpenter SP Co. 1914CDIrish; by husband
15-Apr2521Julia E.Coonan36stenographer218 S. 4th Ave.66.5175SINGLE?no information found
29-Apr2940Mabel B. [C. Ballinger] AZ Selected MarriagesCooper25housewife223 N. Stone Ave.65140Samuel Harry Cooper, chief rate clerk AZEastern Rail Road 1913CDb. 1878 OH under "Casper" surname 1920C; m. 1908 Pima Co.; Mabel plays bridge with Rosenstern on N. Stone; relationshhip to Wm. F. Cooper, 1st judge Pima Supreme Ct. or James C. Cooper delegate to 1910 Constitutional Convention are undetermined
23-Apr2714Belle C[reary] Corbett Family file AZ Historical SocietyCorbett45housewifePaseo Redondo64160William J. Corbett, hardware; president Merchants Bank & Trust Co. 1914CD(1865 LA-1922) spouse 1853 SC -1919 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1889 Tucson, spouse came to Tucson with brother J Knox Corbett, was assistant Postmaster 1881 and established W.J. Corbett Hardware Company 1890 and operated until his death in 1919 Corbett Family file AZ Historical Society; sister-in-law Lizzie Hughes Corbett also registered
30-Apr3068Lizzie [Hughes]Corbett47housewife179 N. Main St.66200J[ohnston] Knox Corbett, postmaster 1913CD(1865 Tucson altho actually 1864-1936) Sam Hughes' daughter, spouse 1861-1934, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1885 in Tucson; Miss Elizabeth Corbett WC 1908-9 Yearbook (relationship?); spouse came to Tucson with his brother William Corbett, ran a stage line, owned hardware store, lumber yard, ranch, postmaster, mayor (1915-17) and was a founder of Evergreen Cemetery; neighbor of Clara Fish Roberts and good example of 2nd generation mixed heritage parents; 3 generations of her family registered including her mother Atancia Santa Cruz Hughes, her sister Mary Hughes Dietrich and her daughter Gulie Caperton registered next in line; her sister-in-law Belle Cleary Corbett had already registered; see Lyons' A History of the J. Knox Corbett House and the J. Knox Corbett Family' azmemory,azlibrary.gov
26-Apr2827RosaCoteover 21housewife302 E. 6th St.64160colored; Luis Cote, laborer at different address 1913CD - perhaps son? Eugenio and Rosa P. Cote (not listed as colored) were in the Silverbell 1910C; at same address as Bertie E. Simms who also was listed as colored and registered
25-Apr2787Myrtle OwensCourtney35housewife730 S. 3rd Ave.64160William H. Courtney 1914CD locomotive engineer 1920Cb.1878 MO 1910C; m. 1900 Pima Co. WSMI; may have d. 1960 Los Angeles, CA
30-Apr2977MaymeCowan40waitress664 2nd Ave.64120no other info; maybe LWV member, but confirm 1st name
19-Apr2606Rosalia R. Cowanover 21housewife826 N. 5th Ave.64135Lawrence O. Cowan, city recorder 1913-4CDsb. 1866 CA, spouse b. 1859 SC, lives with widowed daughter Edith Tompkins 1920C who also registered; m. 1894 1900C; LWV 1922, but confirm 1st name
17-Apr2539JuliaCrone55housewife828 E. 7th St.66175John W. Crone, boilermaker 1914CDb. 1872 OH and m. about 1884 OH per sons (some b. OH and later ones in IL) 1910C; spouse d. 1928 Evergreen FAG, but no Julia; perhaps she moved to CA
24-Apr2750JessieCrowder41keeping rooming house101 E. Pennington67140John Crowder, own income 1910Cb.1869 (she claims 1872 on registry) TN and m. about 1890 in TN based on oldest son 1910C; divorced and living in San Francisco with 2 children 1920C; possibly divorced by 1914CD
28-Apr2837Elizabeth HardingCulin40housewife901 Tyndall65.5172Frank L. Culin, real estate and councilman 1914CDx treas. 1908-9(1872-1947) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. NJ and m. about 1892 Helvetia, AZ 1910C; spouse is insurance adjuster 1920C; 3 generations of UA graduates- daughter Virginia author related to Clara Fish Roberts through her husband
26-Apr2818Edith E. Culley25teacher; 4th grade 1912 CD; Safford School 1914CD414 S. 4th Ave.62105SINGLE(1887-1987) Evergreen Cemetery and member of Delta Kappa Gamma FAG; daughter of Otho and Mary Culley 1910C;
26-Apr2817Mary E. [Patten] FAGCulley51housewife414 S. 4th Ave.64135Otho L. Culley, engine herder at RR 1910C(1862-1936) Evergreen Cemetery, m. about 1883 OH FAG; b. OH 1910C
23-Apr2736MaggieCulverhouse31waitress195 W. Alameda64155Mrs. in one CDb. 1880 USA, single and servant doing housework for Louis and Josephine Hughes 1910C
30-Apr3004Emma B[eatrice] 1914CD [Bunnell] FAGCunningham45housewife76 S. Main St.66120Charles J. Cunningham, saloon at 68 W. Congress 1914CD(unknown-1940) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1868 IN 1940C; spouse owned Pullman Saloon and Cabinet Club (1902-1913) and one of the 5 who actively workd to defeat the Constitutional prohibition amendment in 1914 per Sonnichsen; "CABINET CAFE & CLUB ROOMS, C J Cunningham Propr, Choice Wines and Liquors,Pool and Billiards Congress cor Church. (See p 528.)" 1912 Tucson Business Directory; business associate's wife Millie Person Stewart registered the same day
24-Apr2763Amy Trippel Curly23housewife346 S. 6th Ave.65.5137Frank E. Curly, city attorney 1913CDb. 1890 AZ and a widow living with parents and children 1930C; mother Katherine Rice Trippel also registered
28-Apr2888Lucile [M. Stallings] WSMICurtis37housewife221 S. Stone Ave.61130F[rank] M. Curtis, mining 1914CD b. 1876 TN and widow 1920C; m. 1908 Pima Co. WSMI
28-Apr2848Laura T.Cuthrellover 21stenographer for Southern AZ Bank & Trust Co. 1914CD225 E. 4th St.60100John J. Cuthrell, bookkeeper at meat market 1910Cb. 1884 MO 1910C; possible d. 1964 CA Social Security Death Index
30-Apr2986Natalie A.Dalton25comptometrist [operates an office machine for arithmatical computation] for AZ Eastern RR 1914 CD436 E. 6th St.65124.5SINGLEb. 1887 AZ to Winnall and Francisca Dalton; d. 1969 Pima Co. Social Security Death Index; may be related to Hortense Dalton Ronstadt who also registered; registered in line with stenographer Isabel Nevenzel and two other comptometrists, Elizabeth Mason and Jesse Wilson on final day
21-Apr2685Fannie [Jones] MO Marriage RecordsDalyover 21housewife4 mi. NE Tucson67140J[ohn] C. Daly, manager Rincon Mountian Water 1914CDb. 1875 MO, m. about 1902 with children born in KS, WA and AZ and spouse is a engineer 1910C
28-Apr2871Anna Evalena [Stakebake Seayrs] WSMIDaniels44housewife647 S. 4th Ave.63.5169Benjamin F. Daniels, mining 1914CD(1869-1946) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. IN 1920C; Mrs. Searyrs m. Daniels 1908 usgwarchives.org/az/pima; spouse's obit at FAG tells of his life as Rough Rider being appointed to US and AZ marshall; a pioneer educator and instrumental in organization of YWCA and AZ Children's Home-AHS; may be Anna F. Daniels sister-in-law who also registered
19-Apr2630Anna F.Daniels68none319 S. 4th Ave.64157Mrs. 1914CDb. 1845 OH and widow living with daughter. m. to William R. Kitt 1910C (not widowed then) and 1920C; d. 1941 CA per CA Death Index; may be Anna Seayrs Daniel's sister-in-law who also registered, did she remarry after Kitt's death?
22-Apr2699Mary J.Darnell45nurse256 S. Main St. [236] 1914CD66135Julian E. Darnell, musican 1919CDEnglish; American husband
21-Apr2666Lillie [Marks Goldtree] WSMIDavant56housewife612 S. 5th Ave.62.5160C. Frederick Davant, councilman 1912 and 1913 CD(1844-1932) Evergreen Cemetery Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Records; b. CA 1900C; first husband Joseph Goldtree (1844-1897 CA) Evergreen Cemetery with detailed obit. FAG; m. Davant 1899 WSMI
19-Apr2657Minnie [Tevis] FAGDavenport39housewife539 E. 9th St.65.5180Thomas Davenport, engineer SP Co. 1914CD(1874-1962) Evergreen Cemetery with Tucson Daily Citizen obit, m. 1895 in today's Bowie, arrived Tucson 1892; member of Eastern Star from 1909, in 1915 she helped found YWCA and AZ Children's Home, past president of AZ Pioneer Historical Society; moved to Tyndale Ave. by Clara Roberts about 1913 per obit.; b. MO and come to Tucson at age 7 ca. 1881 AHS file
30-Apr3054Pearl M.Davenport31housewife152 N. Church St.65.5126Nelson Davenport, civil engineer 1919CD(1882-1968) mocavo.com; b. 1882 CO 1920C; maybe d. in CA
24-Apr2745Sarah E.Davidson37housewife832 E. 7th St.65130Alex J. Davidson, rancher 1914CDb. 1876 CA and m. about 1900 in AZ per daughter's birthdate 1910C; d. 1926 IL Deaths?Index; lives in Tucson with 3 children 1920C; spouse is a boarder 1920C and listed as divorced by 1930C
24-Apr2751Yatha E. [Martha Yotha Weaver] FAGDavidson60housewife281 N. Stone Ave.63106Thomas T. Davidson, Pima Brick and Tile(1852-1929) Globe,AZ Cemetery FAG; b. MS and m. Globe 1900C; spouse 1855-1917 Evergreen Cemetery FAG
29-Apr2953Effie T.Davis39housewifeE. Broadway NW65130Sam H. Davis, proprietor of blacksmith shop 1920C(1872-1958) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. TN 1920; m. about 1896 TN per son's birth and in AZ for daughter's birth 1910C; lives with daughter and son-in-law 1930C; spouse 1867-1941 Evergreen Cemetery FAG
28-Apr2867Mabel Dawley32housewife226 E. 5th St.64150Charles M. Dawley, conductor 1914CDb. OR 1920C; moves to Los Angeles 1930 and 1940C
24-Apr2746Minnie E. Decker47housewife144 W. 5th St.60124Louis A. Decker, Heimbach & Decker Saloon [across from SP depot on Toole] 1913CDb. 1866 MI and m. about 1886 in MI per daughter's birth 1910C; widowed and living with daughter Hazel Ziegel Los Angeles 1930C; Hazel also registered
19-Apr2631Marie F. [Hannah Maria Frye] AZ Selected MarriagesDeLong64none139 N. Church St.61144Sidney Randolph DeLong 1910C; first mayor 1871-3, oldest AZ Mason, State Rep (Almanac 4 Dec 1961 Tucson Daily Citizen)x 1908-9(1850-1914) arrived 1875 to teach school in Florence 2 years, belonged to Episcopal church,was ill even when she registered to vote per Tucson Daily Citizen 27 Aug 1914 obit in Milligan's Pioneer Women of AZ; b. 1850 MA 1910C; second wife of Sidney DeLong m. 1893 AZ Selected Marriages; a founder of AZ Humane Society and Tucson representative of CA Children's Society (founded 1912 during meeting of Women's Missionary Society of First Christian Church of Tucson); spouse 1828 NY-1916 per McClintock, Vol. III for more on the couple (she is in Tucson by 1878 as bookkeeper and assistant cashier for Safford, Hudson & Co. Bank and assistant postmaster under J.K. Corbett); Did her family know of first National Woman's Rights Convention held in Worcester, MA 1850?
28-Apr2836Essie L. Dewoody28housewifeRillito Station--Longhorn? in NW63.5128Ben T. Dewoody, farmer, LonghornTranscriber assigned #2836 since last digit missing; (1884-1964) Stuckey Cemetery, Johnson, Washington Co., AR per rootsweb; b. 1885 TX and m. about 1904 in TX per son, but other children b. in NM 1910C;she is a lodger in Tucson with 3 children, but no Ben 1920C; in TX 1930C; in AR 1940C
30-Apr3055Minnie E[loise Bradner] RootswebDick41nurseSt. Mary's Ave.65114Benton Dick, attorney 1910Cno date listed, but determined by surrounding registrants; (1872-1953) FAG; NY 1910C; m. 1906 Rootsweb.com
15-Apr2517Allie [A. Bartlett] WSMIDickerman33housewife341 S. 3rd Ave.64140Edward M. Dickerman, master car repairer SP Co. 1914CDx 1908-9 b. 1880 TX 1920C; m. 1904 Pima Co. WSMI; divorced and living with parents by 1930C; maybe in LWV 1922; US Postmaster 1922, 1923 and 1926 and member of Rebekak Odd Fellows?; 32 year AZ resident in postal service 1899-1904, owned and managed a confectioner's and ice cream plant 1917-1921 per Women and the West, 1928 online
4/[1]82583Mary B. [Hughes] WSMIDietrich27housewife233 N. Main St.65115Edgar C. Dietrich, civil engineer 1913CDb. 1886 Tucson WSMI; spouse 1877-1926 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AZ 1920C; daughter of Atanacia and Sam Hughes who m. James St. Clair Sheehan after spouse's death and d. 27 Jun 1960 Tucson Daily Citizen obit; mother Atanacia Santa Cruz Hughes and sister Lizzie Hughes Corbett also registered
12-Apr2491Ida [Clarissa] FloodDodge33school teacher720 S. 2nd Ave.63167Guy E. Dodge, brakeman SP Co. 1913CDx 1919b. 1880 CA 1930C; d. 1955 Alameda CA Death Index; m. 1904 Pima Co. WSMI; her mother Ann L. Flood and sister-in-law Anna Johnson Flood also registered; Ida was a freshman when Clara Fish was a senior (one of first 4 females to graduate UA; on UA faculty with a B.S. per Announcement for the Academic Year.books.google.com; principal of Mansfield School 1914CD; president of Teachers Association, UA Alumni; see AHS Dodge Papers re books she wrote
24-Apr2747Arta Olive [Cochran] WSMIDow27housewife281 N. Stone Ave.67128Elmer A. Dow, contractor 1913CDb. 1886 OH 1920C; m. 1911 Pima Co. WSMI; Listed as member of KKK 4/1920; spouse 1885 MI-1967AZ Social Security Death Index
24-Apr2748Jane M.Dow50housewife144 W. 5th St.60114Mrs. J. M. Dow 1913CDmaybe widowed Mrs. M. A. Dawes, b. 1863 VT who boards with Fred Wright's family in Ft. Lowell, AZ 1920C
30-Apr3019Ethel M[orton Edmonds] FAGDrachman46housewife35 E. 3rd St.62.5137Mose Drachman, real estate agent 1910 C; president New Method Laundry Co. 1913CD(1865 VA-1946) South Lawn Cemetery FAG; she came to Tucson as a teacher; her spouse (1870 CA-1935) served on the City Coucil 1906-7 and in the State Senate; Parents Eyes website is helpful on the Drachman family; registered same day as aunt Jennie Miguel Drachman and sisters-in-law Florence Cowan Drachman and Millie Royers Drachman
24-Apr2760Florence E[milie Cowan] FAGDrachmanover 21housewife347 S. 6th Ave.63115Harry Arizona Drachman, shoe merchant at Congress & Scott 1910 Cx 1943 article(1882 NV-1962) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; she came to Tucson as a school teacher in 1902 and m. 1903 WSMI; spouse (1867-1951) was the 1st Anglo child born in AZ Territory to Anglo parents, was Master Mason Lodge #4 and served on the school board 1916 (tusd1.org); more info at community.fortunecity.ws; her sister Edith Thompkins also registered (check relationship), as did her aunt Jennie Miguel Drachman and sisters-in-law Ethel Edmonds Drachman and Millie Royers Drachman
30-Apr3032Jennie [Miguel] swja.arizona.eduDrachman52C.S. practictinor [sic]; (prays for healing for those who call upon them for help and answer questions about study of Christian Science)344 E. 3rd St.65130[WIDOW of] Samuel H. Drachman, tobacco and pool shop Loas & Moreno at 18 W. Congress 1913CDx 1900; treas. 1901Russian; by husband's naturalization; (1859-1927 San Francisco, CA) Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registery; m. 1875 CA (San Bernadino largest Jewish population at time) went to NM after husband's death? jmaw.org; she arrived 1876 and was a founding member of the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society;spouse a leader in Jewish community; her son Atty. Solly Drachman spoke to WC; see 15 Apr 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen WC article; spouse (1835-1911) Evergreen Cemetery with good obit. FAG; immigrated 1871 living with son-in-law Floyd Shank San Francisco 1920C; obit says she left Tucson in 1912, but she was still here to register in April and died in Los Angeles 13 Jun 1927 ADS; another obit said she left in 1916 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery community.fortunecity.ws; neices by marriage Ethel Edmonds Drachmand and Florence Cowan Drachman
30-Apr3093LucileDrachmanover 21teacher344 E. 3rd St.68168SINGLE(1885-1954 San Francisco) and m. Floyd Collins Shank http://www.geni.com ; b. 1886 AZ 1910C; her mother Jennie Drachman also registered
30-Apr3063Millie [Royers] FAGDrachman28housewife233 S. Main St.63135Emanuel DrachmanFrench; husband American; (1885 Paris-1963) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; she came from Los Angeles to give a concert and performed at the Elysian Grove amusement park (previously known as Carrillos Gardens) run by her spouse, a SPAM vet see Sonnichsen; m. 1905 and then his brother Albert when Emanuel died in 1933; aunt by marriage Jennie Miguel Drachman and sisters-in-law Ethel Edmonds Drachman and Florence Cowen Drachman also registered
19-Apr2616Alice E.Duffy22teacher; Drachman School 1913CD505 S. 4th Ave.65.5140SINGLE(1889-1977) Holy Hope FAG; b. 1891 AZ 1910C; daughter of Martin and Delia Duffy 1910C; her father served on City Council 1904-5 and was master of a chain gang to get rid of hobos in 1919; 1940 principal Pueblo Garden and Borton Elementary, first principal of Duffy Elementary School named for the 5 Duffy sisters who taught tusd.k12.az.us; m. ca. 1917 to James S. Murphy b. 1887 IL 1920C and widowed by 1930C; registered in line with her sister Mary Margaret Duffy
30-Apr3115Mabel [E. Kemp] AZ Selected MarriagesDuffyover 21housewifeVail66.5145A[ndrew] C. Duffy, railroadb. 1884 AZ and spouse b. 1875 OH 1910C; m. 1907 AZ Selected Marriages; Cochise, AZ 1900C
19-Apr2615Mary M[argaret]Duffy23teacher; Davis School (barrio)1913CD505 S. 4th Ave.63120SINGLE(1888-1959) taught 20 years,m. 1928 Thomas Collins (1888-1959- a state senator?); and was first president of Tucson Democratic Woman's Club 6 Apr 1959 Tucson Daily Citizen obit; b. 1890 AZ 1910C; daughter of Martin and Delia Duffy 1910C; founded Tucson Teacher Education Ass. 1917 with Alice Vail and Anne Rogers; her father served on City Council 1904-5 and was master of a chain gang to get rid of hobos in 1919; registered in line with her sister Alice Duffy
29-Apr2905Irene H. [Perdetua Hanavan] WSMIDunseath28housewife437 E. 1st St.67.25158James R. Dunseath, attorney 1912-3CDCanadian; by husband's naturalization; (1885-1931) spouse 1873 Ireland-1938 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1908 WSMI
17-Apr2552Cora L.Ebertover 21housewife305 E. 5th St.65112JonathanS. Ebert, president Smith Sporting Goods 1913CD1868 MI 1910C; probably d. CA he in 1945 CA Death Index; m. in Venice, CA; in AZ 1907per daughter's b. 1920C
30-Apr2964Caroline M.Edwards54housewife110 E. 14th St.65.5165William [S.] Edwards, furnished rooms 1913CDb. 1859 NY and m. in AZ before 1880C; spouse b. NY same year; in Alameda Co. CA 1920C
17-Apr2557Albertine K.Elrod30housewife945 N. 5th Ave.64104Samuel A. Elrod, deputy clerk Superior Court 1913CD(1883-1969) spouse 1879-1958 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. OH 1910C; spouse Elrod Realty Co. 1921 CD; member First Baptist Church, came to Tucson 1906 and charter member AZ Children's Home 1 Jul 1969 Tucson Daily Citizen obit; registered with Anna D. Warner who lived at same address 1920C
18-Apr2581Vassue [Bessie] 1910CEnglish29housewifeMillville64125James E. English, fireman SP Co. 1913CDb. 1884 TX and spouse b. 1880 TX 1910C; m about 1911 TX per son's b. and daughter b. 1913 AZ 1910C; in CA and probably died there per 1930 and 1940C
30-Apr3082Mabel [Viola] FTEpperly24housewife45 E. Pennington63220Herbert L. Epperly, driver Tucson Ice & Cold Storage 1913 and 1919CDb. 1889 CA 1910C Cochise Co., AZ; m. Macon, MO and d. CA per FT
28-Apr2881Alice L.Estill58teacher; private school at 522 E. 2nd 1913 CD[E. Speedway] 1913CD66.5135SINGLE; Miss 1912CDb. 1859 NY 1930C; probably came to Tucson to live with brother John since she is listed in only 4 CDs between Census years; she and sister-in-law Ella Howard Estill registered together and lived together in Los Angeles 1930C
28-Apr2880Ella [R.] Howard AZ GENWEB archivesEstill52housewifeE. Speedway; listed as Speedway Heights 1910C65.5120John W. Estill, Director Chamber of Commerce 1912CD; Pima County Supervisor 1913-4CDs [first in state]b. 1860 OH and lives in Oracle, Pinal, AZ where spouse is merchant and postmaster 1900C; she was a UA graduate who came to Tucson in 1898; her daughter Mary was in CC 1919 1910C; spouse b. CA and d. 1927 San Diego CA Death Index; organized AZ Lumber and Mill Co. in Tucson and was trustee of Masonic Lodge #4; registered with sister-in-law Alice Estill and they lived together in Los Angeles 1930C
30-Apr3081ViolaEtchells26housewife235 N. Main St.66128Don C. Etchells, P.O. clerk (1886-1983) spouse Don 1886-1954 Pacific Crest Index, Redondo Beach CA; b. 1887 NY and spouse b. MI 1910C; spouse assistant postmaster 1921CD
25-Apr2781Katie [M. Sullivan] WSMIEuler23housewife330 E. 16th St.66147Benjamin C. Euler, fireman SP Co, 1913CD(1890-1972) Evergreen Cemetery and she is a first generation American FAG; b. NB, m. 1909 and they live with her parents James and Mary Sullivan 1910C; spouse 1876 OH-1968) Evergreen Cemetery and a Mason FAG; registered same day as mother Mary J. Sullivan
18-Apr2575Olive Gilmor[e]Failorover 21Deputy clerk in Superior Court915 N. Euclid Ave.66122Herman V. Failor, secretary Chamber of Commerce 1910C [lawyer]x 1911 pres.(1873 IA-1936 TX) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; ; m. about 1899 IA per child's birth while other children born in NB and AZ; following her husband's death 13 Mar 1913 of TB she became a lawyer (just before she registered); her sisters Edith Gilmor Huffman and Margaret Gillmore also registered; their parents were Issac and Hannah Gillmore (Irish and Canadian Irish) living in Iowa 1900C
15-Apr2513Virginia [Blanche Harrison] 1910CFalvey35housewifeMillville64.5145Thomas W. Falvey, chief engineer SP Co. 1917CDb. 1876 CA m. about 1908 NM per daughter's birth 1920C; mother lives with them and other daughter b. 1904 in AZ; parents Richard and Mary Harrison in Washington District Patagonia Mts 1880C
16-Apr2535Laura I[da Hemme] onlinebiographies.info/az/indexFennerover 21housewifePaseo Redondo66.5145Dr. Hiram W. Fenner, office on Pennington 1913CDx founderb. 1873 CA and has a Chinese servant 1900C (and 1920C); d. 1940 CA perhaps since spouse d. there 1929 CA Death Index; see 1928 Women's Club article; spouse came to Bisbee 1882 and Tucson the following year until 1929; he owned 1st car in Tucson, a locomobile. spouse b. 1859 OH, m. San Francisco onlinebiographies.info/az/index
19-Apr2634Jessie C. Ferris42none830 N. 1st Ave.661501913CD only reference with no other info
30-Apr2997Margarett [sic] [Ownby] FAGFetterly50housewife806 E. 9th St.64.5135Ralph Fetterly, locomotive engineer 1900C(1862-1938) spouse 1860 Canada-1944 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; listed as Madge and Maggie D. in various Censuses; Lordsburg, NM Terr. 1885C; b. Dec 1863 CA 1900C; daughter Zena Ownby Pease also registered
29-Apr2899Louise [H. Luisa Smith] WSMIField40housewife729 N. 6th Ave.68140W[illiam] P.B. Field, asst. treasurer F. Ronstadt Co. 1913CDm. 1894 Pima WSMI; "Fields" in 1910C; b. 1873 AZ and spouse b. 1865 MA 1920C; Los Angeles 1940C; mother Pieodah Smith b. 1844 AZ [Mex] Luttrell [Lochiel] mine, Pima [Santa Cruz], AZ 1880C
19-Mar2474[Annie] May A[shworth] AZ BirthsFishover 21house keeper133 N. Main St.65154Franklin Wakefield Fish, mineral assayer 1913CDxx 1909-10English; naturalized by father; b. 1879 England 1920 and 1930C in Cochise Co.; d. 1931 CA Death Index; Clara Fish Robert's sister-in-law; previously on UA English faculty; BA Smith College moved 1918 [to Cochise Co.]; listed as "Fisk" 1910C; spouse b. 1875 Tuscon and d. San Diego 1964
23-Apr2728Anna E. [Bailey] FAGFisher33housewife829 E. 7th St.66127Hayes Fisher, fireman 1913 CD(1880 TX-1958 Yuma) spouse 1879 IN-1944 Yuma Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1904 AZ per daughter's birth; in Yuma 1930 and 1940C
19-Apr2662Evelyn [Blackwood] AZ Selected MarriagesFleishman30housewife372 W. Franklin66136Herman C. Fleishman, Feishman & Shumway Drug at 21 E. Congress 1914CDb. 1883 MO 1910C; she's second wife after death of first in 1907 AZ Select Marriages; divorced by 1920C and he moved to CA by 1930C; see more on Fleishman at usgwarchives.org/az/pima
14-Apr2505Ann L. [Annie Luriana Browne] FAGFlood58housewife720 S. 2nd Ave.63145John A. Flood, station engineer 1913CD(1855 San Francisco-1927) spouse 1854 CA-1925 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1879 CA per Ida Flood Dodge's b. 1910C; registers before her daughter Ida and her daughter-in-law Anna Johnson Flood; see Dodge papers AHS
30-Apr3095Anna [Grace A. Johnson] FAGFlood26housewife629 S. 5th Ave.65123Maynard L. Flood, engineer SP Co. 1913CDb. 1887 CA 1910C; d.1982 Tucson Social Security Death Index; m. about 1896 AZ per son's birth, but another child born in IN where her parents lived; mother-in-law Ann L. Flood and sister-in-law Ida Flood Dodge also registered to vote
30-Apr3006Josephine M. [Langworthy] Flynn69housekeeper297 N. Church St.67140James Flynn, city assessor 1900C &1914CDb. Sept 1845 IL 1900C; d. Sept 1970 in St. David Tucson Daily Citizen obit; lived with daughter Emilie L. Bowers who registered with her 1920C
30-Apr3057LenaFlynn36housewife1050 E. 8th St.63120George Flynn, operator SP Co. 1913CDb. 1877 TN 1940C; d. AZ FT; a Robert P. Flynn m. Lean May Miller TX Marriage Index; in Tucson CD 6 years
31-Mar2480Catherine M.Forbes34housewife36 E. Pennington 63.5112Albert W. Forbes, mining supt. & law enforcement officerb. 1872 ME and m. about 1895 SD per daughter's birth, son b. 1898 CT 1900C; several other censuses list b. in MT and SD; 1920C under "Forks"; see obit. 12 Dec 1961 Tucson Daily Citizen; Pct. 2 Democrat Committee 1944; spouse 1866 CT geni.com and d. 1949 2 Nov 1949 Tucson Daily Citizen article
21-Apr2681Georgie [Hazel] Scott FAGForbes39housewife105 Olive Road68135Robert H. Forbes, agriculturalist 1910 C; professor UA 1923CDx pres.(1873 AZ- 26 Nov 1946) "The Duchess" Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1902 WSMI; parents Larcena and William Scott 1900C; first white child born in Tucson to Anglo parents Tucson Daily Citizen 29 April 1944; spouse state legislator; organized Saturday Morning Music Club; LWV 1941; UA student 1891 with Clara Fish Roberts; see AHS papers; she signed Georgie altho many other documents say Georgia
17-Apr2562Kathryn [Shaw] FAGForderer43housewife644 S. 5th Ave.64202Edwin S. Fordereer, conductor SP Co. 1913CD(1870 KY-1952) spouse 1871 PA-1928 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. OH 1910 and 1920C; she may have been married before to Lee Rigg, son Ralph Rigg b. 1890 KY 1900C
28-Apr2863Margaret [Jones John] FAGFrancis55housewife382 Court St.63107WIDOW of John Edward Francis d. 1898 AWelsh; naturalized by husband; (1858-1945) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; immigrated 1893; m. Coquimbo, Chile FT; widowed by 1900C; her story from her children in 1900C indicates a son Thomas W. Picthole b. 1879 Peru to two Welsh parents with other 7 children born Chile and last two in CA 1895 and AZ 1898; a Mrs. L.L. Francis in WC 1908-9 yearbook
8-Apr2487Eliza W.[Armitage Wildman] WSMIFranklin42housewife396 S. Stone Ave.65128Abraham M. Franklin, Proprietor Franklin & Heighton [real estate] 1912 and 1914CDx 1900 VPb. 1871 NY and lived in CA per daughter's birth 1896 1900C; m. 1895 Tempe, AZ WSMI; moved to CA after 1930C; d. 1960 CA Death Index; spouse was Graham Co. supervisor and her father a merchant in Tempe; registered along with Henrietta Franklin her sister-in-law and neighbors Emilie Mihan Rosenstern and Elizabeth Murtaugh Borton; see AHS papers
16-Apr2524Henrietta [Herring] onlinebiographies.info/az/indexFranklinover 21housewife402 N. Main St.67174Selim M. Franklin, lawyer 1914 CD(1870 NY -1963) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1898 Pima Co. WSMI; sister-in-law is Eliza Franklin registered first; spouse and his brother arrived in Tucson 1876, he was member of first territorial legislative assembly, Pima Co. district atty.,1897 UA Regent and member of Owls Club, 1859 England-1927 FAG; she's 1906 member of Saturday Morning Music Club and 1917 elected YWCA board president despite being Jewish; see AHS papers; sister of Sarah Herring Soren, AZ first female attorney to argue alone before US Supreme Court in 1913, Jan Cleere Western Women ADS 5 Jul 2014
29-Apr2903Clara [Dargan] Lee FTFraps30housewifecorner 15th St. & Sycamore Ave.64120Joseph C. Fraps, machinist 1913 CD(1882-1961) spouse 1873-1963 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. SC, spouse b. NC and m. about 1892 SC per son's birth 1920C
19-Apr2596AllegraFrazier32teacher; HS English & German 1912 CD166 Scott St.68125SINGLEx 1914 pres.b. 1881 IL and boards with Keyes 1930C; rents her own place 1920C; worked CC voter reg. that day; A. B. Radcliffe 1905; Prof of English, UA 1916; A. M. Columbia 1919;
19-Apr2593Adelle B.Freeman31housewife641 N. Park Ave.63.75183George F. Freeman, professor UA 1913CD b. 1882 KS and m. about 1907 per daughter b. 1908 KS 1910C; d. 1953 CA Death Index? she is a founding regent of Tucson DAR 1915 per DAR website; (1887-1963) if Bessie L. Freeman, spouse 1890-1987 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse b. and d. in NM FT; Is Adelle B. Freeman a first wife or is Bessie her middle name since only 3 CD list her as Adelle and the rest as Bessie
30-Apr3107Estella [H.] F[isher] FAGFreeman42teacher445 E. 3rd St.69162Dr. Robert R. Freeman, dentist FAG(1870 TN-1918) spouse 1847-1918 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; parents live with her 1900C; m. about 1910 and she may be second wife 1910C; spouse is a mason Mason Lodge #4 1887-1893 FAG; she started the Tucson Public Library with 100 books; a Miss Freeman belonged to CC 1919; perhaps related to Merrill P. Freeman 1910 Chancelor at UA
30-Apr3033Anna MaeFuller31nurse; Tucson Turkish and Electic Light Bath Company 1913CD73 S. Stone Ave.63134Mrs. 1913CDno specific evidence found
26-Apr2801Lucy S.Galbraith29housewife725 E. 4th St.65115William J. Galbraith, atty. 1912-3CDb.1884 IL, spouse b. 1883 PA and a junior 1910C; in Phoenix 1940C
17-Apr2536Ella B. [Weston] 1880CGalindo66housewife909 E. 5th St.64110WIDOW of Edwin A. Galindo 1914CDx 1908-9Could be #2536, 2548, 2549 or 2554-adjusted by dates; b.1847 VT and a widow 1910C; m. about 1875 NY per daughter's birth and spouse b. 1936 PA, lived in NYC 1880C; spouse d. 1892 NJ Death Index and she possibly d. 1924 CA
30-Apr3065Louise [P.] 1920CGarner47housewife125 E. Alamada63135William A. Garner, brakeman SP Co. 1913CD(1864 MI-1933 Maricopa Co., AZ) FAG; b. 1963 IL and spouse b.1861 IL 1910C; in El Paso 1930C
30-Apr3061Marie LouiseGarrett26clerk67 E. Pennington63105Samuel J. Garrett, miner 1913CDb. 1886 LA and m. about 1905 per son's birth 1900C; d. 1989 San Diego Social Security Death Index
18-Apr2565Margaret Gillmor[e]over 21none545 E. 3rd St.66133SINGLEx 1910-11Could be #2565, 2570 or 2575- adjusted by dates; b. 1847 IA living with sister Edith Gilmor Huffman 1910C; Olive Gilmor Failor is also her sister, their parents were Issac and Hannah Gillmore (Irish and Canadian Irish) living in Iowa 1900C; all three sisters registered
18-Apr2571Louisa A[nnie] FAG [Harris] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaGoldschmidt30housewife378 N. Main St.66140Alfred J. Goldschmidt, vice president Eagle Milling Co. 1914CDno date listed so determined by order of registration; "Louise" (1883 IL-1927) spouse 1857 Germany-1935) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1910 Cook Co. IL Marrriage Index; she also had registered 5 October 1912 #2571, evidence that she was an active suffragist; spouse and his brother owned the mill per AZ The Youngest State; spouse lived with his widowed sister Eva Mansfeld 1900C; registered before her sister-in-law Eva and was next in line with her neice Phyllis Mansfield
30-Apr3008Josie [Ethel Lemon] WSMIGoodell31housewife1036 N. 6th Ave.64.5120Fred O. Goodell, railroad office clerk 1910C(1882-1967) spouse 1876-1961 and a Mason, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. OR 1910 C; m. 1906 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse b. KN 1910C; spouse served on city council 1918
14-Apr2495Frances J[ones] FAGGoodin60retired [teacher]947 E. 1st St.62100WIDOWx(1854 MO-1922) spouse or son may be David Goodin 1869 TX-1908 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; widowed Holden City, MO 1900C; b. 1851 KY and widowed 1910C; a Mrs. Frances Gooding CC 1943 article; she is in Tucson by 1900 and taught in 1906 Tucson for $80/ term
14-Apr2496Frances EarleGoodin over 21teacher947 E. 1st St.61120SINGLE(1876-1965) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. MO and daughter of Frances J. Goodin 1910C; studied astronomy 1909 at UA; grade school teacher 1910-11CD
28-Apr2876Sylvester [sic] [Sivestre Elias Salazar] FTGould49housewife32 N. Corral62125Silas H. Gould, gold miner east side Tucson Mts.? 1910C; mining engineer 1914CDMexican; husband American; (1862-1933) unmarked grave Evergreen Cemetery with pictures FT; mother Petra and father Bacunido Salazar 1910C Florence, AZ death certificate at azgenealogy; m. AZ Selected Marriages; spouse was 1886 Cochise Co., AZ postmaster
28-Apr2866Beatrice [S.] C[asserini] FAG, WSMIGowlandover 21housewife536 Arizona Ave.63128William G. Gowland, brakeman 1914CD(1877-1931) Los Angeles CA Death Index; b. Switzerland 1910C; m. 1910 Pima Co.; spouse b. 1878 England and a widower living in her Tucson rooming house 1900C; widow in Los Angeles 1920C
28-Apr2844Evelyn [MacPherson] Leighton's Street Smarts ADSGrant48housewifeMilville E. 16th St.66.5150John D. Grant 1913CDCanadian; naturalized by husband; b. 1866 and immigrated 1893 1910C; d. 1937 and m. 11 May 1885 Canada per Leighton's Street Smarts ADS which includes her picture; spouse worked for Yuma to El Paso RR division and had a ranch which became subdivisions
25-Apr2775Louise P[omroy] CA Pioneer Immigrant files [Milliken] 1910CGreenover 21housewife835 E. 7th St.66130George V. Green, clerk at Post Office 1913CD(1870 CA-1926 Tucson) CA Pioneer Immigrant files; spouse b. 1878 Canadian English and her mother is Mrs. S. A. Milliken 1910C Tucson
30-Apr3035Harriett A[lice Hoefer] FAGGregory53housewife538 N. 6th Ave.65140Sam E. Gregory, building contractor(1860 OH-1944) spouse 1859-1937 Evergreen Cemetery, arrived in Tucson 1894 FAG; she's a stenographer 1913CD
30-Apr3023 LizzieGroves30caterers297 N. Court St.65.5179no specific evidence found
19-Apr2652Mabel A[enella] 1913 Sahuaro UA YearbookGuildover 21UA librarian107 Olive Road66106Miss; SINGLE(1869 KS-1948) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1871 NH living with brother Frank Guild 1910C; taught 1906 for $70 a term in Tucson; 1907 UA grad and assistant UA librarian 1913; Sahuaro UA Yearbook; sister-in-law Marilla Guild also registered
28-Apr2839Marilla MerrimanGuildover 21housewife107 Olive Road67138Frank N. Guild, [chemistry] professor UA 1912 and 1913CDx 1919-20x 1900 founder(1873-1962) spouse 1870-1939 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1875 OR, spouse b. OH 1910 and 1920C; m. 1901; 1916-17 A.B. UA; 1903 WC director; 1908-9 WC past president; good bio in 15 April 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen; pioneer teacher in Tucson and Bisbee; poet wrote "The Old House Speaks"; sister-in-law Mabel Guild also registered
19-Apr2641Nellie D[avis Cate] FAGGuldenover 21housewife611 E. 5th St.67.5158Charles F. Gulden, RR conductor for SP 1912 and 1914 CD(1865 TN-1939) spouse 1855 VA-1947 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; nice article on spouse gives clue to m. 1887 and arrival in Tucson 1898 11 Dec 25 Tucson Daily Citizen
17-Apr2538Lucile [F.] 1920CGutzman26housewife703 Stone Ave.67140F. J. Milton Gutzman, salesmand Steinfelds 1912 and 1914CDb. 1887 TX and m. about 1905 TX per first child, other children born in MO, TX and AZ 1920C; divorced and living in CA 1930C
21-Apr2675Amyrilla J.Hall79house keeper143 W. Pennington65142Mrs. 1912 and 1913CDmystery lady not found in census search although a Mrs. John Hall is listed with incorrect info as mother-in-law b. 1815 AL 1920C; Prof. H. J. Hall spoke to WC Am. Lit. group 15 April 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen; honorary member 08-9 WC if Mrs. John H. Hall; a Carrie A. Hall taught 3rd grade Davis (Barrio) 1912 CD John Hall Jr edits Tucson Citizen 1913CD
29-Apr2900Anna B.Hallover 21house keeper35 W. Broadway 68110SINGLE 1900C(1851 MO-1915) Evergreen Cemetery, daughter of George and Lucretia Hall FAG; Tucson 1893, purchased and renovated hotel at 33 W. Camp Street per arizona100.blogspot; hotel proprietress with sisters Mary B. Hall b. 1856 MO and Jennie Batte b. 1862 MO as lodgers 1900C; sister Mary F. Hall b. 1871 MO replaces Mary B. Hall 1910C; Mary B. may have m. Charles P. McCoy 1904 WSMI; sisters Mary F. Hall and Jane Hall Batte both registered on the same day; she's listed as a teacher 1913CD
29-Apr2929Mary F.Hallover 21teacher; grade school 1910-11 CD; 1st grade Drachman (barrio)12 CD35 W. Broadway 60.5107SINGLE 1910Cx 1910-1b. 1876 MO 1910C ; taught 1906 Tucson at $70 per term; registered same day as sisters Anna Hall and Jane Hall Batte
30-Apr3003Gertrude M[arquez] CA Death Index [Tellez] WSMIHallman42housewife630 S. Main St.65105William A. Hallman, engineer Bail-Heineman Co., 1913CD and 1899CDb. 1870 AZ but moved to CA 1920C; m. 1893 Pima Co. WSMI; d. 1952 Los Angeles CA Death Index; parents may be Joaquin and Hilveria Telles
29-Apr2943Frances I[rene Franks] AZ Selected BirthsHallmark25housewife828 E. 5th St.68140Homer C. Hallmark, assistant general freight and passenger agent AZ Eastern RR 1912 and 1913CDb. 1889 AZ 1910C; m. about 1910 per son b. 1911 AZ; moved to CA 1920C
21-Apr2676Lizzie E[stelle Young] CA Death Index Hamilton39housewife933 N. Euclid Ave.67120WIDOW of C[oello] Hamilton 1912 and 1914CDb. 1874 OH and widowed by 1910C; d. 1958 Los Angeles CA Death Index; b. "Eliza E." and spouse b. 1872 MI in Plymouth, MI 1900C; m. 1893 OH Marriage Index; maybe Albert is her brother-in-law living in Tucson 1900C
19-Apr2603Carrie [L. Stephan] AZ Select MarriagesHampsonover 21housewife48 E. Ochoa St.63102Rupert D. Hampson, plumber 1912 and 1913CDb. 1892 WI and spouse b. 1876 PA and living in Bowie, AZ area 1920C; m. about 1909 AZ per son's birth
19-Apr2648Mary E.Hankins45housewife445 E. 4th St.65132Mrs. J. F. Hankins 1912CDno specific evidence found
29-Mar2478Minnie B.Hardy43housewife186 N. Stone Ave.67205Charles L. [or E.] Hardy, RR attorney 1912CDb. 1867 KY, spouse b.1863 VA and m. about 1883 KY per child's birth 1910C under "Harty"
17-Apr2544Louise [R.] 1912CDHarris39none825 N. 7th Ave.68130WIDOW of E[dwin] F. Harris 1913CD(1873-1962) and spouse 1864-1912 was a mine operator who died of ptomain poisoning, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; both were b. WI and m. about 1898 per son's birth in CA with daughter born 1907 WI 1910C under "Harrison"; 1912 Polk's Arizona Pictorial Gazetteer And Business Directory lists Mrs. Louise G. Harris as superintendent of the METHODIST SCHOOL (Industrial) for Mexican Girls; Women's Home Missionary Society of the M E Church 7th and East av. (See p. 493); this was the 6th such school organized Women's Home Missionary Society Report 1905
30-Apr3024Mae B. [Virginia Bush] FAG, 1910CHartman25housewife144 S. 5th Ave.63114Francis M. Hartman, attorney 1912 CD"May" b. 1875 OH, spouse b. 1879 OH and m. 1894 1900C; d. with no dates listed, but spouse 1873-1942 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse b. 1866 OH, m. 1896 KY and came to Tucson 1897 Who's Who on Pacific Coast, 1913 eBook; DAR member in Tucson with Clara Fish Roberts; may be sister-in-law of Maud Bush who also registered
22-Apr2695Alice [Catherine Mallory] FAGHarwell56housewife8 mi. E. Speedway64120L[orenzo] Burr Harwell 1913 CD(1854-1933) spouse 1854-1938 in Crockett Co.,TN FAG; m. about 1877 in Crockett Co., TN; Alice offers furnished rooms 1913CD; daughter Louise Harwell also registered
30-Apr2996Louise [Alice Louise] 1910CHarwell22house keeper? mi. E. Tucson64130SINGLE FAG(1890-1914) student and daughter of Alice and L. Burr Harwell Evergreen Cemetery FAG; perhaps her parents brought her to Tucson for her health and after her death they returned to TN 1920C; her mother Alice Mallory Harwell also registered earlier
5-Apr2486Abbie O. [Canfield] mother's obitHaskin47teacher502 S. 4th Ave.64165WIDOW of Ozro Haskin 1913 CD; Orzo was superintendent of street RR (trolley) 1912Cb. 1864 IA 1910C; m. 1887 IA Burlington Hawkeye Newspaper; organizer and vice president of Equal Suffrage Club of Tucson and on State Central Committee for Pima County; WCTU member; spouse b. IL with stepson b. 1874 CA so perhaps this was a 2nd marriage? 1910C; she taught in 1906 for $70 per term; her mother Charlotte Canfield 1829-1915 buried in Evergreen Cemetery was believed to be the oldest American resident of Tucson who arrived 1890 (still in family home 1910C) with husband Thomas H. Canfield (Congregational minister in IA and d. 1894 Tucson) per Charlotte's obit 25 Nov 1915 ADS; steoson Anson Orzo Haskin b. 1874 CA who's father b. IL
19-Apr2586Dora E.Hasley28teacher870 E. 3rd St.64110no evidence found; was a school named for her?
30-Apr3015Nina E.Haugen50housewife705 N. Stone Ave.64118Mrs. [Baltzer Haugen] per daughter's passport on AncestryNorwegian; naturalized by husband; b. 1857 1910C; daughter Olivia Haugen also registered; widowed and immigrated 1862 1920C
18-Apr2573Oliva A[nna]Haugen21stenographer at SP RR 1913CD705 N. Stone Ave.65123SINGLE 1920C# as original; b. 1887 IL and daughter of Nina Haugen 1920C; mother also registered; Oliva and Rose E. Vokoun registered together and all three lived at same address
28-Apr2878Jennie C. [Sweeny] FTHawke45housewife177 E. Broadway67145Nat E. [B.?] Hawke, deputy county treasurer 1910C and 1912CDb. 1864 NJ 1910C; m. 1885 Tombstone FT; find relationship between Nat and George Hawke since their wives both registered; her daughter Viola Hawke also registered
30-Apr3029Sadie [Ethel] FTHawke21none703 E. 7th St.63108SINGLE(1892-1953) FT; b. NJ daughter of George and Sarah Hawke 1910C; m. Daniel Noonen Brewster FT [n.d.]
28-Apr2879Sarah J.Hawke40housewife703 E. 7th St.64155George T. Hawke, machinist Steinfeld's, 1913CDEnglish; by husband; (1867-1932) and spouse 1867 NJ-1954 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1893 NJ per daughter's birth; she immigrated 1872 1920C or 1880 NJ 1920C; daughter Sadie Hawke registered
29-Apr2915Viola M.Hawke24clerk177 E. Broadway68147SINGLE(1889-1977 CA) FT; b. 1891 AZ daughter of Nat and Jennie Hawke 1910C; m. Marion Austin Darnall about 1917 1920C; mother Jennie Sweeny Hawke also registered; may be related to Mary J. Darnell wife of Julien Darnell who registered
29-Apr2951Dottie [Dimple] FTHayhurst39housewife840 E. 9th St.64.5130Michael M. Hayhurst, Hayhurst & Martin 1913CDb. 1874 KS and spouse b. 1871 AR 1930C; H,H&M sells 2nd hand goods and bicycles, 42 W. Congress 1913CD; spouse d. Pima Co. [n.d.]per FT; m. about 1900 AR per son b. CO and FT
23-Apr2715C. Ada [Charlotte Adelaide Whyte?] Cook Co, IL Marriage IndexHedrick45housewife4th & Highland Ave.63130Elias Hedrick 1912CDIrish; by husband; b. 1868 and spouse b. 1863 IN 1920C; spouse Elias "Hadrich" Cook Co, IL Marriage Index; spouse on City Council 1918-1919
30-Apr2967MaudeHeimbach30housewife29 E. Pennington66117Joe F. Heimbach, Heimbach & Decker Saloon 1913CDb. 1884 NB and spouse b. 1876 IL 1910C under "Heinbch"; m. NB FT; Saloon at Hotel Heidel Toole Ave. opposite SP Depot 1913CD; "Heinback" 1912CD; spouse maybe d. 1918 Cook Co. IL
24-Apr2744Madeline [Dreyfuss] AHS Dreyfuss PapersHeinemanover 21housewife371 N. Main St.64.5165Simon Heineman, president Bail-Heineman Co. 1918CDb. 1877 CA, m. 1898 Los Angeles, no children, then m. 1928 Harry Berger (b. 1869 WI) in Washington DC, d. 1943 CA AHS Dreyfuss Papers; spouse b. 1867 Germany and d. 1924; 1907 she helped found the Saturday Morning Music Club and as president 1917 organized fund raising for the Temple of Music and Art which was dedicated 1927; Jewish "Mattie" to her friends Sonnichson (175)
26-Apr2810Josie B. [Relfe] Rootsweb Cemetery RecordsHendersonover 21stenographer273 Scott St.65150WIDOW of [Thomas B. Henderson] Rootsweb Cemetery Recordsb. 1875 MO and widow 1910C; d. 1953 Washington, MO rootsweb cemetery records; moved back to MO 1929C; ; Mrs. 1912 and 1913CD
23-Apr2794[Blanca] AHS Erminia R[oca Montoya] WSMIHeneyover 21housewife141 S. 5th Ave.66147[G.] Ben Heney, county recorder 1910CHispanic; by husband; b. 1868 AZ Territory 1920C; m. 1886 WSMI, her 2nd marriage; d. 25 Feb 1959 Tucson Daily Citizen obit. ; parents Tucson merchant Miguel Gonzales Roca (Chilean 1910C) and Josefina Samaniego de Haro, spouse b. 1862 NY spouse city councilor 1907, mayor 1909 and d. 1956 AZ AHS B. Heney Papers
18-Apr2564Stella M.Henley28housewife1st & Vine Sts.65.5140William W. Henley, professor UA 1913CDb. 1885 CA and spouse b. 1877 IL 1910C; m. about 1905 AZ per children's births; in CA 1920C; d. 1970 CA Death Index
25-Apr2792Adeline R[ockwell] onlinebiographies.info/az/indexHerefordover 21housewife340 N. Main St.68118Frank H. Hereford, attorney 1913CD(1877 WI-1926) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1901; their home was a mansion; spouse 1861 CA-1928 FAG; she was in the Saturday Morning Music Club 1906; spouse was member of Owls Club, 1879 Territorial legislator, DA for Pima Co., represented Pima Co. at 1891 Constitutional Convention and on the Pima Co Board of Supervisors
28-Apr2873Nina MayHessover 21teacher; Mansfield School 1913CD133 E. Pennington65.5125William M. Pyle, 1920Cb. 1871 MI and m. William M. Pyle (b. 1871 GA) 1930C; d. Pima Co., AZ FT; (1891-1951) Jackson, MI FAG
18-Apr2577Catherine [J.] 1910C [Collier] AZ Selected MarriagesHesse45housewifeW. 19th St.68190Fritz Hesse, station engineer at pumping plant 1910Cb. 1864 CA and spouse b. 1860 Germany 1910C
24-Apr2757Clara [Schultes] FAGHiggins42housewife717 N. 7th St.62158Patrick L. Higgins, dealer retail liquor 1910C; Office Saloon 1912CDGerman; naturalized by husband; (1870-1957) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; spouse b. 1876 MO and m. about 1891 per son's birth St. Louis, MO 1900C; immigrated 1880 1910C; b. Slovakia and a widow 1930C; spouse in saloon business 1909-1914 Archaelogical Report
19-Apr2638Elizabeth L.Hill21housewife119 N. Main St.61115John J. Hill, clerk Steinfeld's 1913CDb. 1890 WI, spouse b. 1889 IA and in Cerro Gordo, IA 1920C; spouse has a CW Pension; spouse is only one listed 1910C, but she had to live in AZ a year before registering so she probably had joined him
18-Apr2584Hazel Ruth [Mazel M. Ribble] WSMIHill28housewife160 N. Stone Ave.67123Ben C. Hill, attorney 1913CDb. 1885 IN and spouse b. 1884 IL 1920C; d. 1976 CA Social Security Death Index; spouse d. 1962 AZ Social Security Index and may have a different wife 1930C
29-Apr2893Rose [Rosaria Ojeda] son's FAGHilzingerover 21housewife385 N. Main St.62135John G. Hilzinger, accountant wholesale grocer 1910CHispanic; naturalized by father; b. 1855 1910C; b. 1860 CA and a widow 1930C; d. before 1940C, see CA Death Index; Rose L. Hilzinger and others buried in same plot, spouse 1850 England-1911 Evergreen Cemetery FAG was UA regent; Hilzinger and Patterson were wholesale Liquor Dealers 1884-5; son George was senior and daughter a freshman when Clara Fish Roberts graduated 1897; spouse wrote Treasure Land, Vol I, 1897 about Tucson (eBook); see Who's Who in AZ online
30-Apr3018Katherine H[ull Davis] Cook Co. IL Marriage IndexHinckley30housewife827 E. 4th St.67125George Hinckley, engineer Great Western Power 1913CDb. 1883 IL, spouse 1880 OH and m. about 1902 IL per daughter's birth living in OH 1920C; spouse d. 1958 OH Deaths
19-Apr2645Minnie [Wagy] 1900 Los Angeles HeraldHittinger39housewife725 N. Park Ave.60113Anton Hittinger, Hittinger Building at Congress and 6th 1913CD(1870 CA-1947 CA) FT; m. about 1903 CA per daughter's birth 1930C; spouse b. 1834 Austria 1920C; d. 1921 San Francisco FT; spouse owned saloon in Tombstone before moving to Tucson where he owned Tucson Liquors 1884-1899
19-Apr2611Annie B[ence] CA Death Index or [Benee] Indianapolis 1900CHobbsover 21noneSpeedway & Center; 1301 Speedway 1913CD65108WIDOW of Walton C. Hobbs IN 1880C and IN 1900C spouse RR bookkeeper b.1852 KS and son Robert b. 1880 IN Indianapolis 1880C; b. 1859 IN, widowed living with mother Caroline Benee, son Robert and daughter Julie C. Hobbs IN 1900C; spouse d. 1896 IN Deaths; m. about 1880 IN Selected Marriages; only link to Tucson is that she and daughter Julia C. Hobbs registered together
19-Apr2612Julia C[oburn] FT with picturesHobbsover 21noneSpeedway & Center66105SINGLE 1913CD(1883-1921 Los Angeles); address may be 125#; daughter of Annie and Walton Hobbs Indianapolis 1900C; Annie and Julia both in IN 1910C and CA 1920C
17-Apr2545Mrs. Rose S. [Rosa Johanna Louise Sporleder] FAGHofmeister45housewife25 E. University 66135Louis H. Hofmeister, wholesale grocery department manager Steinfeld's 1912 and 1913CDx 1908-9(1870-1962), spouse 1864 Germany-1953 South Lawn Cemetery FAG; b. MO and m. about 1902 NM per children's births 1910C; parents Charles H and Louise Sporleder, sister Louise Sporleder also registerd
19-Apr2636Mrs. Eleanor S[tuart] FAGHogan54librarian; Carnegie Public Library 1913CD245 S. 5th Ave.64108WIDOW of Edward B. Hogan x 1908-9(1858 CA-1916) divorced, Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. about 1888 CA per son's birth and lives with her sister Katherine Stuart Bogan who also registered with her 1910C
21-Apr2692Annie [Daves] 1910C [Marstellar] WSMIHohusen30housewife316 S. 6th Ave.64.5142John P. Hohusen, president Capo-Hohusen Jewelry Co. 1913CD(1873-1918) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AZ, spouse b. 1856 Germany, mother lives with her and m. about 1894 per son by her first husband Mr. Marstellar 1910C; m. Hohusen 1904 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse served on City Coucil 1906-7
16-Apr2528Edith [Rexford] 1920CHolbertover 21housewife22nd St. & 3rd Ave.65130Harry H. Holbert, deputy county assessor 1913CDb. 1880 MI , spouse b. 1881 PA and she has a nurse who is also from MI (only in this census) 1910C; m. 1903 PA FT; special student at UA Announcement for Academic Year, 1911 eBook; d. 1938 and spouse d. 1958 Evergreen Cemetery FAG
25-Apr2789Mary S. [Wright] Rootsweb Marriage Records IndexHolladay55housewife237 S. 4th Ave.63.5120Leonidas Holladay, locomotive engineer 1913CDb. 1853 AR 1910C; m. 1876 Los Angeles, CA Rootsweb Marriage Records Index; spouse d. 1923 and she d. 1936 CA Death Index; spouse was a school board member tusd1.org; school named Holladay 1912CD
26-Apr2799Clara H. [Hadden Thayer] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaHopley39housewife619 N. Stone Ave.69130Joseph S. Hopley, chief deputy sheriff, 1913CD(1874 WV-1960) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1895 MA per son's birth 1920C; spouse b. 1854 Ireland who immigrated 1865 1910C; spouse was Master Mason, Lodge #4 Tucson 1905 amd 1911-13
30-Apr3071Edna [Mrs. Pruett] WSMIHorstmann35housewife98 St. Mary's Ave.65130Edward R. Horstmann, dairyman 1910C(1877-1923) no source; b. 1873 TX and 2nd spouse b. 1872 KY 1910C; 2nd m. 1903 Pima Co. WSMI; living in CA 1920C; 1st spouse may have been William Pruett TX 1900C
21-Apr2689Mary E.Hubbard35housewifeE. Speedway64135Rupert Hubbard, carpenter in shop 1920 Cb. 1877 WI and spouse b. 1875 WI 1920C; spouse 1874-1966 AZ Pioneers Home Cemetery, Prescott; aka Mamie; a Mrs. H. Hubbard CC member in 1919-20 (mother or sis-in-law?)
25-Apr2795Cornelia [Baughman] WSMIHuddleston42housewife529 N. Euclid64.5147Morris D. Huddleston, engineer steam railroad 1910Coriginal date; b. 1870 PA, spouse b. 1870 KY with children b. PA and 1st child born in AZ 1903 1910C; m. 1899 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse not living with her and children 1920C; she's not living with spouse 1930C; spouse widowed by 1940C; Maurice D. Huddleston 1871 KY-1949 with Hazel Joy Wittkopp Evergreen Cemetery FAG; she's in PEO with Clara Fish Roberts
23-Apr2734Edith [Gillmore] onlinebiographies.info/az/indexHuffman35housewife545 E. University68116 Dr. Ira E. Huffman, G.P. and mayor (1910-1914) 1913CD(1878-1971) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1910 IA Select Marriages; Martha E. Huffman is her mother-in-law who lived with and registered with her; spouse bought Rogers Hospital and renamed it AZ Hospital; Margaret Gillmore and Olive Gillmore Failor are her sisters, their parents were Issac and Hannah Gillmore (Irish and Canadian Irish) living in Iowa 1900C; all three sisters registered
23-Apr2735Martha E.Huffman67housewife521 E. University64.5125WIDOW of J.W. Huffman 1913CDb. 1846 IN and widowed 1910C; lives with widowed son Ira E. Huffman; she registered with her daughter-in-law Edith Gillmore Huffman
30-Apr3067Atanacia [Santa Cruz]Hughes62housewife223 N. Main St.61140Mrs. Sam HughesMexican; (1850-1934) and spouse 1829 Wales-1917 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1850 when Tucson part of Mexico; m. before 1863; home on Tucson Walking Tours; sister-in-law of Josephine Brawley Hughes; spouse was first initiate in Masonic Lodge #4; 3 generations of this Mexican-American family registered including her daughters Mary Hughes Dietrich and Lizzie Hughes Corbett and her granddaughter Gulie Corbett Caperton
[Elizabeth Josephine Brawley][Hughes]158 CourtMrs. Louise C Hughes 1917CDNOT FOUND ON 1913 REGISTRATION LIST even though she was a leading suffragist; (1839-1926) listed as Elizabeth J. Hughes b. PA 1900C; spouse registered 22 Aug 1912 #1501
17-Apr2551Margaret V[eronica MacDonald] FAGHughes30housewife628 N. 5th Ave.68163George S. Hughes, Quinn & Hughes 1913CD(1881 NY-1953 CA) spouse 1880 PA-1960, arrived together in Tucson 1907 and left 1945, owned Pagoda Tea Coffee Co. Live Oak Memorial, Arcadia, CA FAG; spouse bookkeeper for Twin Buttes Mining Camp 1910C; relationship to Mrs. A. V. Hughes (Catherine) CCT member before 1919?; Quinn & Hughes (Harry J. Quinn, Geo S. Hughes), teas 43 E Congress Business Directory, 1912; partner's wife Katie Quinn also registered
28-Apr2861Mattie [Wright] WSMIHughesover 21housewife406 S. 4th Ave.63136Phil S. Hughes, teas and coffees 1913CDb. 1873 CA to John C. and Mary Elizabeth Wright 1900C; m. 1899 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse b. 1860 NY 1900C; in CA 1910C; "HUGHES PHILIP S, TEAS, Coffees, Spices, Extracts, Racket Store, Etc 14 N Stone av. (See p 535.)" Polk's Business Directory, 1912
19-Apr2590MaryHughestonover 21stenographer Consolidated National Bank 1913CDPark & Drachman66115SINGLE?perhaps Caroline Mary Hugheston (1881-1970) Evergreen Cemetery FAG? She taught 1906 for $70 per term
25-Apr2798Willa Frances [Hickman] AZ Select MarriagesHunter26housewife908 E. 4th St.68135Herbert Hunter, news editor Tucson Citizen 1913CDb. 1887 WV and spouse b. 1887 IL 1910C; in Creighton, Maricopa, AZ 1920C
29-Apr2922Fannie BelleHutchinsonover 21housewife201 N. Stone Ave.61132Charles E. Hutchinson, Wells Fargo & Co. agent 1913CDx 1908-9b. 1872 IL, spouse b. 1865 IL and neice Maude Sanderson b. 1876 IL lives with them1910C; m. 1891 in Lordsburg, NM 1900C; in CA 1930C;
23-Apr2727Ida V.Hynes23telephone operator Mountain State Telephone & Telegraph Co. 1913CD141 E. Alameda67.5145SINGLEb. 1890 IL 1930C; d. maybe 1889-1970 San Francisco CA Death Index; often listed as Ada
23-Apr2737Carolina RiversIde26music teacher417 N. Main St.62123Josiah Ide, attorney 1912CDMexican; naturalized by husband; spouse b. 1863 NH, widowed and lives with partner Doyle Frank (1870 England) 1910C; m. Cornelia A. Rivera, 1912 AZ Selected Marriages; immigrated 1902 1920C
30-Apr3104Mollie [I. Driscol] FAGInghamover 21housewife146 S. 4th Ave.63133Maurice F. Ingham, railroad engineer 1910C(1874-1969) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; b. AZ 1876 1910C; m. 1892 AZ and spouse b. 1875 PA 1900C
16-Apr2525Bertha FrankJacobsover 21housewife187 W. Alameda67158Lionel Jacobs,vp AZ National Bank 1913CD(1865 San Francisco-1955) and spouse b. 1840 England-1922 San Francisco Jacob Family Papers UA AZ archives; b. 1873 CA 1910C; m. about 1911 jmaw.org; Lionel and his brother Barron Jacobs opened a retail store in Tucson 1867-1880, helped found the tucson Literary Society 1873, established 1st bank in Pima Co. in 1879 and as bachelors lived at the Owls Club swja.aarizona.edu
22-Apr2713Henrietta [Yetta Katz] jmaw.orgJacobsover 21housewife124 S. Stone Ave.63150Barra [Barron] M. Jacobs, bank president 1910C(1858 -1931) Jewishgen Online Worldwide Burial Registry; b. 1858 MD 1910C; m. 1875 ; spouse b. 1846 England-1936 Washington DC; she was a member of the 1906 Saturday Morning Music Club; her father was Henry Katz; see Jacobs Family Papers UA AZ archives
30-Apr3088MinnieJaeger46housewifeSanta Rita Hotel64134no specific evidence found
22-Apr2712Theresa T. [G. Tromp] IN MarriagesJerneganover 21housewife245 E.3rd St.68.5165WIDOW of M. S[herman] Jernegan 1913CDx 1908-9b. 1877 IN, has a servant and is widowed 1910C; spouse 1870-1901 IN FAG; m. about 1898 MI per daughter's birth and the couple seems to live on the IN-MI border 1910C; she may have remarried to Henry I Graham IN Marriage Collection
22-Apr2693Martha C.Johnson35housewifecorner Lee & Tyndall Ave.67122O[lie] L. Johnson, attorney 1912CDb. 1878 OK, m. 1902 OK per child's birth and spouse b. 1875 WI 1910C; she taught in District 10 Amphitheater 1912 CD
28-Apr2856Bertha H[ansford Stubbs] FAGJones58housewife1004 N. 6th Ave.64115Edwin F. Jones, atty 1910C and 1912CD(1854-1933) and spouse 1853-1931 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; couple b. AL and m. 1880 AL 1910C; she may be a CC member
21-Apr2667Emma L.Jones45housewife293 N. Meyer St.65118Edward T. Jones, mining superintendent Twin Buttes, AZ 1920Cb. 1868 PA and spouse b. 1863 CA 1920C Twin Buttes AZ ; address might be 168#
29-Apr2865Laura [Ann Frame] WSMIJones46housewife508 N. Stone Ave.64102Melvin W Jones, marble monuments dealer 1910C(1867-1955) and spouse 1857-1933 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1867 AZ and spouse b. 1857 GA 1910C; m. 1885 Pima Co. WSMI; had a ranch in Dragoon, AZ
26-Apr2834MargaretJones24teacher; Drachman School 1913CD803 S. 4th Ave.65150Mrs. 1913CDno specific evidence found
30-Apr3111MaymeJonesover 21housewife4 mi. E. Broadway65132Jacob A. Jones, janitor 1920CCOLORED, but not noted on registration; "Mammie" b. 1878 TX Negro and spouse b. 1874 TX Negro 1920C; raising grandson Wesley Allen Blakey b. 1922 AZ 1930C; grandparents may have passed away since Wesley is being raised by uncle William M. Blakely 1940C; grandson d. 1983 San Diego, CA Death Index
29-Apr2924Bessie Judd24none257 N. Stone Ave.64112SINGLE(1889-1978) Evergreen Cememtery FAG; parents are Clara and Thomas A. Judd; mother remarried 1898 Pima Co. WSMI; b. 1889 NY and lived with Ezra Shelley, her step father, 1900C; Bessie was a college prep student at UA 1904-5; m. J. Cuthbert Nevenzel before 1920C; her future sister-in-law Isabel Nevenzel also registered
30-Apr3046Margaret J[ane Clark] FAGJulian48housewife161 E. Broadway63.5145William A. Julian, president Hardward & Plumbing Co. 118 Congress 1913CD(1864-1935) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. NY and m. 1886 1910C; spouse was director of Chamber of Commerce 1912CD
30-Apr3084Ina L.Juni26teacher; 3rd grade Holladay School 1912-13CD724 E. 3rd St.67132SINGLEb. 1889 MN FT; parents are Benedict and Bertha Juni; Ima Juni 1913CD; m. 1925 Charles F. Holzer in CO WSMI; she was still teaching in New Ulm, MN 1911
19-Apr2587Catherine J[ane Musty] FAGKane50house keeper38 Washington St.63.5135Ogden Z. Kane, mine owner 1910C(1886 Tucson-1914) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. OH, spouse a saloon keeper b. 1862 Canada and m. about 1885CO per daughter's birth 1900C Trinadad, CO; arrived Tucson about after son b. 1888 KS and before daughter's death 1908 in Tucson
28-Apr2874Julia C. Keenover 21teacher; 3rd grade Mansfield School 1912-3 CD74 E. Pennington63110SINGLE(1886 Tucson-1959) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; b. 1884 AZ, parents Andrew and Concepcion Martinez Keen 1910C; she taught 1908-1951 at Safford and Davis schools before becoming principal of Drachman until she retired; attended St. Joseph's Academy and has a public school named in her honor FAG obit.
19-Apr2608Annie W[ilde] FAGKelland40librarian; high school 1913CD832 E. 4th St.62116Oswald A. Kelland, accountant and clerical work 1910CEnglish; naturalized by husband; (1873-1959) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; both from England, m. about 1989, son b. KY, she arrived 1879 1920C; neighbor of Lydia Rainer Upham also registered the same day
30-Apr3092[Sarah] Belle [Cole] FTKelly58none621 N. 6th Ave.67.5145Martin Patrick Kelly, 1914CD(1855-1935 San Benito, CA) FAG, but no link to Tucson found except in 1913 and 1914CD (perhaps while daughter went to school); b. 1855 MN and spouse b. 1841 NY 1910C CA; daughter Helen Kelly registered the same day; m. by 1880C CA and back in CA by 1920C
30-Apr3106Helen M[ontana] FTKellyover 21student621 N. 6th Ave.66.5137SINGLE(1877 CA-1970) "Lena" and daughter of Belle and Martin Kelly FT; registered same day as mother Sarah Belle Cole Kelly; listed in 1913 Sahuaro UA Yearbook with B.A. from San Jose, CA studing to be a teacher includes her picture; she may have m. Alfred DePaquette in Yuma and widowed by 1920C
30-Apr2961Eleanor H. [Harrison] FAGKelton30housewife412 E. 4th St.65155Frank C. Kelton, teaches at UA 1914CD(1881-1969 TX) m. 1906 FAG; b. IL and spouse b. 1882 VT living in CA 1920C; in Tucson 1930 and 1940C
24-Apr2765SarahKettering26teacher; high school 1913 CD635 N. Stone Ave.64115SINGLE(1886 -1963 WA) came to Seattle 1915 and m. John H. Scheider 1920 with picture wikitree.com; b. 1887 IA and daughter of Salomon and Mary Kettering 1900C; only in 2 Tucson CDs;
17-Apr2553Mabel C[assidy] CA Death IndexKimball48housewife705 N. 6th66125Fred E.A. Kimball, editor and proprietor The Progress & Tucson Postx 1903, 1908 director(1865-1948) CA Death Index; b. CO and spouse b. 1883 NH 1900 C; m. 1891 1910C; spouse 1863-1930 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; she is author of 15 Apr 1928 WC article in Tucson Daily Citizen; Mount Kimball named for spouse (legislator 1926)
30-Apr2965Mary [Bee Tucker] onlinebiographies.info/az/indexKinganover 21housewife325 Franklin St.67168Samuel Latta Kingan, attorney 1910C and 1912CDb. IL 1863 1920 C; d. before 1928 when Samuel remarried FAG; spouse a delegate to 1910 Constitutional Convention, Republican and spoke to CC per 1919 article; spouse 1869 PA-1943 Evergreen Cemetery, practiced law in Tucson 1894-1943 and a Mason FAG
22-Apr2711Edith O[live Stratton]Kittover 21housewife305 E. 3rd St.66118George F. Kitt, dry goods merchant 1920 C; W.F. Kitt's Sons 89-93 E. Congress 1913CDxx pres. 1921-3(1878-1968) and spouse 1869-1935 Evergreen Cemetery FAG, but she d. in CA per CA Death Index; b. AZ and spouse b. England 1920 C; m. 1903 Pima Co. WSMI; see AHS MS0420,B1,F1 and 19 Mar 1940 ADS article for interesting details on WC, 1906 member of Saturday Morning Music Club and BPW; lived on ranch north of Catalina Mts. for a few years 1880C; on UA faculty with A.B. 1919 books.google.com/books?id=JBMiAQAAMAAJ; sister-in-law of Katherine (W. R.) Kitt in CC and Ethel (Stanley) Kitt in WC and CC; Edith and Ethel both registered
16-Apr2533Ethel T[ompkins] FAGKitt29housewife129 S. 5th Ave.63.5125Stanley J. Kitt, merchant; in school with Clara Fish 1891(1882-1942) m. 1903 and spouse 1875-1941 Evergreen Cemetery, active in Trinity Church and YWCA FAG; b. 1884 MO and spouse b. 1877 England 1910C; sister in law of Katherine (W. R.) Kitt in CC and Edith (George) Kitt in WC and CC; Edith and Ethel both registered
23-Apr2725Hilda [Ella] FTKnagge23nurse132 Hoff St.65140SINGLEb. 1890 OH and living with her widowed father John T. Knagge as boarders with Ayas 1910C; clerk S. H. Kress Co. 1913CD; it seems she may have left when her father remarried d. 1980 Torrance, CA with picture genforum.genealogy.com
29-Apr2933Helen A. D.Kroeger43house work202 E. Congress64.5148SINGLEGerman; naturalized by husband; b. 1870 Germany, immigrated 1882 and lives with her brother Charles H. Kroeger 1910C; m. Harry E. Dahlman AZ Selected Marriages; lives in San Francisco by 1930C
29-Apr2911Marie P[ickering] 1920C, usgwarchives.org/az/pimaKruthschnitt26housewife470 N. Main St.62110Julius Kruthschnitt Jr, engineer American Smelting & Refining Co. 1913CDb. 1887 CA, spouse b. 1885 Louisiana and m. about 1908 AZ per child's birth 1920C under "Kanttschnitt"; d. 1940 Australia per Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad
30-Apr2980Julia V[ictoria Schloot Vedder] FTKurtz43housewifeW. Congress St.61104Thomas C. Kurtz, stone mason 1910CGerman; naturalized by husband; (1869-1948) South Lawn Cemetery FAG; 1st m. Charles Paul Vedder 1896 IN with 2 children born in IN (Vedder b. 1868 Germany, immigrated 1888, and died between 1900 and 1902) 1900C; 2nd m. 1902 Pima Co. WSMI; Kurtz b. 1856 Germany 1910C; General Merchandise W Congress cor San Xavier rd. (See adv.) Polk's Business Directory, 1912
18-Apr2570Ruth L. [Lane] FTLaddover 21housewife842 E. 5th St.66132Edward R. Ladd, manager State Consolidated Publishing Co. 1913CDx#2565, 2570 or 2575, determined by date; not found in any AZ Census; b. 1882 NE, spouse b. 1883 IL and m. 1909 IL FT; moved to Evanston, IL by 1922CD; General Manager State Consolidated Publishing Co, 26-34 N Church Polk's Business Directory, 1912
21-Apr2688Estell H.Langworthyover 21housewife901 N. 6th Ave.65105WIDOW of George W. Langworthy jr 1913CDx Critic 1908-9 year bookb. 1856 IN, widow living with daughter Georgia and son Ralph 1910 C; possibly related to Bowers and Flynn who also registered?; spouse b. 1845 IN and merchant in IN 1880C; spouse FAG in IN lists no dates; she is listed as widowed Edith b. 1858 IN in SanDiego CA 1900C; registered with daughter Georgia Langworthy
21-Apr2687Georgia H.Langworthyover 21stenographer for atty. R.K. Richey, 1914CD901 N. 6th Ave.67.25130Miss; SINGLEb. 1888 IN living with her mother Estell and brother Ralph 1910 C; registered with her mother Estell Langworthy and her boss' wife Marie Grandpre Richey also registered
28-Apr2849[Anna] Dell Robbins 1900CLangworthy20office nurse; assistant to Dr. A.G. Schnabel 1914CD1127 N. 6th Ave.64.5125DIVORCED Ralph W. Langworthy 1910C b. 1884 TN to Andrew Robbins, Dell and father live with her sister Ernestine Griffth 1900C; m. Ralph W. Langworthy 1906 WSMI; d. 1940 Los Angeles CA Death Index; Dr. Schnabel's wife, Metta, also registered (Metta divorced by 1920C)
17-Apr2555Edith H. Lauderover 21housewifeSt. Marys Ave. #96 1913CD65125G[eorge] F. Lauder 1913CDb. 1880 WY, spouse b. 1876 UT and m. about 1900 WY per son's birth 1930C in Schnectady, NY ; maybe d. 1986 CA Social Security Death Index; spouse with railroad per 1918 CA Railroad Employment Record; see 1 March 1952 Tucson Daily Citizen article
26-Apr2819Alice P[atton]Lawson21studentUniversity of Arizona64115SINGLEb. 1891 PA, m. CA and d. CA FT; parents Thomas and Alice Lawson and 2 sisters who are teachers live in Pearce, AZ 1910C; a sophmore at UA and member of Gamma Phi Sigma per 1913 Sahuaro UA Yearbook
29-Apr2934Alice C.Lease21teacher; 5th grade Holladay School 1912CD; Safford School 1913CD406 S. 4th Ave.66110Miss; SINGLE b. 1892 Quincy, IL; parents may be Scott and Grace Lease of Pueblo, CO 1900C; 1890, IL living and teaching? In Albuquerque 1920C; UA with goal of teaching earned A.B. 1913 and on faculty as clerk 1917 and staff 1918-9 from Long Beach, CA (p212) books.google.com/books?id=JBMiAQAAMAAJ
27-Apr2493Annie M. [Statleman] FAGLester40housewifeN. Park Ave.68154Frank. Lester, miner 1910CGerman; by father; #2493 or 2494; (1871-1958) spouse 1858-1929 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1873 1910C; immigrated 1896 1920C; m.1899 Pima Co. WSMI; "Annie Marie Stattelman" owned much of land directly north of the university and named the streets in subdivison with photo, spouse b. IL was superintendent of Mammouth Gold Mines, came to Tucson 1889 via train thru Chicago per Leighton, David "Street Smarts" 25 Feb 2013 ADS
29-Apr2937Lilly A. [Arons] FTLevy22housewife508 S. 5th Ave67.5150Adolph Levy, Levy's ladies furnishings 22 E. Congress 1913CD and ready to wear 1912CD(1884-1963) spouse 1881-1956 Hollywood, CA FAG; b. TX and spouse immigrated 1890-1 from Germany 1920C; m. CA before daughter's birth 1908 AZ; in CA 1930C and 1940C; Jewish?; plays bridge with Rosenstern
26-Apr2835Julia G.Lincolnover 21housewife408 S. 5th Ave.64.5125Cullen M. Lincoln, president Tucson Wine & Liquor Co. 1913CD# as original; b. 1869 MS and spouse b. 1850 MO as "Lincolier" 1900C; as "Lincon" 1910C; b. 1872 MS as "Trucon" 1920C; b. 1881 PA as Zella G. windowed with son b. 1916 PA 1930C; spouse 1850-1928 Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; spouse served on City Council 1920; m. St. Joseph, MO FT
30-Apr3094Ida [M. Runyon] FAGLindley53housewife124 N. 6th Ave.64107James A. Lindley, furnished rooms 1913CD(1859 IL-1943 Phoenix) buried at Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. about 1900 Marriage Records; in Tucson with daughter by 1920C
30-Apr2998Virginia L. Locker45housewife741 E. 9th St.65142William C. Locker, engineer SP Co. 1913CDb. 1868 VA listed as Jennie L. (Ginnie?) , spouse b. 1868 KS and her son by 1st marriage Edgar G. Wiest b. 1886 MO living in Papago Town, Pima, AZ 1900C; spouse 1868-1932 with wife Edith W. Locker in Evergreen Cemetery FAG
29-Apr2926Belle D. [Hunker] FAGLogan40housewifeUniversity of Arizona68135John E. Logan, supt. of grounds UA 1913CD(1872-1964) Santa Cruz CA Death Index; Gertrude Belle D. Logan?; b. 1873 MO, m. about 1890 and lives on St. David, AZ farm 1910C; Hereford, AZ farm 1920C and Imperial, CA 1930C
18-Apr2576Jessie A. E. [Henderson] AZ Selected BirthsLohse31housewife47 Grosetta Ave.65120Leslie A. Lohse solicitor Steinfeld's 1913CD#2565, 2570 or 2575; Scottish; naturalized by father; b. 1882, immigrated 1891, spouse b. 1887 MO and m. about 1913 AZ per son's birth 1930C; spouse d. 1966 Pima Co. Social Security Death Index; spouse came to Tucson 1905 per 16 Nov 1966 Tucson Daily Citizen obit.
29-Mar2477EstelleLutrell21librarian; UA 1913CD731 N. 1st Ave.61110xx honorary member
1908-9 year book"(1871 MA-1950) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; parents are Churchwell and Mary C. Lutrell 1880C; A.B. 1896 Chicago; instructor in English & librarian 1904 UA, just librarian by 1909 until retirement 1932 with pictures http://www.library.arizona.edu
16-Apr2529Julia [Shanahan] WSMILyle50housekeeper522 S. 4th Ave.61128John Lyle, [pumping] station engineer 1913CD; 1910Cb. 1863 IL Harvard, IL 1880C; m. 1881 Pima Co. WSMI; lived in Nogales, AZ 1900C; spouse b. 1853 Ireland lived in San Xavier, Pima, AZ 1910C
30-Apr3070Ellen D[ouglas McIlhany] WA Select Death CertificatesLynn45rural mail carrier; Post Office 1913CDE. 10th St.& East Ave.65160WIDOW of Charles W. Lynn 1914CDshe signed as Ellie; (1868-1946) Seattle FAG; m. 1892 Cook Co., IL Marriage Index; b. 1868 IL and spouse b. 1862 IL 1900C; widow living with her mother Florence Marlowe Mcihany or Mcelhany 1910C
30-Apr3117Mary [J. Schull] FAGLynn[no age listed]housewifeVail63.5115James J. Lynn, farm laborer at Indian Training School(1882-1949) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1882 IA, spouse b. 1868 OH and m. 1902 with 6 children born in CO 1910C; lived in San Xavier, AZ 1920C
19-Apr2599Cornelia [Lulu Hill] WSMILysight35housewife152 S. Main St.64105WIDOW of A[ustin] A. Lysight 1913CD, but he was very much alive[1876 CA-1971] and spouse d. 1939 Los Angeles CA Death Index; m. 1897 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse b. 1875 District of Columbia 1900C; Cornelia is clerk at Steinfeld's 1913CD; moved to Tyndale area near Clara Fish Roberts 1920C; moved to CA with daughter who worked in film industry 1930C
19-Apr2655Carrie M[aude Cagwin] FAGMack55house keeper721 E. 3rd St.66125WIDOW of Uziah Mack, CW vet FAG[1857-1939] , spouse 1835-Jan. 1913 Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, IL FAG; b. IL, spouse b. PA, m. 1883 IL and living in IL1900C; in Tucson 1910-1930C; registered the same day as her daughter Josephine Mack
19-Apr2588Josephine B.Mack26house keeping721 E. 3rd St.66136SINGLExworked 4/19 voter registration for CC; did she marry since mother lives alone with boarder in Tucson 1920C?
24-Apr2749Grace E.Mackey38housewifeSliver Lake68150Franklin O. Mackey 1910CEnglish; naturalized by husband; immigrated 1890, m. 1904 and lived in Bisbee, AZ 1910C
30-Apr2991JuddMadagan50housewife184 E. [Pennington] 1910C62115no evidence for Judd found; Dora F. is wife of Samuel (Daniel M.) Madagan and he is a conductor SP Co. 1910C and 1862 VA-1939 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; other clues Mrs. Jack Madagan member of Gamma Delta and Ivy May Purcell Madagan A.B. 1911 Sahuaro 1913 UA Yearbook; no signature of register and may be "Mahagan"
17-Apr2556Floriene R. [Elyria Robeson] FTMagenheimerover 21housewife645 University Ave.66110Paul F. Magenheimer, manager Tucson Farm Co. 1913 and 1914CD(1881 CA-1972 Los Angeles FT; b. 1884 PA 1920 C; m. 1902 St. Joseph IN Marriage Index
30-Apr3108Margaret E. [Power] Elk, PA 1900CMaloneyover 21student604 S. 6th Ave.64.5130WIDOW 1910C; Mrs. 1912CDb. 1874 PA, widow with daughter Marie C. Malony b. 1895 PA lives with parents Robert and Susannah Power 1910C; m. about 1894 PA per daughter's birth, widowed and lives with parents in Elk, PA 1900C;registered same day with mother Suzanna Power
23-Apr2716Eva [Goldschmidt] FAGMansfieldover 21noneN. Main St.-Orts [Hotel #378] 1913CD63132WIDOW of Jacob S. Mansfield, Sr 1914CDGerman; by husband; (1849 Germany-1926) d. of uterine cancer and spouse 1832 Germany-1894 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; immigrated 1876 1910C; spouse opened 1st Tucson bookstore 1870, a circulating library 1871 and treasurer of Masonic Lodge #4; among those who started the tucson Library Association in 1879?; vice president of Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society in 1884 who's goal was to build a Jewish temple (E. N. Fish donated the land) and director 1910 jewishhistory.museum.org; registered after her sister-in-law Louisa Harris Goldschmidt and daughter Phyllis Mansfield; family name originally was spelled MANSFELD
18-Apr2569Mildred [E. Rinehart] archives.comMansfield23housewifeMabel St.64123James S. Mansfield, clerk Steinfeld's 1913 and salesman for Myers and Bloom 1914CD(1894-1977) FL FAG; b. 1891 MO and spouse b. 1888 TN lived in Winslow, AZ 1920C; children born about 1913 AZ, others in 1914 and 1916 IA and 1928 GA living in GA 1930C; m. 1912 or 1913 CA?
18-Apr2572PhyllisMansfield28none378 N. Main St.65134SINGLE(1883-1949) d. Los Angeles, CA FT; b. 1887 AZ lived with widowed mother Eva Mansfield and sister 1910C; father Jacob S. Mansfield who was responsible for UA land donation; registered with her Aunt Louisa Harris Goldschmidt, who lived at same address, and her mother registered a few days later; see Mansfield and Goldschmidt Family AHS files
28-Apr2860Millie [Roberts] NH Marriage RecordsMarinerover 21housewife148 E. Pennington66157Barnett M. Mariner, brakeman SP Co. 1910Cb. 1870 ME, spouse b. 1846 ME and run a boarding house 1910C; m. 1895 Exeter, NY Marriage Records; his second marriage; spouse known as Barney; spouse b. 1850 ME under "Mairner" 1920C
30-Apr3050Sarah [G.] 1913CDMarrin70housewife120 Hoff St.64152WIDOW of Patrick Marrin 1913Cin 4 Tucson city directories between census years; in Phoenix 1919CD
23-Apr2722Bessie [Elisabeth] 1910CMartin22telephone operator419 N. 6th Ave.63115SINGLEb. 1898 TX, daughter of Phillip and Jeanette Martin 1910C; she is clerk at Steinfeld's 1914CD; her mother Jeanette Peake Martin registered
29-Apr2952Carrie [Caroline Augusta Peters] FTMartin43housewife801 E. 8th St.63143William R. Martin, Hayhurst & Martin 1913C(1871 NY-1946) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AR; Gladys W. is daughter 1920 C; m. 1889 AR; daughter Gladys S. Martin registered
15-Apr2514Fannie E[mery] FTMartin41housewife730 N. 1st Ave.63135Dr. George W. Martin, osteopath 1913CD(1871-1944 Tucson) FT; b.1872 IL with daughter Gladys (1889 CO-1980 MO-FT) and spouse b. 1862 Canadian English who immigrated 1868 1910C; both still alive and in Tucson 1930C; spouse was first D.O. in southern AZ opening his Tucson office 1900 and on AZ Board of Medical Examiners; spouse d. 1944 in Tucson; daughter Gladys may have registered
19-Apr2621Gladys S. Martin23office clerk; comptometrist for AZ Eastern RR 1914CD907 E. 6th St.67145SINGLECould be one of the following: Gladys W. Martin daughter of William and Carrie Martin b. 1890 AR 1910C (and 1920C) or Gladys Martin daughter of Dr. George W. and Fannie Martin (1889 CO-1980 MO) 1910C and FT; both Carrie and Fannie registered
25-Apr2769Jeanette ["Jet" Peake] FAGMartin40housewife419 N. 6th Ave.62140Phillip J. Martin, railroad rate clerk 1910 C(1873 TX-1923) and spouse 1863-1958 Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; with daughter Bessie 1910C; Bessie also registered
29-Apr2920Katharine K.Martin28housewife202 Speedway63135George Martin, merchant Drug Store 1910Cb. 1881 District of Columbia and m. with no children until after this census (daughter b. about 1910 TX) 1910C; spouse b. 1884 AZ 1920C; both are still in Tucson 1940C; spouse, if junior, d. 1967 buried in Holy Hope Cemetery with first wife who passed away per parentseyes.arizona.edu; Martin Drug biography available on line; middle initial "C" 1910C
19-Apr2622Mabel S.Martin26office clerk; comptometrist for AZ Eastern RR 1914CD126 N. 1st Ave.64141SINGLE; CA RR Employment RecordsPerhaps d. 1972 Maricopa Co. AZ Social Security Death Index; listed in several CDs between censuses and 1916-1919 CA RR Employment Records; comptometrist for South West Cotton Co. Phoenix 1921CD; operates an office machine for arithmatical computation
18-Apr2567Catherine F[auntleroy Borden] FTMason44housewife23rd St. & 2nd Ave.62145Richard L. Mason, train dispatcher SP Co. 1913CD(1868-1940) with picture FT; "Kate" b. KY, spouse b. 1866 IL, m. 1890 KY and lived in MO with daughter Elizabeth 1900C; she registered before her daughter
30-Apr2985Elizabeth [Downing] FTMason21comptometrist [operates an office machine for arithmatical computation] at SP Co. 1913CDCorner 23rd St. & 2nd Ave.63110SINGLE(1892-1946 San Francisco) "Betty" FT; b. 1892 KY and lived with parents Richard and Catherine Mason in MO 1900C; m. Peterson?; lived in Yuma, AZ 1930C and Los Angeles 1940C; d. 1946 San Francisco CA Death Index; she registered a few days after her mother; registered in line with stenographer Isabel Nevenzel and two other comptometrists, Natalie Dalton and Jesse Wilson final day
21-Apr2678Stella [E.] St. Clair WSMIMasters31house keeper240 W. 5th St.64113John Edgar Masters, mining engineer 1913 and 1918CD(1881-1975 CA) with picture FT; b. 1883 ID, spouse b. 1849 IL with one child born 1918 AZ and lived in Riverside, CA 1920C ; m. 1902 ID WSMI; in CC 1919-20 if Masters who lived in Rincon Apts (910 N. 4th Ave.); d. Sacramento CA Death Index
29-Apr2950Rena [Artha Shearer] FAGMathews39housewife401 S. 3rd Ave.66130John D. Mathews, division engineer SP Co. 1913CD(1874-1961) South Lawn Palms Cemetery FAG; m. about 1894 per children born in CA 1900C; the couple lived in Mexico in 1902 and 1920 on SP RR business per passport application
30-Apr3080Margaret [E.] FAGMcAllister33teacher; Holladay 1913CD345 E. 13th St.62120Walter W. McAllister, solicitor Wheeler & Perry 1913CD(1881 IA-1961) spouse 1875 IA-1939 in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. about 1903 with children born in AZ 1910C; may be M. E. Donnelly in Alameda, but spouse listed as W. F. McAllister in CA Selected Marriages
26-Apr2828Estella B.McCarthy31housewife544 S. 4th Ave.65115Frank J. McCarthy, agent Pullman Co. 1913CDb. 1882 OH, spouse b. 1860 NY and m. about 1905 lived in Utica, NY 1930C; lived in Oakland, CA 1924 and 1925CD; d. 1956 San Francisco CA Death Index
22-Apr2706Julia F.McClureover 21housewife130 University63145John C. McClure, assistant general manager SP Co. 1913CDx 1908-9b. 1871 PA, spouse 1863 PA and m. about 1888 CA per son's birth 1920C; in Tucson to 1940C; spouse d. 1943 Los Angeles CA Death Index
30-Apr2988Julia [Elizabeth Cody] FTMcCormick60housewife421 S. 6th Ave.63120Robert McCormick 1913CD(1853-1929) spouse 1836 MA-1920, m. 1872 Highland, WI with picture, Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; spouse fought at Battle of Gettysburg, settled in Tombstone in 1878 and then Tucson about 1885 with mining properties
30-Apr2978Elizabeth L[yons] FTMcCoyover 21housewife198 E. 4th St.66145Henry P. McCoy, clerk SP Co. 1913CDno signature in register (perhaps listed in wrong ward); (1876 MI-1937 Los Angeles, CA) FT; m. 1912 AZ Select Marriages; moved to Los Angeles after widowed in 1923
28-Apr2875Ora M[artena]McDermottover 21teacher; Mansfield School 1913CD236 Scott St.63126SINGLE(1890 MI-1937 CA) FT; father William I. [J.] McDermott, copper miner 1910 C; mother Norah L. was in WC 1908-9; in Gamma Phi Sigma at UA with picture 1913 Sahuaro UA Yearbook; m. William Harper Morgan 1917 New Orleans; Phoebe Bogan, who also registered, was visiting 1920C
30-Apr3009StellaMcDermott32messuse146 W. Franklin63130SINGLE?hairdresser 1913CD; manicurist, 92 N. Stone Ave 1916-1917 and 1920CDs
21-Apr2674Bertha [M. Wehrmeister] FAGMcDole56housewife809 E. 6th St.61125John F. McDole, clerk 1913CD(1855 OH-1942) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; taught in Langhorne, Dist. 7 1912CD; m. OH and spouse d. Pima Co. FT
28-Apr2887Adeline H[elmile] WSMIMcDonald25stenographer; F.E. Hereford Co. 1913CD404 S. 5th Ave.64114Joseph J. McDonald, accountant 1913CDm. 1910 WSMI; "Addie" 1913CD; spouse b. IL and boarding at May McFarlane's 1910C
14-Apr2497Margaret McDonald30cook70 Ott St.66140SINGLE b. 1883 with servant and is hotel house keeper at corner of Main & Pennington 1910C; at J. E. Steel 1913CD; m. J. E. Steel in Cochise Co. AZ Selected Marriages
28-Apr2851Annie F[rances] [Nealy]McFadden44housewifeE. 10th St.5987Mrs. Harry E. McFadden, grocer 1924CD(1869-1953) came to Tombstone as a child, moved to Tucson 1879 until 1925, then moved to CA, member AZ Pioneer Historical Society, Eastern Star and Women's Benefit Association 19 Jan 1954 Tucson Daily Citizen obit; b. 1869 CA and m. 1884 1900C
30-Apr3089Amanda [Meyer-Hoya] WSMIMcGovneyover 21[china] artist 1910CD, decorator 1924CD240 N. Court St.64.5118Howard Wesley McGovney, retail furniture merchant 1910CScotch; by husband naturaliztion; (1869-1956), spouse 1859 IL-1938, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1893 see 10 June 1893 Tucson Weekly Citizen wedding article; immigrated 1881 1920C
29-Apr2906Lucy H.McGowan21stenographer, T. H. Schuster Co. 1913CD801 Speedway65117SINGLE?James E. McGowan, salesman, 24, at same address 1913CD; may be brother?; SCHUSTER T H, GENERAL AGENT Missouri State Life Insurance Co, Scott cor Broadway. (See p 510.) Polk's Arizona Pictorial Gazetteer And Business Directory,1912
19-Apr2585Althea C.McIntyre32teacher843 E. 3rd St.64115SINGLEb. 1888 MI to Samuel and Ellen McIntyre, Saginaw 1880C; Safford School Principal 1910-13CDs; Fresno, CA city school teacher 1920C
17-Apr2542Sophia B[eal] CA Death IndexMcIntyre39housewife737 E. 9th St.68.5145Robert McIntyre 1913CDNova Scotia; father American; b. 1874 ME, arrived about 1891-2, spouse RR brakeman and children born in TX 1900C; she is assistant to general manager of steam RR, spouse b. 1869 Canada and manufacturer's shipping clerk in Berkely, CA 1920C; they are m. about 1901 MA Marriage Records (Beale-McIntire) and in Tucson by 1905; d. 1954 San Francisco, CA Death Index
30-Apr3051Miriam [Edith Evans] WSMIMcLaurine23housewife315 N. Stone Ave.65117Addison W. McLaurine, clerk Tucson Gas, Electic, Light and Power Co. 1913 & 14CDA bit of a mystery; WSMI m. 1909 Bisbee, Cochise, AZ with no ages given; possibly listed in 1910C as "Marion McGaurin" b. 1889 CA and m. Anderson W. McGaurin b. 1870 LA; AZ Slected Marriages m. 1915 to Joseph Edward Anderson b. 1881 NY with son Walter J. Anderson b. 1912 AZ living in Tucson 1920C; in San Francisco by 1930C with children also born in TX and CA
29-Apr2917Helen C. [Eaton] FAGMcMechanover 50house keeper945 N. Euclid Ave.62130WIDOW of Theo McMechan 1913CD(1844-1926) Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville, IN FAG; her ashes were brought from CA and spouse was dentist who d. 1895 per daughter Maud's obit. FAG; b. 1844 OH 1910C; she and her daughter Maud McMechan registered together
29-Apr2918MaudMcMechanover 21none945 N. Euclid Ave.65105SINGLE(1874-1922) came to Tucson in 1907 for her health and her mother brought ashes back to Crawfordsville, IN FAG; b. 1874 IN daughter of Theo and Helen McMechan 1910C; she and her mother Healen Eaton McMechan registered together
1-Apr2481[Anna] Loraine [Kidder] FTMcMillen42stenographer; clerk at U.S. Forest Service 1914 & 1920CDs415 E. 2nd St.66160Hiram McMillen 1913CD; farmer 1910C; house carpenter 1920C(1871-1956) San Francisco, CA FAG; m. about 1891; left Tucson after 1930C
14-Apr2502Anna L[ouise]Mead38hotel proprietorWillard Hotel; [145 S. 6th] 1913CD64.5162WIDOW; Mrs. 1913CDb. 1875 IA, widowed hotel keeper with daughter Maretta H. Mead b. 1891 NE 1910C; Willard Hotel became Pueblo Hotel; proprietor of New Hotel Mead 1914CD; daughter m. Charles L. Thomas 1910 and was widowed Fort Worth, TX 1920C living with her mother and daughter
25-Apr2772Alice V. [Agnes Virginia McMillen Johnson] FAGMenzies38housewife54 Council St.65170Edward A. Menzies, clerk Steinfeld's 1913CDScotch; (1871-1944) m. spouse 1912 (in 1889 had been m. to Mr. Demuth of Tombstone, then in 1894 m. Mr. Keeney in ID), Evergreen Cemetery FAG; arrived 1877 1930C
23-Apr2733Juana MartinezMerino45housewife3 mi. E. Speedway64235Jesus C. Merino, manager Spanish-American Printing & Publishing Co. 1913 CDHispanic; (1870-1948) Superior, AZ FAG; b. AZ, spouse 1861 Mexico, spouse arrived 1893 and naturalized 1906 1910C; b. 1868 and 1885 m. Juan C. Merino Nogalas, AZ 1885 WSMI; Superior, AZ 1920C
26-Apr2808Pauline W[ood] FAGMetsover 21housewife121 S. 5th Ave.67115John Mets, VP AZ National Bank 1920C(1881-1945) widowed 1923, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1903 1910C; John was Director of Chamber of Commerce 1912CD; moved to Phoenix by 1930C
22-Apr2694Flora A[lice Wiser] FTMeyer50rooming house proprietor614 S. Toole Ave.61140Adolph 'Ed' Meyer, brewer 1920C(1863 IA - 1930) FT; spouse b. 1863 Germany, immigrated 1890 and she is listed as an artist in 1910C; m. about 1894 per children born in CA 1920C; by 1930C moved to CA; The Rochester furnished rooms 1913CD
15-Apr2512Nelle L[eona Rice] WSMIMeyer29teacher; Davis School 1913 CD51 Council St.67130Wrey E. Meyer, depot agent Wells Fargo Co. 1913CDx past presb. 1884 IL and spouse b. 1888 MO 1920C; m. 1911 Pima Co. WSMI; see 9 May 1942 Tucson Daily Citizen article; registered almost next to Alice Clarke Satterwhite who lived in her neigborhood and may have been friends
25-Apr2785Agnes A. [Cecilia Redmond] FTMichaels35housewife627 S. 4th Ave.66.5148Henry F. Michaels FT(1878-1969 Phoenix) spouse shot himself 1915 and Henry Jr. died following year, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1878 NV, m. 1897 El Paso, TX Selected Marriages Record; spouse locomotive engineer 1900C
19-Apr2647Margart R. [A. Read] WSMIMillarover 21housewifeUniversity of Arizona65130Robert R. Millar WSMICanadian; naturalized by husband; b. 1864, immigrated 1882, spouse b. 1854 Canada and her brother spelled maiden name "Reed" 1900C; m. to Robert T. "Miller" 1885 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse served on city council 1895-98 and was on board of Agricultural Experiment Station at UA; sister-in-law Edith Sheldon Reid registered the same day
30-Apr3041Blanche [Decker] WSMIMiller27housewife738 N. 10th Ave.63.5121Charles G. Miller, garage at Scott NE cor Broadway 1913CDb. 1886 MI 1910C; spouse b. 1881 TN 1920C; m. 1907 Pima Co. WSMI; Clara Fish Robert's husband works for Mr. Miller and she also registered; Blanche keeps the garage books 1920C; widowed and lives with son San Diego 1930C; relationship to Minnie and Louis Decker?
28-Apr2852Dora A. [H.A. Scrivner] WSMIMillerover 21housewife622 N. 10th Ave.63138Charles F. Miller, meatcutter Pusch & Zellwegar 1913CD(1875-1958) spouse 1865-1947 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1876 KS and spouse b. 1866 Germany, immigrated 1881 1930C; m. 1897 WSMI
14-Apr2504Fanny [Florence Goldbaum] FTMiller36housewife509 S. 6th Ave.66.75165Mrs. 1913CD; Albert L. Miller 1910C(1876-1960 Los Angeles) with her picture FT; b. 1877 CA, m. about 1896 PA where daughter born, in AZ 1900 for daughter's birth and spouse b. 1887 Germany, immigrated 1880, he is a traveling salesman for Steinfelds 1910C; divorced and in Los Angeles 1930C; husband worked for Fanny's brother Jules Goldbaum in wholesale liquor business Jewish History Museum http://www.jmaw.org
29-Apr2938Gertrude S[choenthal]Millerover 21housewife522 S. 5th Ave.61.75126Jacob Miller, department manager Steinfeld's 1913CDb. PA Jan 1876 and m. 1899 maybe in PA or AZ 1900 C; spouse b. 1874 Germany, immigrated 1882 1910C; in Atlantic City, NJ 1930 FT; spouse d. 1949 Philadelphia; a Mrs. J. Miller plays bridge; confirms sister is Hetty Schoenthal Stein swja.arizona.edu; the sisters registered together
12-Apr2492Mabel W. [C. Wakefield] FAGMoffitt37housewifeTyndell & 19th St.65.5127Byron L. Moffit, engineer SP Co. 1922CDx(1876 MT-1944 AZ) daughter of Greorge W. and Adlie Street Wakefield, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1901 as Candace Wakefield and spouse b. Albequerque, Bernalillo Co. NM Marriage Index; she's in DAR and regent 1922-6 with picture DARtucson.weebly.com; graduated U of NM
30-Apr2973Edith S[ienert] FAGMonier38housewife324 S. Stone Ave.64127Quintus Monier, Tucson Pressed Brick 1918CD(1874 MO-1935) spouse 1853 France-1923, Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. 1901; spouse was an architect and stonemason who came to Tucson 1889 per Portrait and Biographical Record, Chapman Pub., 1894
14-Apr2503Annie J. [Perkins] FAGMoore61housewife741 University Ave.64175WIDOW of M[ilton] R. Moore 1913CD(1852-1940) Altadena, Los Angeles, CA FAG; b. IL 1853 and widowed 1910C; m. 1873; spouse in AZ Territorial House of Representatives from Pinal Co., a journalist, invalid CW ; veteran and d. 1907 Phoenix; Perkins wagon seller family with online history; her daughter Eda Sanders Murdock also registered; son and daughter b. 1875 or so in KS to Mr. Sanders so perhaps Milton was her 2nd spouse
19-Apr2609Catherine I[sabel Devine] AZ Select MarriagesMoore22housewifeLee St.63145Kirk T. Moore, county atty 1919CDb. 1891 Ireland (no notation of naturalization or registration) and spouse 1882-1933; daughter-in-law of Annie Perkins Moore who also registered; spouse attended UA, served in 1908 Territorial Assembly and was Territorial School Superintendent 1910; m. about 1903 AZ per child's birth
14-Apr2499Ruby C[lara Childs] Los Angeles 1920C, FAGMoore27housewife1001 N. 6th Ave.65.5140Roy Webb Moore Los Angeles 1920C(1886-1978) spouse 1884 KS-1958 Altadena, CA FAG; b. 1887 IL, spouse b. 1885 KS lived in Tucson from about 1902 per child's birth (3 born in AZ) until Los Angeles 1920C; in 1919CD as Mrs.; spouse lives in NV and wife in Tucson per WWI Draft Registration 1917-18; she is college educated
28-Apr2885Sarah J[ane] AZ Death IndexMoore53housewife5 mi. 1/2 mi. N Speedway67.5123Watson B. Moore, owns barber shop 1910C, 1913 and 1919CD(1860-1933) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1881 NY Aurora, NY C; b. NY, spouse b. 1858 NY 1910C
28-Apr2868Leila [Martha Spires] FAGMorrisover 21housewife326 E. 4th St.63130John P. Morris, fireman SP Co. 1913CD(1883 TX-1941) arrived Tucson 1904, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse b. 1880 TX 1940C so they may have married in TX; sister-in-law Maggie Holliman Spires also registered
19-Apr2640Mary C. [Ramirez] FTMoss50housewife422 E. 5th St.58140Austin J. Moss, clerk Quinn & Hughes 1913CD; chauffer 1919CDHispanic; (1862-1945) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. 1882, father Irish and mother Mexican 1900C; b. 1860 AZ and spouse b. 1848 PA 1910C; m. 1882 to Austin C. Moss 1900C; Austin P. Moss 1920 and 1930C; spouse Austin Parker Moss 1852-1931 Evergreen FAG
25-Apr2777Eda V. M[oore Sanders] WSMI Murdoch36housewife819 N. 1st Ave.70155Will F. Murdoch, Murdoch Piano Co. 1919CDb. 1877 KS widowed with son b. 1905 NY living with mother Annie Moore; first husband George E. Sanders Maricopa Co. AZ m. 1896 Pinal Co. WSMI and 1900C; b. 1875 KS, spouse b. 1870 NY 1920C; mother Annie J. Perkins Moore also registered 1910C
29-Apr2945Gertrude M[ae Schroer] Who's Who in the Pacific SouthwestMyers21housewife919 N. 5th Ave.63127John F. Meyers, 25, Secretary Chamber of Commerce 1913CD(1891-1963) Los Angeles FAG; b. OH Cincinatti, OH 1910C; m. 1912 Cincinnati, spouse b. 1888 OH Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, 1913; spouse wrote great article in Out West: Vol. 5, 1913 about town and it's leading citizens; in CA 1930 abd 1940C
24-Apr2739Clara [Strauss] 26 July 1984 Coconino Weekly SunNeustatter37housewife210 N. Church St.61106I[sidor] Neustatter, court bailiff 1913CD; at Superior Court 1919CD(1874-1947) spouse 1855-1929 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1875 PA, m. 1894 Las Vegas, NM and spouse was deputy sherriff in Santa Fe 26 July 1984 Coconino Weekly Sun; spouse b. Bavaria Germany and deputy sheriff 1910C; she was a typist and county recorder spouse immigrated 1873 1920C; more info at swja.arizona.edu
30-Apr2984IsabelNevenzel23stenographer for Southern Pacific Co. 1913CD219 E. 13th St.65103SINGLEb. Dec 1888 MI and came to Tucson with brothers Gerald and J. Cuthbert 1900C perhaps to attend school; lives with widowed mother Anna "Nevenzee" and brothers in Los Angeles 1910C; future sister-in-law Bessie Judd also registered; name might be Ann Isabel Nevenzel who moved back to CA; registered in line with three comptometrists, Natalie Dalton, Elizabeth Mason and Jesse Wilson on final day
19-Apr2653Refugia [Marie Martinez] WSMINewland27housewife245 S. 4th Ave.65150Frederick A. Newland, building clerk, SP Co. 1913CDHispanic, b. 1885, spouse 1873, m. 1907 Benson, Cochise Co. WSMI; b. AZ Imperial, CA 1920C; spouse d. San Bernardino, CA 1924 CA Death Index
17-Apr2543Levana P[ayne] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaNewsom42teacher804 E. 4th St.66124Sidney C. Newsom, Superintendent of High Schools 1913CDx pres.(1870 IN-1951) "Livonia" FT; "Levona" and spouse 1863-1932 buried in Franklin, IN FAG;" Lenna P." spouse b. AL 1910C; "Livonia" 1919C; "Levona" A.B. 1892, Ph.D. 1895 Franklin, Asst. Professor of Latin 1912-1913 1913 UA Yearbook; "Leone" 1910-11 CD taught Latin, Ph.D.; m. 1898 IN FT; Pres. AZ Fed of Club Women; spouse resigned as school superintendent 1916
29-Apr2919Kathryn C. [Samuels] WSMINichols26housewife127 W. 17th St.66.5130Raymond Z. Nichols, bookkeeper Brena Commercial Co. 1914CD"Kathryn M. Samuels" b. 1887 m. 1906 Tucson WSMI; spouse b. 1887 CA with partner George Mac Intruff Helvetia, AZ 1910C; no census found for her; spouse 1886-1971 San Luis Obispo, CA Social Security Death Index
30-Apr3037Katie S[hreeves] WSMINormart29housewife438 S. 3rd Ave.68.5160Joseph J. Normart, machinist SP Co. 1913CD(1884 IL-1969) spouse 1882 PA-1976, mechanical engineer, in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Katherine M. Shreeves m. 1903 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse machinist in foundry 1910C
30-Apr3005May WeeksNorwood26housewife128 N. 1st Ave.71155Joseph C. Norwood, printer 1913CD(1887 CA-1953 CA) spouse 1886-1960 in San Bernardino, CA FAG; she signed her maiden name; m. 1911 WSMI; her second husband was George Ramey
29-Apr2912Mildred L[ovell]O'Connell22nonePaseo Redondo61100SINGLEb. 1892 CA step-daughter of Levi Manning 1910C; see Manning Family file http://www.azarchivesonline.org; her mother Cordelia Gussie Lovell O'Connell (1864-1938) Evergreen Cemetery FAG m. Levi 1897 as widow; her orphaned daughter Mildred L. Coil or Coyle b. 1918 OH was raised by her parents in the Manning House 1920 and 1930C indicating she married a Mr. Coyle/Coil about 1917 and d. OH ; Levi Manning served as mayor 1905-6
26-Apr2825Johanna [Sheeny] WSMIO'Donnellover 21hotel keeper; The Belmont furnished rooms 1913CD128 W. Broadway68230Anthony O'Donnell 1913CD(1883-1953) spouse d. 1926 Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. 1902 Tucson WSMI; b. 1873 CA, spouse b. 1850 Ireland and immigrated 1873 1910C
30-Apr3085Edna M. O'Dowd24housewife273 N. Main St.65150John J. O'Dowd, assistant chief clerk SP Co. 1913 CD(1888-1977) spouse 1885-1971 in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; both b. MO, m. about 1910 MO per son's birth and in AZ by 1913 1920C; spouse long time civic leader helped with Saguaro National Monument and Catalina Hwy while she was involved in many organizations and long time Red Cross volunteer http://www.tucsonaz.gov/.../ColoniaSolanaRHD1989_2_Significance2.
30-Apr3001Anna P. [Stewart] FAGO'Hallaranover 21telephone operator; "Annie C. O'Halloran", Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co. 1913CD619 S. 3rd Ave.68.5145Mrs. 1913CD; William O'Hallaran FAG(1863-1941) brother arrived in Tucson about 1900, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; "Oholaran" b. 1870 MO, divorced living with brother James W. Stewart and mother Susanna Marshal Stewart 1910C; "O'Halleran" b. 1874 MO, widowed, head of house including brother and working at Bell Telephone 1920C
26-Apr2830Ellen [Kelley] FTO'Keefe41housewife537 S. 4th Ave.63184Eneas O'Keefe, president El Moro Co. 1913CDb. 1873 WI, m. 1892, spouse b. 1859 KY is RR machinist 1900C; sister Julia Kelley lives with her 1910C; still in Tucson 1920C; d. 1946 Ft. Worth TX Death Certificates
30-Apr2982Sarah [McNeil] 1930CO'Keefe56housewife4 mi. SE Tucson; 93 Vail Road 1920C63130J. M. O'Keefe, fireman City Water Works 1920Cb. 1860 OH 1910C; widowed spouse b. 1848 OH and her sister lives with him 1930C so Sarah has passed away by then
19-Apr2649Allie Oldham28housewife721 N. 3rd Ave.65180H[oward] S[mith] Oldham, invalid 1910Cb. 1885 KY, spouse "Oloham" b. 1876 KY 1910C; spouse d. Dec 1913 and buried Richmond, KY FAG
28-Apr2882Sarah E.Oliver63housewife220 E. 14th St.61118WIDOW 1910CEnglish; by husband; immigrated 1869, widowed living with 2 lodgers 1910C; m. and d. Buffalo Co., NB FT; b. 1850 lives with son Raymond C. Oliver b. 1892 OR 1920C
17-Apr2548Augusta [Elise] T[heobald] FTOrebaughover 21housewife711 N. 6th Ave.65118Wilber J. Orebaugh, clerk Tucson Gas, Electric, Light & Power Co. 1913CDx 1910-11# determined by date and sequencing; (1879-1971) under Walker in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1883 OH, m. about 1903 OH per son's birth 1920C; spouse 1876 OH-1915 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; remarried Judge John Walker 1924 in Florence, AZ http://cwcfamily.org/walkerj3.htm
24-Apr2754Carrie A[lice Beach Penwell] FTOttover 21housewife344 S. 6th Ave.67170C[harles] H[enry] Ott, compositor printing office 1910Cb. 1879 KS and spouse b. 1879 NM 1910C; m. 1909 AZ Select Marriages; in El Paso 1920C; m. 1896 MO Marriages to J. Elmer Penwell in KS 1900C who d. 1902 FT; perhaps d. Los Angeles as Mrs. Lawler
30-Apr3086Harriet [McNabb] FTPadget68none838 N. Euclid65120WIDOW of [Dr.] Benjamin [W.] Padget 1914CD(1844 TN-1926) Ooltewahb Cemetery, TN FAG; spouse 1839 TN-1907 Chatanooga National Cemetery FAG; m. 1865 with 10 children James Co., TN 1900C; widowed living with son Benjamin H. with daughter Annie E. Rogers 1910C; her daughter registered before her
19-Apr2650Stella M[urrell Tinnin] TX Marriage CollectionPalmer34housewife114 E. Alameda 66128Ben T. [Bert] Palmer, bookkeeper L. H. Manning Co. 1913CDb. 1878 TX, spouse Albert b. 1872 MO Jones Co., TX 1900C; m. 1893 Bosque, TX Marriage Collection; only listed in 2 Tucson CDs; in El Paso, TX 1920C
28-Apr2858Bella Pantoskey25none506 E. 1st St.65.5135SINGLE"Paubreke" lives with sister 1910C; b. 1888 CA, lives with sister 1920C; maybe m. Raymond T. Powell; maybe d. 1921 Tucson
19-Apr2594Honerine M. [McDonald] FAGParker36housewife715 N. Park Ave.64121.5Olva C. Parker, undertaker 1914CD(1876 KY- 1972) spouse 1860 TN-1922, m. 1894 in Tucson, in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse Master of Masonic Lodge #4 1903-4 and 1915, mayor 1917-1919
26-Apr2823Minnie M.Parker32teacherEscuela [Indian Training School]63114SINGLEb. 1879 NC 1910C; school is 2.5 miles south of Tucson; she worked there in 1913-15 Home Mission Monthy, Vol. 29 Issue 4, Feb 1915 books.google.com; she registered same day with teachers Ethel Byerly and Elizabeth Wolfe
30-Apr3011Ruby B[ulger] FAGParker26housewife433 E. 3rd St.63110Alexander M. Parker,editor AZ Daily Star 1914CD(1886 AL-1919) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; widowed spouse b. 1885 lived with their son AL 1920C
26-Apr2809Eva [May] S[anborn] FAGPatteeover 21housewife538 S. 6th Ave.67135Samuel L. Pattee, atty 1910Cx 1908-9(1878 NH-1959) spouse b. 1869 MA-1942 in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. 1902 Prescott, AZ WSMI; spouse served as district atty. and then a judge
30-Apr2972Elsie [Marie] Z[ellweger] WSMIPauli29housewife729 E. 5th St.60150Fred R. Pauli, office manager Steinfeld's 1913CD(1884 AZ-1975) d. Pima Co. Social Security Death Index; m. 1908 Pima Co. WSMI; spouse b. 1877 CA 1940C; her father John Zellweger was George Pusch's partner; she registered the same day as Matilda Pusch and her daughters
19-Apr2932Ione [Gertrude] S[helton] FAGPeaseover 21none648 N. Stone Ave.67.5125SINGLE; Miss Ione Pease 1912CD(1888 Phoenix-1981 Sacramento) spouse William P. Thomas 1880-1945 Sacramento, CA FAG; originally transcribed as "Jane S. Pease"; daughter of Oscar and Nona Pease, Zena Fetterly Pease was her step mother after 1904 and both Nona and Zena also registered; she lived with her step father and mother 1910C and 1920C; her father was proprietor of Tucson Steam Laundry FAG; m. about 1921 per son's birth CA 1930C
17-Apr2563Zena O[wenby Fetterly] FAGPease30housewife810 E. 9th St.64137Oscar L. Pease, secretary BPOE [Elks]1913CD(1883 NM-1956 CA) spouse 1861 ME-1938 CA in Inglewood, CA FAG; m. 1904 Tucson WSMI; her step daughter Ione Pease and her birth mother Nona West Shelton also registered
30-Apr3030Bettie [Mosby] FAGPeggs51housewife722 E. 9th St.65170John D. Peggs, engineer SP Co. 1910C(1862 MO-1937 CA) also lived in Yuma, buried in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse b. 1861 IN 1910C
28-Apr2869Mary E.Pendletonover 21none822 N. 3rd Ave.69115George C. Pendleton 1913CD"Mary N." , spouse b. 1872, m. KY FT are only clues found to date
19-Apr2629Francis M.Perry[over] 21teacher2007 Speedway62.5120SINGLExb. 1874 IL, daughter of Thomas and Frances Perry of Indianapolis 1900C; worked CC voter registration that day; LWV 1922; is she Prof. Perry who spoke at CC? Is this Frances Melville Perry A.M. Wellesly, B.A. 1891, A.M. 1893 Butler University IN, Prof. of English 1911 faculty Saguaro UA Yearbook 1913; Butler class of 1891 http://www.mocavo.com/Annual-Catalog-for-Butler-University-1894-1900
29-Apr2897LauraPerry23none270 N. Church St.64120SINGLE(1889-1966) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AZ, daughter of W. I. and Sadie Perrry 1910C; attended UA and was member of Gamma Phi Sigma Sorority in Saguaro UA Yearbook, 1913; her mother registered the same day; m. about 1914 William Banning Vail per daughter's birth, Greaterville, Pima Co. 1920C and FAG
25-Apr2782Nellie M.Perryover 21stenographer920 N. 6th Ave.68.5130no specific evidence found; maybe b. 1889 MN Denver 1935C and Phoenix 1940C; maybe 1890-d. Santa Clara Co., CA FT
29-Apr2894Sadie M[agee] WSMIPerryover 21housewife270 N. Church St.64210Washington I. Perry, grocer 1910C; Wheeler & Perry 1913CD(1859-1935) spouse 1852-1920 OH in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1887 Ft. Lowell. AZ WSMI; b. CA 1910 spouse on city council 1893 and mayor 1893-4; daughter Laura registered the same day
30-Apr2981Marie [Eggerss] FAGPeters38housewifeW. Congress St.6292Amandus Peters FAGGerman; American husband; (1875-1917) immigrated 1877 to IA, m. 1905 and moved to SC then CA to Tucson by 1910 then Casa Grande 1914, spouse 1879 IA-1953 and buried in Mt. View Cementery, Casa Grande, AZ FAG
29-Apr2914Clotilde [N.] 1930CPeyron29grocery521 N. 9th Ave.65130SINGLEMexican; by father's naturalization; (1875-1950) info with mother Petronilla Nido Peyron in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; b. 1878 MX, arrived 1881, daughter of Pedro Peyron b. France , butcher and she does his bookkeeping 1910C; father dies 1914, buried in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; b. 1883 MX and she owns The Peyron Market 1930C; lives with mother 1940C
30-Apr3087Charlotte M[ussell] 1920CPfluege[r]over 21teacher; Drachman 1913CD346 Speedway61103?b. 1873, m. MI, d. OH FT; teacher in Dist. 8 (Rillito, today's Marana) 1912CD; "Pflieger" b. 1873 OH living with mother and brother and divorced Norwood, OH 1920C
30-Apr3062Olive [M. Butts] WSMIPhillips38housewifeSan Xavier66125Mark T. Phillips, teacherb. 1875 CA and spouse b. 1863 WI , per children's births they seem to have lived in NV about 1898-1903 Yuma, AZ 1910C; m. 1893 Maricopa Co. WSMI; spouse taught in Quarzite, AZ per 1906 Arizona (Ter.). Superintendent of Public Instruction Report; moved to Maricopa Co. by 1920C and spouse may have d. 1921 FAG
25-Apr2776StellaPhillipsover 21teacher; Davis School principal 1910-13CD4 mi. E. Broadway66180SINGLEb. MI 1868 with her Margaret her widowed mother 1920C; father may be George Phillips; she taught in Tucson for $80 1906 Arizona (Ter.). Superintendent of Public Instruction Report
28-Apr2838Emma [Weibrecht] WSMIPilling43housewife643 N. Stone Ave.70140Dr. Henry H. Pilling, physician 1913CDx 1900 founderspouse 1849 WI-1889 Pilling Cemetery WI FAG; m. 1897 Tucson WSMI; b. 1870 MI and spouse b. 1847 WI 1910C; "Telling" 1900C; moved to Los Angeles, CA 1920C; spouse homeopathic doctor from 1870 http://www.homeoint.org; sister-in-law Frances Jane Warren also registered (see womensplaza.arizona.edu); spouse d. 1914 Los Angeles CA Death Index; picture in Woosley's Early Tucson; lives with sister Carrie Goodnow and brother Frank Weitbacht Howell, MI 1930C
30-Apr3066Mary J[ane] NY 1910CPittard33teacher; Methodist Industrial School 1913CD1200 E. 7th St.64.595SINGLEWelsh; by father's naturalization; in Tucson after 1910C and in Albuquerque 1930 & 1940C; d. Los Angeles FT; see 1909-1910 Annual Report of the Board of Managers of Methodist Industrial School on line
19-Apr2651Mabel R[oberts] FAGPlumerover 21housewife707 N. Park Ave.65150Natt E. Plumer, president Southern AZ Bank & Trust 1913CDx 1900(1866-1952) spouse 1866 MI -1917 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse active in the prohibition of alcohol and gambling, see Street Smarts 22 Jan 2013 by David Leighton ADS; ; has a servant 1910C; b. MA and m. by 1908 CA per daughter's birth 1920C; m. MA FT
30-Apr2992Fannie [Roy] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaPlunkett40housewife702 S. 3rd Ave.65118James H. Plunkett, boiler maker and City Council Member 1913CD(1872-1957) spouse 1861 NY-1940 was president of City Laundry Company in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; obit 28 Oct 1957 Tucson Daily Citzen; "Fannie E. Plunkett" b. Louisiana, m. about 1892 per child's birth NY and arrived Tucson by child's birth in 1906 AZ 1910C; m. TX Select Marriage Index; Fannie was Teresa Plunkett's sister-in-law who registered the same day
30-Apr2983Teresa M.Plunkett25file clerk221 S. Stone Ave.62138Thomas J. Plunkett, electrician Steinfeld's 1913CDTeresa was Fannie Plunkett's sister-in-law who registered the same day; no other evidence found in quick search
19-Apr2642Ophelia I[nez Cropper] WSMIPogue49housewife135 N. Stone Ave.68147Charles H.Pogue, clerk Steinfeld's 1913CD(1864-1947) "Orchita H. Pouge", spouse 1858- 1948 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1890 Florence, AZ WSMI; b. 1867 IN, spouse b. 1857 IL 1900C
21-Apr2671NelliePomroyover 21none; retired librarian139 W. Alameda65.5135SINGLEx 1900 director and founderdaughter of Everett Benedict or Horace B. Pomroy?; b. 1854 CA head of household 1900C; b. 1860 CA head of household 1910C; b. 1850 CA 1920C; d. 1923 AZ Deaths; member Grace Episcopel Church; WC per15 April 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen article; Tucson teacher in 1890 Biennial Superintendent of Public Instruction Report; member of NEA 1888; Pima Co. librarian 1887-1896 http://www.library.pima.gov so in Tucson by 1887
21-Apr2680Juanita ZeigerPotter27house keeper252 W. 5th St.65130Allen H. Potter, department cattle inspector 1913CDb. 1877 NM (not Hispanic) 1920C; Miss Juanita Zeiger lived in TX and there was a Zeiger Hotel in El Paso; m. TX Select Marriage Index; spouse b. 1882 OH is listed in 5 CDs and registered for WWI draft in 1917-18; no other evidence found at this time
30-Apr3103Margaret [L. Lysight] FAGPowerover 21housewife44 E. 15th St.62101William G. Power WSMI(1880-1951) San Rafael, CA FAG; spouse 1873 CA-1927, an accountant, in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. Maragaret G. Lysight 1899 Tucson WSMI; b. 1879 Washington DC and lives with widowed mother-in-law 1900C; registered same day as sister-in-law Veronica Power; may be related to Lulu Cornelia Lysight who also registered
30-Apr3047SuzannaPower58housewife604 S. 6th Ave.64.5132Robert Power 1910CCanadian; by husband's naturalization; b. 1860 Canada and immigrated 1877, spouse b. 1843 Canada and immigrated 1860 1910C; registered same day as daughter Margaret Power Maloney; may be related to Veronica Power who registered same day
30-Apr3098Veronica [M.] FAGPowerover 21teacher; 3rd grade Drachman (barrio) 12 CD44 E. 15th St.64110SINGLE(1871-1935) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG b. 1873 CA daughter of Catherine 1900C; b. 1875 CA 1920C; registered same day as sister-in-law Margaret Power
26-Apr2824Berenice CheyneyPryce29housewife121 E. 3rd St.65180William Morris Pryce, assistant secretary Merchants Bank & Trust Co. and County School Superintendent 1913-14CDs(1883-1942) spouse 1875 IA - 1935 was a Pima County supervisor and school board member in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. AZ 1920C; spouse was in Lee, Drachman & Pryce real estate from 1905; m. 1906 WSMI; sister Mary Neal Barnard and mother Annie Neal Cheyney registered before her
23-Apr2730Ella MariePurcell22teacher; Davis School 1913CD263 N. Main St.62105SINGLE"Marie E."daughter of Purham and Mary Purcell b. 1891 CA 1900C; member of Gamma Delta sorority and B.A. teaching 1912 advanced degree UA 1913 Saguaro Yearbook
22-Apr2705Emma R.Purvesover 21stenographer at W. H. Sawtell 1913CD748 E. 7th66120SINGLE By father's naturalization; "new call business" in listed in nativity column; (1870 Canada-1951) spouse 1862 Canada- 1937 Los Angeles; buried in Minneapolis, MN FAG; daughter of Rev. George and Olga Purves; when her boss was named federal judge, he brought her with him to run his office in Phoenix August 22, 1913 El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas Page 7; m. E. E. Sidnam in Prescott, AZ 1914 WSMI; 1951 obit The Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, NY
30-Apr3101MabelPusch21student428 S. 4th Ave.66125SINGLE(1891-1985) "Maybelle", spouse 1890-1967, a Mason, Fayette Co., PA FAG; "Maybelle" b. AZ, daughter of Matilda and George Pusch 1910C; at UA 1903; m. James H. Hankins of Union Town, PA about 1918 The Arrow of Pi Beta Phi, Volume 34, Issue 4; spouse registered for WWI draft in Pima Co. 1917-8 and the couple in PA 1920C; registered with mother Matilda and sister Wilhelmina Pusch
30-Apr3100Matilda [Feldman]Puschover 21housewife428 S. 4th Ave.65150George C. Pusch, rancher & butcher shop owner with Zellweger 31 E. Congressx 1910-11German; by husband's naturalization; (1861-1933) spouse 1847-1921 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse on city council 1898-1899 and delegate to 1910AZ Constitutional Convention; family owns Steam Pump Ranch [Oro Valley] and Arivaca Land and Cattle Co. with Noah Bernard and John Bogan (arivaca-connection.com); registered with daughters Mabel and Wilhelmina Pusch
30-Apr3102WilhelminaPusch22student428 S. 4th Ave.63.5115SINGLE(1890-1958) spouse 1890-1975, a Mason, in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1880 AZ, daughter of Matilda and George Pusch 1910C; attended UA; m. Gustav R. Kanabe; registered with mother Matilda and sister Mabel Pusch
29-Apr2942Anna L. [Bass] WSMIPyottover 21house keeper219 E. 13th St.63145William T. Pyott clerk SP Co. 1913CD(1884 AZ-1936) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1905 Tucson [W. S. Pyott]; spouse on city council 1919-20
30-Apr3097Katie E.Quinnover 21housewife425 S. 6th65.5145Harry J. Quinn, teas and coffee Quinn & Hughes 43 E. Congress 1913CDb. 1872 MI and spouse Ira J. Quinn b. 1870 Canada, immigrated 1878 1910C; partner's wife Margaret MacDonald Hughes also registered
26-Apr2812Marie [Mary Osgood] WSMIRasmessenover 21housewifeGranada St.; [#237 N.] 1913CD65145Rudolph Rasmessen, curios 128 E. Congress 1913CD(1877 IN-1940) spouse 1875-1941 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1902 WSMI; spouse b. Sweden 1920C; spouse volunteer fireman 1913CD, city council 1907-8 CD and mayor 1921-24CD
30-Apr3079Caroline [Osthoff] FAGRechif29teacher6th & View Ave.65200Frank A. Rechif, foreman Tucson Transfer Co. 1914CDORIGINAL NUMBERS; (1883-1958) spouse 1883-1839 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. KS, spouse b. KS and m. about 1912 per child's birth; Mrs. C. O. Rechif is Holladay School principal, Carrie Retchif grade teacher 1910-1 CD; d. in Alameda CA Death Index
24-Apr2756Mabel E[dwards] FAGReed33housewife211 N. Church St.63160W. T. Reed, contractor 1913CD(1880-1972) spouse 1877-1968 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1899 IA, spouse moved to Tucson for his health in 1906 spouse's obituary 9 Feb 1968 Tucson Daily Citizen; maybe in LWV
19-Apr2597Edith S[heldon] WSMIReid38housewife614 E. 2nd St.64130George S. [L.] Reid, engineer SP Co. 1913CD(1875-1960) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1911 WSMI; spouse b. 1867 Canada, immigrated 1883 and lived with his widowed sister Maggie R. Miller 1910C; in DAR with Clara Fish Roberts; registered same day as her sister-in-law Maggie 'Read' Millar
30-Apr3038Myrtle [A. Coombs] WSMIRevell29housewife743 E. 7th St.66160William W. Revell, tailor for G. K. Smith 1913CD(1886-1954) spouse 1873 -1945, mother "Comb" in Pomona, CA FAG; m. 1910 Tucson WSMI; b. IN and spouse b. IA living in San Diego by 1920C
29-Apr2944Katie B. [Katherine Hogue] FAGReynolds43teacher830 E. 5th St.62110Herbert F. Reynolds 1910C(1870-1958) spouse 1874-1920 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. NY, spouse b. PA and m. about 1899 per child's birth 1920C
21-Apr2665Georgia A.Richey34stenographer; Southern Pacific Co. 1913CD622 N. 7th Ave.64.5136SINGLEb. 1880 KS, daughter of George and Fannie Richey 1910 C; in Los Angeles by 1930C; d. 1961 Los Angeles CA Death Index; sister-in-law Marie G. Richey registered later
29-Apr2931Marie G[randpre] WSMIRichey28housewife624 N. 7th Ave.65105Thomas K. Richey, attorney 1913CDb. 1885 IL, spouse b. 1877 KS 1930C; m. 1911 Tucson, middle initial 'E.' WSMI; sister-in-law Georgia A. Richey registered earlier
25-Apr2771Cordelia [Pearson King] FTRichmond40housewife227 S. 4th Ave.67151Albert B. Richmond, mining engineer 1913CDb. 1873 CA, spouse b. 1873, m. about 1902 per child's birth with clue to her first marriage through step children b. AZ 1910C; first husband Horatio King m. 1893, bride from Nogales registered in Pima Co. WSMI; d. 1955 Tuolumne, CA Death Index; spouse 1873-1947 Glendale, CA FAG
19-Apr2592Bessie H[erbst] Percy Jr. FAGRider50housewife450 N. Main St.64110Percy S. Rider, mining engineer 1913CDx(1861 PA-1956 Phoenix) spouse 1861 OH-1844, m. 1887 PA, in Woman's Club, the Saturday Morning Musical Club, Episcopal Church, moved to Phoenix 1944 with daughter AHS Jane H. Rider papers; son Percy Jr. d. 1926 FAG; registered after daughter Jane Rider
12-Apr2490Jane H[erbst] AZ Women's Hall of FameRider23bacteriologist450 N. Main St.70156SINGLEx(1889-1981) b. Sewickly PA, family moved to Tucson 1906, UA 1911 grad, in Gamma Phi Sigma sorority, 1st AZ female engineer, d. in Phoenix per AHS Jane H. Rider papers; on retirement she said "There's still so much to be done." AZ Women's Hall of Fame; mother Bessie Rider registered later; worked voter registration 4/19 fo CC; may have tested milk of CC project
30-Apr2966MarjorieRiley44housewife29 E. Pennington62110Jack F. Riley, manager E.P. Drew 1913CD"Marguerit M. Riley" b. 1871 IL, "John F. Riley" spouse b. 1859 IA 1910C; m. NB and spouse d. Arizona FT
24-Apr2738Daisy Belle [Phillips] WSMIRinehart34housewifeN. 6th Ave. & Mabel St.63112Charles [V.] Rinehart, painting contractor 1920C(1876 CA-1953) spouse 1872 IN-1971 and a Knight of Pythias in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1908 Tucson WSMI; "Chaile W. Rinehart" 1910C
18-Apr2568SusanRinehart46housewife8 mi. E. Speedway66149no evidence for Susan found, but occupation implies she is married; a Charles Rinehart b. 1883 NY was a boarder at Daisy Rinehart's home 1910C
17-Mar2471Clara FishRobertsover 21housewife141 N. Main St.63.5134Frederick C. Roberts, mechanic C.G.Miller garage 1913CDx founder; 1919 pres.x 1901FIRST REGISTRANT IN 1913; (1876 AZ-1964) spouse 1876 KS-1958 and SPAM veteran, St. Philips-in-the-Hills Episcopel Church in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1905 Tucson WSMI; first student to register at UA, taught in Tucson 1897 until taking a position a Northern AZ Normal School in 1901-5; LWV organizer and state president ;and 1st woman elected to school board 1917-9; founder of Tucson Collegiate Club (AAUW) 1905; 1903 WC sec. with Mrs. (Robert or John) Dale; her mother Maria Wakefield Fish in WCTU and WC founder; AHS files
25-Apr2783DorothyRoberts25teacher; 1st grade Holladay 1912-3 CD503 2nd St.66.5120SINGLEb. 1888 CT, daughter of Lillian and Rev. Henry B. Roberts 1910C; registered after mother Lillian Roberts; not in CA with parents San Diego 1920C; could be "Dorethy" living with partner Madison, WS 1920C
25-Apr2780Irene [Roberts] FAGRoberts37housewife530 S. 4th Ave.64123Willis Milton Roberts, mine owner 1913CD(1873-1968) spouse 1850-1917 is pioneer of NM and AZ and gold prospector in Alaska, m. 1902 GA, buried Monticello Methodist Cemetery, Jasper, GA FAG
17-Apr2549Lillian T.Robertsover 21housewife503 E. 2nd St.63134Henry B. Roberts, Congregational minister 1913CD#2536, 2548, 2549 or 2554-adjusted by dates; "Lillian E." b. OH 1860, spouse b. 1854 MA and m. about 1885 per daughters' b. in RI and CT 1910C; m. OH FT; daughter Dorothy Roberts registered later; moved to CA where spouse served as minister in Mission Hills http://www.missionhillsucc.org San Diego1920C and 1930C; may be (1879-1967 Tucson) Social Security Death Index
30-Apr3044Margaret C[urtin] FTRoberts54house hold Queen112 E. Broadway64.5194John M. Roberts, president CA Wine Co. 1913CDb. 1859, m. OH FT; b. 1862 OH, m. before son's birth 1889 TX and another son b. 1894 OH 1910C; she is listed as secretary/treasurer, grocers & deli at 132-4 E. Congress; spouse b. 1856 Australia Santa Anna CA 1930C; spouse involved with tourism and hotel 1925, Broadway & Country Club and in business 1895-1915
24-Apr2755Mamie S[outh]Robinson34housewife57 Miltenberg St.64151William Robinson, proprietor Roman's Hotel 1900C(1879-1925) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. IL, spouse b. 1878 England and immigrated 1892 1910C
17-Apr2554Rhoda H. [Doane] FAGRobinson66housewife841 Tyndall Ave.61100Albert A. Robinson, art store salesmanF.W. Brown Co. 1913CDx 1908-9#2536, 2548, 2549 or 2554-adjusted by dates; (1846 Nova Scotia-1931) spouse 1845 ME-1927 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; lived with son-in-law Fred Brown 1910C; registered before daughter Alberta Robinson Brown
25-Apr2790Eliza A. [Ward] Am. LumbermenRockwellover 21none405 Franklin St.66146[WIDOW of] H.H. Rockwell 1913CD(1841-1930) spouse 1838-1901 so she's a widow, Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee FAG; spouse invented dowel doors for Rockwell Manufacturing Co., both b. NY, m. 1862 American Lumbermen: The Personal History and Public and Business ..., Volume 1 (eBook)
29-Apr2908ElizabethRoddyover 21stenographer204 S. Stone Ave.64130F. Hereford Roddy, clerk 1913CDno evidence found beyond 1913 CD; spouse possibly #2909 in registery; may have moved to CA
21-Apr2668AnnaRogers34messenger service333 N. Court St.62156Mrs. [Bloomfield Rogers] 1913CDb. 1872 Ireland, spouse b. 1876 CA in Contra Costa, CA 1910; b. 1875 Ireland, spouse b. 1877 CA in Ajo, Pima, AZ 1920C; spouse has different wife Contra Costa, CA 1930; spouse d. Contra Costa, CA FT; possibly divorcee
16-Apr2532Anne E. [Padget] FAGRogers42teacher; assistant high school principal 1913CD838 N. Euclid68145J. Albion Rogers, president Tucson Realty & Trust Co. 1913CDx 1919-20x 1940(1871-1965) spouse 1863-1945 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. TN, spouse b. PA 1940C; earned $70 teaching in Tucson 1906; 7th and 8th grade 1912 CD; Founded Teacher Education Ass. 1917 with Alice Vail and Mary Duffy; mother Harriet McNabb Padget also registered
30-Apr3052Eva [Emma Granger] WSMIRoller39housewife225 N. 2nd Ave.65.5124Charles C. Roller, RR conductor 1913CD(1873 PA-1936) spouse 1863 PA-1921 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1890 Tucson WSMI
29-Apr2898Hortense [Dalton]Ronstadt34housewife737 N. 6th Ave.65184Joseph M. Ronstadt, cattle broker 1913CD(1880 Tucson-1965) spouse 1879 Sonora, Mexico-1933 in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; m. 1901 Tucson WSMI; b. AZ; Joseph M. was wagon maker 1910C; his brother Fred of carriage and music fame m. her sister Guadelupe A.Dalton 1904; may be related to Natalie A. Dalton who also registered
21-Apr2672Emilie [Clara Emilie Mihan] FAGRosensternover 21housewife388 S. Stone Ave.64138Louis Rosenstern, manager dry goods department Steinfelds 1912 CD(1878-1933) spouse 1868-1923 Evergreen Cemetery Masonic section FAG; b. 1875 NY , spouse b. 1870 Germany and immigrated 1889 1910C; 2 Mar 1904 held meeting in her home to reenergize the Jewish commuity which became the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society focused on building a synagogue; in bridge club per society page 1913; neighbor of Elizabeth Borton who also registered
25-Apr2784Mary [L.]Rossover 21teacher; high school 1913 CD503 2nd St.66.5120SINGLEteaches 7th and 8th grade 1912 CD; no other evidence found
21-Apr2690Sadie E. [Sarah Mceuen Beardsley] FAG, WSMIRowntree40housewife102 N. Stone Ave.64125W. A. Rowntree, photographer with studio at home 1913CD(1873-1953) Athena, OR FT; m. 1911 Tucson WSMI; b. 1876 MO widowed with 2 children b. 1893 and 5 more born in CA living with mother Adeline Mceven (sic) 1910C; 1st spouse Nelson Beardsley d. 1906 FT; in Los Angeles CA 1920C; Sgt. Rowntree, SPAM veteran d. Los Angeles 1934 FAG
28-Apr2840Lizzie A.Royceover 21none35 Council St.68.5123SINGLEx 1900 founderElizabeth is teacher 1913CD and may have just retired in her 70s; b. 1846 IL "Eliza A." 1900C; b. IL 1843 and has 2 roomers 1910C; see 15 Apr 1928 Tucson Daily Citizen WC article; honorary member in WC 1908-9 year book; still in Tucson 1920C; d. 1921 CA Death Index
29-Apr2947Annie [Stone] FAGRussell47housewife306 W. 6th St.68200Frank E. Russell, manager manage Tucson Rapid Transit Co. and Tucson Gas, Electic, Light and Power Co. 1914CDEnglish; by husband's naturalization; (1871-1948) spouse 1863 England-1923 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse fire chief 1898 andon city council 1895-1902
22-Apr2707RuthRussell28retail grocery829 E. 6th St.65108Thomas J. Russell, grocer 1913CDno specific evidence found
28-Apr2843Sarah Alice [Ellis] 1904 Pima Co. NaturalizationRussell51housewifeMillville E. 16th St.65180Louise V. Russell, city patrolman 1913CDEnglish; by husband; (1862-1934) spouse England-1929 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; immigrated 1895 and m. by 1897 by son's b. in AZ 1910C; spouse fire volunteer 1914
29-Apr2946Aimee B[isgood] WSMIRyland27housewife3 mi. SW Tucson63128John B. Ryland 1914CD(1884 NY-1915) spouse 1865 OH-1937 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1910 Tucson WSMI; spouse works for Ryland & Zipf's men's clothing store
26-Apr2802Mary D. Sandsover 21housewife96 St. Mary's Ave.62105Dalmer W. Sands, railroad postal clerk 1910Cb. 1873 OH, spouse b. 1870 OH and m. about 1901 OH per son's birth1910C; d. between 1930 and 1940C; spouse d. Tucson 6 Feb 1947 obit in Tucson Daily Citizen; no FAG found
15-Apr2510Alice M[inerva Clarke] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaSatterwhite[over] 21teacher; 1st grade Davis (Barrio) 1912 CD 47 Council St.64122Thomas R. [D.] Satterwhite, attorney 1900Cx 1900 reading club(1864 NY-1927) Death Certificate so age at registration should read "over 21"; m. 1889 Los Angeles, CA with spouse b. 1852 SC Rootsweb marriage record; spouse was territorial judge and Attorney General 1893; spouse 1864-1927 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG does not support census listings; widowed between 1900-1910 per census; grade school teacher 1910-11 CD; advandced degree 1884 History of the First Half Century of Oswego State Normal and Training School, Oswego, New York (Google eBook), 1913; registered one person away from Nelle Rice Meyer, a neigbor and possible friend with Edith Clement Thompkins in between them
17-Apr2559Edith M[arilla Thompson] FTSavage29housewife512 E. 2nd St.70114Ross B. Savage, Webber & Savage 1913CDb. 1885 IL, spouse b. 1884 IL and m. about 1908 per daughter's birth in AZ 1920C; spouse 1883-1939 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; in Tucson 1910C to 1930C; teacher 1910CD; spouse b. Winnebago, IL FT;
28-Apr2835Anna S[tatia] TX Death CertificateSayers52house mother404 S. 5th Ave.63180WIDOW of R. H. Sayers 1913CDIrish; by husband; # as original; b. 1861, widowed with 2 children born in TX, Adeline b. 1888, immigrated 1880 and spouse b. MO 1910C "Fayors"; lived in Tucson 1920C; Ft. Worth, TX 1930C with daughter Adeline McQueen; d. 1942 Ft. Worth, TX Death Certificates
9-Apr2488Clara M. [Kaub] Who's Who in AZ ebook, 1913Schell40optometrist5th St. &Tucson Ave.66160Dr. Henry A. Schell, optometristx(1872 IL-1955 CA); University of Chicago graduate Who's Who in AZ ebook p. 666; in Graham Co. AZ 1900C; spouse b. 1969 IL and probably m. in IL before 1900C 1910C; Pima Equal Suffrage League; pres. AZ Humane Society, Pima Co. Humane Soc.; T-BPW charter member; divorced by 1930C; lives with adopted son 1940C obit 4/25/55 ADS; buried Wunders Cemetery, Chicago with her sister FAG
19-Apr2589Metta M. [Z. Mills] Cuyahoga Co. OH Marriage RecordsSchnabel36housewife401 Speedway66120Dr. A. Garfield Schnabel, MD1918CDb. 1877 OH, widowed (altho listed as divorced and living with son in Phoenix 1920C) and lives with mother Phoenix 1940C; "Margaret" 1922CD; spouse 1880 OH-1927 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Dell Langworthy is Dr. Schnabel's nurse also registered
29-Mar2476Emma L.Schoonmaker48housewife721 E. 6th St.66160W. F. Schoon- maker, engineer SP RR 1912 CDb. 1863 NJ. spouse b. 1859 IL, m. abt. 1889 per son's birth in 1890 TX and daughter b. 1892 AZ El Paso 1910C "Schoontmaker"; in CA 1920C; d. 1937 Los Angeles CA Death Index
17-Apr2547Augusta W[alker] IN Select MarriagesSchurtz50house keeper210 N. 3rd Ave.64160WIDOW of Charles R. Schurtz 1913CDb. 1854 IN, spouse b. 1850 MI and m. IN Select Marriages by son's birth about 1875 Goshen, IN 1880C; d. MI around 1895 Ann Arbor, MI 1900C; registered 2 days before daughter Vera Z. Schurtz
19-Apr2628Vera ZoeSchurtz[over] 21none610 N. 2nd Ave.65115SINGLE x 1912 -13 pres.(1879 IA-1921) AZ Death Index; buried in White Pigeon, MI per Mar 1921 South Bend Tribune obit; 1900-01 Univ. of MI, d. 6 Mar 1921 in Tucson and buried in White Pigeon, MI per The MI Alumnus Vol 27; B. 1878 IA , daughter of Augusta Schurtz 1910C; Pima County Superintendent of Schools 1917CD; registered 2 days after mother Augusta Schurtz probably because Vera was working the registration office with CC; picture FT; may be also known as "Prexie" by CC members
28-Apr2877May M.Schusterover 21house keeper219 S. 5th Ave.65.5145G. H. Schuster 1900Cb. 1871 and m. 1892 El Paso, TX 1900C; b. 1874 TX,spouse b. 1870 MO 1910C
15-Apr2508Clara H. [Minnie Held] FTSchweitzer30housewifeE. 4th & Highland Ave.64100Reuben R. Schweitzer, department manager F. Ronstadt Co. 1914CD(1882 IL-1968 CA) spouse 1879-1948 FT; in Los Angeles CA 1920C; spouse registered #2507; widowed living with her children in Los Angeles, CA 1940C
24-Apr2752Julia A.Scrivnerover 21housewife202 E. Congress63133Jasper Scrivner, copper mine owner 1910Cb. 1860 OH, spouse b. 1851 OH and m. 1893 San Xavier Precinct Papago town, Pima Co. 1900C; b. 1856 OH and widowed 1920C; see Tucson Daily Citizen 10 March 1914 article about spouse's death
28-Apr2886Ida J.Seacina or Siocina22housewife144 Franklin St.64.5120no evidence found of correct spelling; find family living at that address in 1913
29-Apr2910Myrtle [Ann Dibble] WSMISeeley28house keeper245 E. Broadway62.5145Millard G. Seeley, locomotive engineer SP Co. 1913CD(1884 UT-1950) 2nd husband Leroy Baldwin in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b 1885 UT and lives with her brother-in-law Gerald Worther 1910C; 1904 Pima Co. WSMI; Myrtle G. Seeley has furnished rooms 1913CD; sister-in-law Ida Nell Worthen registered before her; spouse d. San Francisco 1915 CA Death Index
17-Apr2537Anna L. Seitz 36dress maker47 E. Alameda67174Seits in 1913-4CD; no other evidence found
28-Apr2864IdaSelby52house keeper [boarding house]831 S. 2nd Ave.67143WIDOW of Thomas H. Selbyb. 1861 CA, spouse b. 1844 MA and m. 1886 1900C; widowed by 1910C; moved with son to Adin-Modoc, CA by 1930C; divorced and lives with son in Adin-Modoc, CA 1940C; son is buried in Adin-Modoc, CA
30-Apr3002Caroline M[atilda Duke] WSMISelkirk33housewife624 N. 5th Ave.68140Robert J. Selkirk, supervisor U.S. Forest Service 1913CD(1879 TX-1964 CA) spouse 1866-1950 in Cambria, CA FAG; "Carrie"; m. 1909 Benson, Cochise, AZ WSMI; b. 1880 TX, spouse b. 1866 Canada and immigrated 1870 1910C
21-Apr2679Mary [Florence] Hall FTSeymour28housewife626 S. 6th Ave.63130William N. Seymour 1913CDb. 1885 MO, spouse b. 1879 IL and m. about 1907 MO per son's birth 1910C; spouse d. 1914 and son d. 1933 Springfield, MO FAG
17-Apr2540 Mrs. Tillie [Heitzeg] WSMIShahan38housewife218 S. 4th Ave.66175John K. Shahan, electrician SP Co. 1913CD(1866 MN-1946 Tucson) Mathilda H. Heitzeg, spouse 1867 Canada -1942 Tucson b. 1847 buried in Glendale, CA FAG ; m. 1896 Tucson WSMI
29-Apr2948Ellis M. [Griffith McCrary] FAGShapard26housewife123 E. Alameda68.5173Albert Shapard, tailor dry goods store 1910C(1886-1973) spouse 1883 TX - 1930 in Gulfport, Harrison, MS FAG; b. 1887 TX, spouse b.1883 TX and son b. 1910 AZ 1910C; m. Santa Fe, NM FT
17-Apr2550Mary H. [Pilling] http://www.mocavo.comSheldon69housewife614 E. 2nd St.64120WIDOW of T. H. Sheldon 1913CD(1843-1926) spouse 1825-1909 WI Lafayette, WI FAG; widowed, spouse b. MI Williow Springs, WI 1880C; see http://www.mocavo.com for more information about her son who moved to Tucson 1886 and stated father was b. in NY; b. 1844 WI and m. about 1875 WI per daughter's birth 1910C; lives with son-in-law George L. Reid 1920C; registered two days before daughter Edith Sheldon Reid
29-Apr2923Clara E. [Felix] FAGShelley51housewife257 N. Stone Ave.64.5135Ezra R. Shelley, conductor SP Co. 1913CDCanadian; naturalized by husband; (1861-1930) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse lists 2 stepdaughters implying Clara may have been married in England per Bertha Mabel Judd's birth 1881 Canada and Bessie born in AZ 1889 (Clara must have been pregnant when her first husband died since she was married to Ezra by census 1900C; immigrated 1883,and 1910C; spouse b. 1863 NY 1920C; registered in line with stepdaughter Bessie Judd
25-Apr2791Nona M[ary West]Sheltonover 21housewife648 N. Stone Ave.64.5132Ralph K. Shelton, department manager Steinfeld's 1913CD(1870 IA-1953) spouse 1869 IN-1947 (first husband Oscar Leroy Pease 1861 ME-1938 CA) in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. Shelton (abt. 1904 since Pease has child with new wife 1905 FAG), daughter by Pease b. 1891 AZ 1910C; daughter Ione Pease and 1st husband's 2nd wife Zena Fetterly Pease also registered
24-Apr2740Lillie M.Shibellover 21deputy recorder220 N. Court St.6498SINGLE(1880-1943) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Mercedes Sais Quiroz (d. 1875 Holy Hope Cemetery) captured by Apaches with Larcena Pennington Page 1861 was her father's Charles A. Shibell first wife (he d. 1908 Evergreen Cemetery) FAG; parents Charles A. and Nelly M. Shibell 1900C; lives with sister Mary Shibell Brown 1910 C; helped women register to vote as deputy recorder 1913; sister Mary Shibell Brown also registered
30-Apr3075Mary C.Shoulta26dress maker646 S. 6th Ave.64110may be Shoultz, but no definitive evidence found
19-Apr2595Edith B. [Coffin Bellamy] FTShreve30housewifeDesert Lab 2 miles west66147Forest Shreve, studies desert vegetation in Tucson 1908-1938 FAGx 1917 pres(1878-1956 Los Angeles per CA Death Index) spouse 1878 MD-1950 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. MI with A.B. physics and chemistry, University of Chicago and m. 1909, coouple met at Judson College in Marion, AL 1904-6 then Women's College 1906-1909 where she taught physics and deferred her PhD after marriage see Bowers A Sense of Place: The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve online; Carnegie Institution of Washington's Desert Laboratory; she took up plant physioloy and wrote books about the desert
30-Apr3031Florence R.Shurtleff30housewife620 N. 7th St.62102George F. Shurtleff, miner 1917CDno clear evidence found; may be spouse 1864-1924 Carbon Co., UT FAG bur different wife per death certificate FT
30-Apr2974Elsie [M.] 1913CDSiewert30music teacher18 E. McCormick62.5130SINGLE(1882 CA-1926) father William Siewert, spouse 1882 OH -1942 with obit. in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. James K. Brown III 1916; both attended UA in first prep class with Clara Fish Roberts 1897; Clara was first to register
29-Apr2892Alice B[irkinshaw] AZ Death IndexSimmonsover 21housewife350 Granada St.65105Lucius G. Simmons, department manager Steinfeld's 1913CDCanadian; naturalized by father; (1873-1948) AZ Deaths; immigrated 1900, spouse b. 1868 NJ and both rooming with Maggie Spires who also registered 1910C; m. before 1910C; spouse d. 1952, owned furniture store obit. 19 Dec 1952 Tucson DailyCitizen
24-Apr2753Leila B. [Lela Bentley] WSMISimmonsover 21housewife202 E. Congress65130James D. Simmons WSMIm. 1907 WSMI; b.1883 TX, spouse b. 1880 MO Wilcox, AZ 1910C
26-Apr2826Bertie E.Simmsover 21domestic302 E. 6th St.67123Mrs. 1913CDcolored; "Berta" 1913CD; "Bertha Sirus" MULATTO, b. 1882 TX, spouse Bernet Sims MULATTO b. 1869 Lousiana, m. 1902 1910C; living at same address as Rosa Cote who also registered; spouse may be NEGRO Mack Sims b. 1870 LA, wife "Bertha" b. 1895 LA, son McHenry b. 1909 LA Bossier, LA 1930C may be a connection
28-Apr2845Nellie [E.] FAGSims46housewifeRillito Station [Longhorn? NW of Tucson]63140Charles. W. [N.] Sims, rancher, Longhorn, AZ FAG(1866-1944) spouse 1866-1950 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; "Nillie Sims" Maricopa Co., AZ 1900C; b. KY and spouse b. MS 1940C
16-Apr2526Jessie A[nn Wright]Sine48cashier433 N. Main St.66130Arnold Sine, telephone operator 1913CDCanadian; naturalized by husband; (1863-1950 Marysville, CA) FT; spouse 1862 Canada-1920 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. Ontario, Canada Marriages; she is a bookkeeper for J. Ivancovich [grocery] 1914CD; moved to Coconino Co. AZ 1920C; lives with daughter Janet Lusk b. 1891 OR Douglas, AZ1940C
25-Apr2788Annie [Anna Gibson Roberts] WSMISkinner44housewife408 E. 16th St.63147.5W.H. Skinner, locomotive engineerx 1900Scotch; by husband; m. 1888 Benson., AZ WSMI; in Benson, AZ 1900C; b. 1869, immigrated 1884 and spouse b. 1865 ME 1910C;see 15 Apr 1928 WC article in Tucson Daily Citizen; moved to Tucson from ranch in 1903, spouse d. 1930 Tucson and she moved to CA for several years, d. 1959 obit. 10 Jan 1959 Tucson Daily Citizen
30-Apr3099Effie M. Smith27house keeper217 E. Broadway62105William D. Smith, RR clerkno definitive clues- a married couple "Smith" roomed at Fred Young residence with no birth dates or place 1910C
25-Apr2778Elizabeth J.Smith38housewife113 E. 10th St. 67.75172no definitive clues
28-Apr2855Mabel [A. Page] WSMISmith29housewife5 mi. S. Mission Rd.64135Luis E. Smith, Ice Company manager 1920Cm. 1906 Nogales, AZ WSMI; spouse "Lin E. Smith" and daughter Margary b. AZ Rincon, AZ 1910C; b. 1884 KS, spouse "Luin E. Smith" b. 1875 MO and daughter b. 1907 Mexico 1920C
30-Apr3053Mary [L.] 1914CDSmith39housewife121 N. 3rd Ave.64113.5William L. Smith, policeman 1914CD b. IL 1910C possibly Nellie Smith's sister
17-Apr2541Mrs. Victoria B. [Shaw] WSMISmith40housewife124 S. 5th Ave.66140George K. Smith, proprietor American Steam Cleaning Works 1913CD(1872 CA-1960 Phoenix) spouse 1870 England-1937 , arrived Tucson 1897 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1897 Tucson WSMI; Shaw ranch is now the Phoenix airport, she was a teacher in Phoenix schools before marriage, spouse merchant tailor, fire chief and mayor 1931-1933 http://www.tucsonfirefoundation.com
22-Apr2703Nellie B.Smith37housewife55 Miltenberg St.68.5165Robertson B. Smith, policeman 1910C; may be WIDOW by 1913b. 1876 IL and seamstress, spouse 1868 IA and m. about 1894 per son's birth 1910 C; widowed and children b. NE and AZ and in AZ by 1908 child's birth 1920C
30-Apr3045Cora I. Sneed34cashier; Women's Exchange 1913CD327 S. 4th Ave.63160Mrs. 1913CD; DIVORCEE Tombstone, AZ 1910C(1876 AL-1932 Los Angeles, CA) Cora B. Sneed waitress at Women's Exchange 1913CD and bookkeeper 1914CD; m. 1895 Sierra Vista, AZ 1900C; spouse Robert H. Sneed divorced Tombstone, AZ 1910C; m. John F. Cramer June 1913 AZ Select Marriages
23-Apr2732Maude [Jenny] FTSorrelsover 21housewifeCorner Euclid & 12th St.66117H[udson] O. Sorrels, engineer SP Co. 1926CDb. 1877 NY, spouse b. 1881 TX, m. about 1906 TX and in AZ by 1910 per children's births Nogales, AZ 1920C; spouse d. 1967 Tucson FT; spouse 1917-18 CA Employee RR Records
30-Apr3078PetraSoto23bookkeeper; father's pawnshop28 E. 15th St.66114SINGLEHispanic; (1891 AZ-1953) husband Esteban Borgaro b. 1889 MX-1957 and mother Epigmemia Cortez b. MX in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; daughter of Francisco Soto, pawnshop keeper, b. CA 1910C; spouse immigrated 1910 and m. about 1921 per daughter's birth 1930C; business woman running Borgaro's Curio Shop on East Congress; graduated UA 1911 obit 30 Oct 1953 Tucson Daily Citizen
28-Apr2870Laura A.Spiresover 21bookkeeper; Rossi's restaurant 1913 CD326 E. 4th St.65110SINGLEb. 1883 TX, daughter of Daniel Jasper (CSA vet b. MS FAG) and Martha A. [Small] Spires b. MS Goliad, TX1900C; lives with Mote family 1920C; unclassified UA student with sisters Lelia and Mary Alice 1904-5 in History and English; sisters Lelia Spires Morris and Mary Alice Williams also registered two days before her; in Maricopa 1930C
30-Apr3109Maggie [Holliman] FAGSpires36housewife141 S. Stone Ave.66140Daniel J. Spires, police 1913CD; ran The Lobby saloon 1902 see Thiel's Archaeological Investigations(1876 TX- 1950 Phoenix) FAG; b. 1877 TX 1910C; lives in Pinal Co. 1900C; Miss Ethel Spires b. 1894 NM (1910C) daughter in CC 1919-20 at same address; her roomer Alice Simmons also registered
19-Apr2610Florence M[ann] http://www.annualreviews.orgSpoehr28housewife610 N. 2nd Ave.68150Herman A. Spoehr, teacher 1914CDxb. 1886 IL 1920C; worked 4/19 registration for CC; mother-in-law is Frieda Spoehr CC pres 1915 and spouse 1885 IL-1954, came to Tucson to be Chemical
Plant Physiologist in 1910 at the recently established Desert Laboratory of the fledgling Carnegie Institution of Washington for 10 years http://www.annualreviews.org; she was a writer and translator of many academic works and 1906 graduate Smith College Alumnae Register Volumes 1914-1917 online; unclassified student UA"
28-Apr2883[Mary] LouiseSporlederover 21teacher; Safford School 1913CD450 N. Main St.67.5125SINGLEb. 1885 NM living with widowed father Charles H. Sporleder in Las Vegas, NM 1910C; parents Charles H. and Hermina Louise Sporleder, father d. 1927 in Tucson after moving there in 1916, he was a Masonic leader, Las Vegas, NM FAG, sister Rose Sporleder Hofmeister also registered; Home Demostration Agent of County Cooperative Extension in Douglas, AZ Directory of Agricultural and Home Economics Leaders, United States ..., 1920
30-Apr3058MargaretStanford45house keeper85 Rincon Road65128Mrs. 1913CDShe may be Margaret Joannah Gamble Stanford (1850 TN-1924 Phoenix) spouse Monroe A. Stanford 1851 AL-1921 Phoenix, a cattleman who came to AZ about 1880 and m. TX FAG; age doesn't clearly match
19-Apr2635Mrs. HattieStarr57housewife22nd St. & 2nd Ave.66155Richard Starr, real estate agent 1910C(1852 NY -1935 CA) with her son Seeley Thompson Starr which might be a clue to her maiden name Colma, CA FAG; as "Henriette" 1910C and as "Hettie" 1920C; m. 1878 probably in CA per son's bith 1900C; spouse 1844 NY-1916 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Starr Pass Trail named in 1884 after spouse who operated wagon train to mines west of Tucson Mts. Ascarza's Tucson Mountains (74); lived in Los Angeles 1930C
30-Apr3090Lucile L. [or J.]Steeleover 21housewife736 Rincon Apt. 262106Harold Steele, principalRincon Apts. at N. 6th Ave based on Harold's registration 1912; Harold Steele organized and became the scoutmaster of the first boy scout troop in Tucson on April 20, 1911. Picture of the couple at 829 N. 7th Ave. 1912. http://www.azscoutmuseum.com; spouse Tucson HS principal 1909 and then school superintendent 1916-18 with school named in his honor when he d. 1969 edweb.tusd1.org; b. 1885 MI, spouse b. 1880 MI Douglas, AZ 1920C; middle initial "J." in Jackson, MI 1930C & 1940C; she attended UA 1911
29-Apr2939Hattie R. [Schoenthal] AZ Selected BirthsSteinover 21house keeper516 S. 5th Ave.64.5104Henry I. Stein 1913CDb. 1888 PA, spouse b. 1873 Hungary and immigrated 1878 1910C; m. as "Hettie" and "Hattie" in AZ Selected Births; confirms Gertrude Miller as sister and pictures swja.arizona.edu; in Ray, Pinal, AZ 1920C; "Hetty" with children b. 1911 and 1913 AZ in Philadelphia, PA 1930C and still there 1940C; spouse d. 1951 FT; registered with sister Gertrude Schoenthal Miller
28-Apr2862Alice E. [Peaselee] FAGStephens63housewife233 Court St.62.5121R[ichard] E. Stevens 1913CD(1849 NY-1938 NY) see Waterville Times 15 Sept 1838 obit, spouse 1853 England-1918 in Waterville, NY FAG; m. 1882 and spouse immigrated 1868 1900C; souse president and manager H D Corbett Stationery Co., 10 E Congress 1912 Tucson Business Directory
23-Apr2723Maud E. [Bechtel] WSMISteubing24housewife820 E. 4th St.63125William C. Steubing, mining engineer 1913CD(1888-1962 TX) spouse 1882 KY-1943 TX in San Antonio, TX FAG; m. 1908 Tucson WSMI; middle name "Evelyn" FAG; b. Canada, immigrated 1906, Helvetia, AZ 1910C; left Pima County, AZ after son's birth 1918 to live in San Antonio 1920C
24-Apr2766Ethel B[lackman] FAGStewart27housewifeE. 4th & Highland68.5125Hector E. Stewart, bookkeeper Consolidated National Bank 1913CDRegistration date could be 4/25/1913; (1885-1971) spouse 1876 TX-1945 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. IL and m. about 1914 per child's birth 1910C
30-Apr3043Millie [Amelia Person] FAGStewart44housewife142 Convent St.63155Ed Stewart FAGSwedish; American husband; (1871 Sweden- 1940) came to Tucson in 1905, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1873, immigrated 1900 and spouse b. 1870 OH 1920C; "Omelia" divorced, b. 1872, immigrated 1890, and spouse still lives in Tucson 1930C; still in Tucson 1940C; helped spouse run Cabinet Cafe 1911-1916 when they retired (meeting place for businessmen after Prohibition) Thiel's Archaeological Investigations; "CABINET CAFE and Club Rooms), E A Stewart Propr, 14-16-18 N Church. (See p 528.)" 1912 Tucson Business Directory; Business associate's wife Emma Bunnell Cunningham registered the same day
22-Apr2700Amelie [Meyer/ Meyerowitz] FAGStiffel59none205 S. Stone Ave.62200[WIDOW of ] A[dolf or Alexander] W. Stiffel 1913CD, 1910CFrench; naturalized by husband; (1853-1925) in Evergreen Cemetery, spouse d. 1914 FAG; m. as "Emily Meyer" to "Adolf W. Stiffel" 1881 Pima Co. WSMI; middle initial "W.", immigrated 1871 with sister, widowed living with sister (d. 1916 FAG) 1910C; spouse "Alexander" b. 1858 Russia, immigrated 1879 and m. 1881 1900C; spouse naturalized as "Alexander W. Stiffel" 1879-1890 Tucson
29-Apr2941Sadie N.Strauseover 21housewife345 S. Stone Ave.63125Asher Strause, department manager Steinfeld's 1913CD(1877-1957 Oakland) FAG; b. 1875 CA, spouse b. 1873 KY birth 1910C; m. 1895 Oakland, CA 1900C; one child b. 1910 Washington and family in Phoenix 1920C
18-Apr2579Lilla [Malin] WSMIStuart45housewife225 N. 1st Ave.64165Joseph A. Stuart, dry goods salesman 1910Cb. 1868 IL, spouse b. 1848 OH with his middle initial "E." and Lilla's child by first marriage to Mr. Diehl b. 1889 KN with both parents from IL 1910C; m. 1907 Benson, AZ WSMI;
30-Apr3059HedlyeStudebaker28music teacher59 Council St.65126SINGLEOnly in a couple Tucson CDs
30-Apr3060LeslieStudebaker26stenographer, SP Co. 1914CD59 Council St.65141SINGLEOnly in a couple Tucson CDs
25-Apr2779Mary [J.] FAGSullivan47housewife512 S. 4th Ave.65170James Sullivan, city policeman 1910CGerman; by husband; (1864-1923) spouse 1853-1935 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse b. Ireland, both immigrated 1869, m. about 1888 NE per children's births (some born in WA, OR and AZ), daughter Katie Euler lives with them 1910C; registered same day as daughter Katie Sullivan Euler
26-Apr2820Laura MaySwan21student606 N. Park Ave.62108SINGLE(1891-1919 Denver) parents James and Stella Swan in Odd Fellows Memorial Park, Tumwater, WA FAG; perhaps related to Nellie Swan, Ft. Lowell TB sanatorium; won 2nd Drachma prize 1911-12 for debate UA Announcement for the Academic Year; class of 1914 and sec of Wrangler Club UA Yearbook 1911
19-Apr2601Sara H. ["Sally" Carter] FTTaylor46housewife222 Scott St.65115GibsonTaylor Seattle, WA 1900Cb. 1867 KY, spouse b. 1862 KY and m. 1895 Seattle, WA 1900C; spouse listed as single 1910C; spouse 1918 treasurer of AZ Western Railway and atty 1902CD
24-Apr2758EvangelineThatcher37music teacher111 Olive Road68123SINGLEno specific evidance found except 1913CD; trained at New England Conservatory per undated newspaper clipping; reference to Elizabeth Evangeline as religious instruction in Tucson and piano in Roxbury, MA per The Womans Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Fifty-Second Annual Report for the Year 1932-1933
30-Apr2970Bessie Eudora [Knipe] FTThomas33housewife30 E. Pennington69150Dr. Charles A. Thomas, physician 1913CD(1880-1970) FT; b. 1881 KS, spouse b. 1878 MS and m. about 1906 OK per son's birth 1930C; m. 1904 OK FT; spouse 1887 (sic)-1959, arrived in Tucson in 1912. AZ Medical Association president,1923. The ?Thomas? of Thomas-Davis Clinic ahsl.arizona.edu
19-Apr2607Maud G.Thomas[37]none195 S. Main St.61115Charles E. Tomas, assayer 1914CDEnglish; naturalized by husband; b. 1875, immigrated 1892, spouse b. 1860 England and immigrated same year, living with John D. Burgess 1910C; b. 1869 and Pedro (age 80, France) and Anna Charlouleaw (companion, age 33, AZ) boarded with them 1920C; "Charlou Gap" and "Anna Charleau or Charouleau" with interesting history, but did not register
15-Apr2511Edith C[lement Ogden] WSMI and FAGThompkins [Tompkins]21teacher308 E. 2nd St.64124George Nelson Tompkins WSMI(1878 NV per FT -1973) spouse d. 1962 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1905 Tucson WSMI; ? widowed by 1920C; spouse G. N. Tompkins b. MO still alive in Colusa, CA 1935C; confusing FT which may have another husband then remarriage to G. N. Tompkins and more info at community.fortunecity.ws; her sister Florence Emilie Cowan Drachman also registered (check relationship)
25-Apr2786Sue C. [Davis] FTThompson54housewife14 W. 4th St.64.5145WIDOW of Walter Thompson 1914CD(1853-1936 Los Angeles) spouse 1856- Feb 1913 Tucson FT; m. IL Marriages; b.1859 IL, spouse b. 1857 NY and children b. 1894 MO 1910C
30-Apr3016Clara M. [Mills] FAGThomson42housewife304 N. Church49.5125William H. Thomson, City Engineer 1913CD(1863-1922) spouse Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1882 MI (neither birth date matches her age on registration) and listed as foster daughter of Benjamin Bates who she boards with, William Thompson b. 1865 WI 1910C; Clara Thomson b. 1867 MI which is closer to her recorded age 1920C; spouse W. H. Thompson on Fire Committee 3 Mar 1913 http://www.tucsonfirefoundation.com; spouse d. 1938 Manassas, CO FAG
31-Mar2479Harriet B. [Ann Brown] FTThornber38housewife109 Olive Rd.65165John J. Thornber, UA Prof. Botany 1913CDx 1923 presx 1906-7(1874-1944 Tucson) FT; "Thornben" b. 1874 IA, m. 1897 Nebraska City, NE 1900C; ; on UA faculty-speech & elocution; UA special student 1911; organized 1st AZ branch of Audubon Society 1913; Author and Wild Life Photographer Harriet B. Thornber; in DAR with Clara Fish Roberts; lived in Tucson 1935 and is divorced living with son San Diego, CA 1940C; spouse 1872-1962 m. Miriam Ranier in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; lives with son (b. 1905 AZ) and spouse separately without status for either 1930C; philosophy student at UA
19-Apr2619IdaThorpe36milliner, at Thorpe & Robinson, Jacobus Ave. 1913CD121 Jacobmans64125George A. Thorpe, conductor SP Co. 1913CD"Tharpe" b. 1877 GA, spouse b. 1865 GA and m. about 1894 GA per child's birth then in MS for next child 1910C; "Tharpe" b. 1872, both living with son-in-law Ernest Russell and their daughter 1920C
30-Apr3014Emma B.Tidrington35housewife5 mi. E. Speedway64152Harry Tidrington, head porter Old Pueblo Club 1913CDcolored (per 1920 & 1930C); b. 1877 KY, spouse b. 1878 TN, and m. about 1914 CA per daughter's birth 1920C; spouse is "Hurley Lee Tidrington" WWI Draft Registration in Tucson; spouse b. 1884 Los Angeles, CA 1930C; widow b. 1881 has two African American lodgers Los Angeles, CA 1940C
29-Apr2930Kate [Fleming] FTTierce47housewife245 N. Main St.62123[WIDOW of] J. W. Tierce 1913CDCatherine and spouse James T. Tierce b. 1857 TX and d. AZ FT; widow b. 1866 MO lives with children b. 1891 TX and 1893 OK and uncle Sam Flemming Fresno, CA 1900C; she is a probation officer 1913CD; 1935 son Homer Fleming Tierce lives in rural AZ and CO by 1940C (he also attended UA 1910, short agriculture course with home town listed in Mexico)
19-Apr2625Emma S[trauss] FTTombaugh45housewifeDrachman & Santa Rita Ave.58125Joseph A. Tombaugh, grocery at same address as home 1913CDGerman; American husband; b. 1868, spouse b. 1867 PA with adopted son San Diego 1920C; d. 1948 and spouse d. 1922 CA Death Index
26-Apr2831Ella C. [Lee] FTTonkin54housewife136 S. 4th Ave.6887WIDOW of William Tonkin 1913CD(1859-1933) Gardena, CA FAG; b. 1859 MO, spouse b. 1851 England, immigrated 1873 and m. 1877 San Xavier Precinct Papago town, Pima Co., AZ 1900C; "Tomkins" 1910C; m. AZ FT; Los Angeles 1920 & 1930C; registered with her daughter Mary E. Tonkin
26-Apr2832Mary [E.] 1910CTonkin24R R clerk; AZ Eastern RR 1913CD136 S. 4th Ave.68125SINGLEb. 1889 AZ, daughter of Ella and William Tonkin 1910C; registered with her mother Ella Lee Tonkin; maybe d. 1919 Los Angeles CA Death Index
29-Apr2949SalomeTownsend36teacher245 E. 4th St.65.5115SINGLEx past pres(1876 AL-1955) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; parents Ida and Kirby Townsend 1910C; began teaching in Dec 1912 at old Safford School (7 & 8 grades) and retired 1947 as principal of Roskruge 19 May 1947 Tucson Daily Citizen; 9 May 1942 Tucson Daily Citzen article; member of the Altrusa Club
19-Apr2644Bertha W. [Mehlin] FAGTreahey37housewife21 1/2 S. Stone61102James M. Treahey, book binder in printing office 1910C(1878-1977) Social Security Death Index; m. about 1903 OK Select Marriages; spouse 1869 KN-1938 in Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; "Treaky" 1910C; "Frachen" 1920C; widowed 1940C
29-Apr2928Katherine R[ice] FAGTrippelover 21housewife346 S. 6th Ave.63160Eugene J. Trippell, telephone company auditor 1910C(1866 CA-1955) spouse 1862 TN-1938 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; couple roomed in Orndorf Hotel 1900C; b. CA 1910C; m. about 1891 AZ per child's birth 1930C; daughter Amy Trippel Curley also registered
26-Apr2815Jessie L[ee] Gentrycountylibrary.orgTroutman30housewife63 E. Pennington67140Omer C. Troutman, cleark SP Co 1913CD(1882-1916 MO) High Ridge Cemetery Gentrycountylibrary.org; 1883 MO and spouse b. 1873 IN 1910C; m. MO FT; clerk for AZ Eastern RR 1916-17CD; spouse 1878-1946 MO FAG
28-Apr2847Lucile E.Troutmanover 21housewife637 N. 6th Ave.65.5151George D. Troutman, county superintendent of health & physicians 1913CD(1870-1935) Los Angeles CA Death Index ; b. 1872 VA 1910C; in Los Angeles, CA 1920C; spouse 1868-1929 Los Angeles per Boyd Co., KY obit
29-Apr2659Norine G[ayden]Turrell29housewife835 Tyndall Ave.64.5110Charles A. Turrell, professor UA 1913CDx 1906-9(1885 MS-1915) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; graduated B.L. Shorter and UA grad in Spanish 1910; m. MS and spouse 1876 NY-1961 Portland, OR FT
19-Apr2646Lydia A[della Rainer] FAGUpham30housewife828 E. 4th St.63110Gains [Gaius] J. Upham, H.S. teacher-library and commercial branches 1912-3CD(1884 Madison, WI-1955) spouse 1877 WI-1940 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; member of AZ Chapter #2 Order of Eastern Star 1946 Tucson Daily Citizen article; m. about 1904; spouse amateur photographer, arrived 1902 to work for SPRR then became insurance agent photos at UA and AZ Historical Society; registered same day as neighbor Annie Wilde Kelland
26-Apr2829Carrie [Caroline Pendleton] FAGVail54housewife546 S. 4th Ave.63159Zachary T. Vail 1910Cx 1920(1859 MO-1937) spouse 1849 IL-1918 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; founded Teacher Education Assoc. 1917 with Mary Duffy and Anne Rogers; spouse owned ranch near San Pedro River Portrait and Bio Record of AZ; m. 1874 CA 1900C
23-Apr2729Callie BerkleyVinson38housewife289 N. Church St.63.5125Richard B. Vinson, county recorder 1920C(1874 TN-1957) came by wagon train to Tucson, spouse 1861-1926 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1896 WSMI; 1st woman elected to major city position-city treasurer 1926-30 per Abby Vinson Davenport's obit Tucson Daily Citizen 6 Jun 1973; registered same day as Louise Albert Vinson, but do not seem to be related
23-Apr2721Louise M[ary Albert] FAGVinson42housewife627 E. 1st St.64100Albert C. Vinson, chemistry professor UA 1920C(1871 OH-1939) m. 1897 as first wife of Albert Earl Vinson 1873 OH-1952 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG
18-Apr2574Rose E.Vokounover 21housewife705 N. Stone Ave.64104Joseph F. Vokoun, bookkeeper SP Co. 1913CD(1887 AR- 1953) Alameda, CA Death Index; spouse 1876 IL-1952 CA Death Index; lived in CA per census; registered next in line to Oliva Haugen and lived at same address
19-Apr2618Mattie [Martha Gray] AZ Select MarriagesWaidler26none230 S. 3rd Ave.6498William G. Waidler, fireman SP Co. 1913CDb. 1884 TX , spouse 1884 NY, m. about 1908 AZ per son Walter's birth in Benson, AZ 1910C; spouse d. 1940 as WWI veteran
17-Apr2561Anna R[oberta Patrick] FTWakefield43housewife205 E. 3rd65165Lyman W. Wakefield, electrician 1913CD(1865 MO-1937) spouse 1853-1919 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1881 Tucson WSMI; see 144 university.com picture of home; spouse b. 1855 NY and lives with brother William L. Wakefield and both are stage station keepers in Cienega Valley, Pima Co., AZ 1880C; Lyman was Pima Co. sheriff 1899-1900 and county assessor 1904; daughter-in-law Mary Cameron Wakefield, sister-in-law Fannie Wakefield and neice Clara Fish Roberts also registered
17-Apr2560M. Fannie [Frances M.] FTWakefieldover 21housewife215 E. 3rd Ave.65136William Wakefield, cement contractorb. 1869 IL, spouse William L. Wakefield b. 1852 NY 1910C; William R. Wakefield 1920C; lives with brother Lyman Wakefield and both are stage station keepers in Cienega Valley, Pima Co., AZ 1880C; William Lewis Wakefield's papers Clara Fish Roberts Collection AZ Historical Society; William Wakefield 1851-1932 in mining Evergreen Cemetery FAG; Fannie died between 1920 and 1930C when spouse is listed as widower living with neice Clara Fish Roberts' family
19-Apr2624Mary [Wiley] Cameron FAGWakefield34housewife138 Granada St. [#238] 1913CD66153Walter J. Wakefield, manager Tucson Transfer Co. and City Council Member 1913CDx '09-10 presx 1908-9(1878 PA-1971) m. 1908 per obit, spouse 1882 AZ-1919 of flu epidemic in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; grew up on cattle ranch near Patagonia, AZ from 1884; B. A. Bryn Mawr 1904; worked CC voter reg that day; Walter is Clara Fish Roberts' cousin; spouse 1911 Tucson fire committee and council 1910-1915; Mary went on to run several businesses after husband's death; mother Alice Smith Cameron, mother-in-law Anna Patrick Wakefield, aunt Fannie Wakefield and cousin Clara Fish Roberts also registered
26-Apr2813Alice S. [Kate Seward] cwcfamily.orgWalker31housewife338 Grenada St.64105Charles E. Walker, cashier Consolidated National Bank 1913CDb. 1882 IN 1910C; d. 1967 Los Angeles, CA Death Index; spouse 1880 IN- 1952 CA, m. 1904 IN after he moved to Tucson 1903 with SPRR and moved to CA 1924 cwcfamily.org
30-Apr3049Helen [O.] 1940CWalker40housewife3 mi. E. Speedway62100F. M. Walker, bookkeeper Tucson Ice & Cold Storage Co. 1913CDb. 1874 IN, spouse Francis aka Frank b. 1870 MI, m. about 1895 AZ per daughter's birth 1910C; still living in Tucson with their birthplaces in reverse order 1935C
16-Apr2530Mamie W[illiams] FAGWalker41housewife543 E. 9th St.65118J. Wood Walker, engineer SP Co. 1913CD(1872-1968) spouse 1868-1931 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. MO and spouse b. VA, m. about 1897 AZ per son's birth 1910C
30-Apr2956Catherine P. [Taylor] WSMIWalls40housewife530 E. 1st St.6295Dr. John R. Walls 1913CDb. 1872, spouse b. 1868, m. 1911 Tucson and may be spouses' 3rd wife WSMI; spouse 1867-1942 Springerville, AZ FAG; there are several possiblities per Census records: spouse b. 1868 Canada, immigrated 1891 and widowed in Springerville, AZ 1920C, in Kingman, AZ 1930C and in Apache Co. AZ 1940C; spouse appointed superintendent of the Arizona State Hospital 9 June 9 1917. See Quebbeman, Frances E. Medicine in territorial Arizona; Phoenix : Arizona Historical Foundation, 1966; entry in the Register of the University of Toronto for the Year 1920: Walls, John R; 530 E. First St., or 118 N. Stone St., Tucson, Ariz.; M.D. degree: 1891; graduate of Trinity University before federation [with the University of Toronto]. Arizona State Hospital. Milestones; a history of seventy-five years of progress ... 1887-1962; [Phoenix? 1962?], page 10.
18-Apr2578Sarah E[lizabeth Dibble] FAGWard31housewife225 N. 1st Ave.64138Charlie Falkner Ward findagrave.com(1880 UT-1932) death certificate b. 1884, spouse 1879 England-1949 and he was a RR conductor in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. first to Joseph Oman 1897 Bowie, AZ WSMI; m. to Charlie Ward between 1900C and 1910C when he is married and a boarder; m. Tucson FT; daughter by first husband b. 1901 with last name Smith 1920C; daughter b. 1897 with first husband Oman and spouse immigrated 1881 1930C; registered next to Lilla Malin Stuart who lived at same address
17-Apr2558Anna S. [M.] 1930 & 1940CWarner21housewife945 N. 5th Ave.67115Stanley [M.] Warner, timekeeper SP Co. 1913CDb. 1892 OH, spouse b. 1878 OH "Werner" 1910C; b. 1882 1920C; still in Tucson with no children 1940C; no m. or d. information found to date; registered in line with Albertine K. Elrod who lived at same address
17-Apr2546Frances J[ane Pilling] FAGWarren72none133 E. Pennington66140WIDOW of F.J. Warrenx 1902(1840 Layfayette Co., WI-1928) Evergreen Cemetery FAG; educator who first came to Tucson 1874 to visit brother Dr. Henry Pilling, first woman in Arizona history to stand for public office 1895 insofar as is known and spouse dentist b. IN, m. 1860, d. 1864 womensplaza.arizona.edu; 1893 Superintendent of Schools who filled Elizabeth Murtaugh Borton's seat (Tusd1.org); sister-in-law Emma Weibrecht Pilling and Borton also registered
30-Apr3112Lillie [L.]Washington36housewife629 S. 6th Ave.66160John [A.] Washington Galvaston, TX 1900Ccolored; not in 1913-4 CD; b. June 1869 TX, m. 1889 Galveston, TX 1900C; at 810 N. Perry 1941CD; black Charles Washington family from TX in 1910C is a possible link, as well as Annie and George Washington; a Pvt. 1st Class, 25th Infantry Arthur L. Washington d. 20 May 1924 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG
30-Apr3039Ethel B. [Claire Miller] FT with photosWaterbury31housewife1405 Speedway65112Leslie A. Waterbury, UA professor 1913CD(1881-1969) spouse 1880-1918 Polo, IL FAG; b. 1883 IL, spouse b. 1882 IL 1910C; m. 1903 Lincoln, IL FT; spouse on UA faculty 1916 with B. S. IL in Chemical Engineering, based on son's b. 1907 IL and daughter's b. 1909 AZ indicates arrival in Tucson about 1907, widowed and moved to Urbana, Champaign, IL 1920C
29-Apr2927Maud T[eresa] FT [Shanley] WSMI Watersover 21housewife717 N. 6th Ave.69.75120Albert L. Waters, general manager Pioneer Smelting Co. 1913CDb. 1880 AZ and spouse b. 1869 IL Los Angeles 1910C; m. 1898 Globe, AZ WSMI; spouse manager of Twin Buttes Mining Co. and superintentdent of public instruction 1913 usgwarchives.org/az/pima; d. 1975 Los Angeles, CA Death Index; spouse d. China FT
16-Apr2522BerthaWharton46housewifeOrndorff Hotel64196Fred J. Whaton, proprietor The Orndorff Pennington and Main 1913CDb. 1869 MI, m. about 1896 PA per child's birth, spouse "Ford" J. Wharton b. 1858 MO 1920C; spouse 1858-1924 with pictures FT
18-Apr2582Maggie [Margaret Thomas White] FAGWheat48housewife838 E. 9th St.66180James C. Wheat, Rickwalt & Wheat 1913CD(1864 KY-1945) first spouse d. 1900 KY, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. second husband TX Select Marriages; b. 1868 KY, spouse b. 1868 KY 1910C; second husband d. Tucson FT
19-Apr2633Isabella W[inlow] FAGWhisler51housewife203 S. 4th Ave.64135Abelard Whisler 1910C(1862 MA-1925) spouse 1841-1926 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; first wife Jennie E. Winlow 1901 Beaver, PA FAG; Jennie's children live with them, spouse b. 1842 PA with son Ernest J. Whisler (clerk AZ Eastern RR 1913CD) 1910C; may have moved to Tucson for children to attend UA and son was a writer
29-Apr2936Eloise A[llen] WSMIWhite28housewife4 mi. E. Speedway [3 miles] 1913CD63103Edward W. White, vice president Tucson Realty & Trust Co. 1913CDm. 1907 Tucson WSMI; b.1885 MI, spouse b. 1884 CA 1910C; any relation to James C. White, delegate to 1910 AZ Constitutional Convention?
26-Apr2816Carrie [Annetta Hall] FAGWhitestone28housewife2mi. S. 6th Ave.64112Fred Whitestone, electrician Tucson Gas, Electric, Light and Power Co. 1913CD(1885 MI-1920) and died of typhoid fever, spouse 1883 Norway-1968 Los Angeles, he worked for Russell Electric in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse immigrated 1904 1920C
18-Mar2472Opal Le Baron [McGauhey] usgwarchives.org/az/pimaWhitmoreover 21housewife314 S. 6th Ave.68.5177Dr. William Vincent Whitmore, physician & surgeon and City School Trustee 1913CDx 1903(1877-1940) librarian, spouse 1863 ME-1940 retired doctor in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1879 KS 1930C; previously on UA faculty-speech & elocution; UA special student 1911; Member of National Education Association 1888, 1889; m. 1902 LA, his 2nd marriage; possible Equal Franchise Club
or Pima Equal Suffrage League member"
19-Apr2656Grace J.Whitney35house keeping905 E. 4th St.66130?a Grace M. Whitney m. D. R. Whitney per several Tucson CDs and also in CA; possibly Dudley R. Whitney who m. Ethel Pearl Johnson AZ Select Marriages; maybe related to Harland K. Whitney 1914CD or Florence Whitney Morris who had a sister Grace J. Whitney Los Angeles 1920C
18-Apr2566E. GraceWilcox29newspaper842 E. 5th St.6298?no specific evidance found
21-Apr2682Sarah Frances [Fellows] Wilde44housewifeUniversity of Arizona67127Arthur H. Wilde, pres. UA 1912CD(1869 NH-1936 MA) spouse 1865 MA-1945 MA Town and Vital Records ; m. 1892 NH rootsweb.ancestry.com; maybe CC; spouse UA president 1911-1914 http://president.arizona.edu
28-Apr2859Annie SullivanWiley48housewife141 S. Stone Ave.67220Joe Wiley 1913CDIrish; by husband; (1865-1957) Holy Hope Cemetery FAG; spouse b. 1863 WV 1910C; a J. T. was employed by Legal Tender Saloon 1900CD; a Jno. Wiley Contractor 1912 CD; Joseph Lee Wiley spouse 1863-1947 was deputy sheriff http://cip.azlibrary.gov/; Is there any connection to prostitute Eva Wiley?
24-Apr2741MabelWilkersonover 21Deputy Recorder105 Olive Road64100SINGLE(1885 NV-1969 OH) b. 1886 NV, companion to R. H. and Georgia Scott Forbes (who also registered) 1910C; helped Tucson women register; graduate U of IL and Ph. B. in Science and Arts and on 1918 UA faculty; Cornell University as assistant professor of house furnishings in the Department
of Household Art College of Home Economics in 1943 http://ecommons.cornell.edu"
30-Apr2969Mary Alice [Spires] WSMIWilliams40housewife45 N. 5th St.67190David Carl Williams WSMIb. 1873 TX spouse 1873 IA with her father "Speirs" Globe, AZ 1910C; m. 1908 Tucson WSMI ; moved to San Francisco 1920C; both d. in CA FT; sisters Laura A. Spires and Lelia Spires Morris also registered
29-Apr2935Mary L.Williams23housewifecorner 2nd St. & Euclid63118no specific evidance found; a Mrs. R.H. Williams, UA professor, in CC 1919-20; perhaps David Bennett Williams m. Mary Jane Lavally 1912 Tucson WSMI (1894-1966 South Lawn Cemetery FAG); check address to confirm
28-Apr2842Frances E. [Saylor] FAGWilson22housewife1215 N. 1st Ave.64137Lawrence Belden Wilson, furniture store salesman 1920C(1890-1978) spouse 1887 KS-1948 Evergreen Cemetery FAG; nee "Sailor" 1911 Western States Marriage Index; b. IL 1920C; registered in line with stenographer Isabel Nevenzel and two other comptometrists, Natalie Dalton and Elizabeth Mason and on final day
30-Apr2987Jessie L.Wilson24comptometrist [operates an office machine for arithmatical computation]437 S. 6th Ave.67158no specific evidence found
24-Apr2759Racheal [Lackman] FAGWindhorst53housewife845 Speedway63150John H. Windhorst, trimmer for F. Ronstadt Co. 1914CDGerman; by husband; (1860-1936) spouse 1854-1936 in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; m. 1880 her brother Julius "Sackman" lives with them St. Louis 1900C; spouse b. OH 1930C
19-Apr2602BessieWinters44housewife23 E. Ochoa St.65.5150William T. Winters, engineer 1913CDno specific evidence found beyond 3 CDs
26-Apr2821Elizabeth T.Wolfe38teacherEscuela [ Indian Training School]63125SINGLE(1875-1942) she had 3 years of college, Evergreen Cemetery FAG; b. 1875 NJ and lives at same place as Minnie Parker 1910C; she worked there with Minnie Parker and Ethel Byerly in 1913-15 Home Mission Monthy, Vol. 29 Issue 4, Feb 1915 books.google.com and they all registered same day; Sells, AZ 1920C; Papago Reservation, AZ 1930C: San Miguel at Indian Wells, AZ 1940C; worked among natives, her life's work from 1907-1944 and had 4 native pall bearers Womens Missions, 1942 Vol. 19-20, p 217
24-Apr2764Anne L.Woodover 21none121 S. 5th Ave.65.75112teacher living at same address b. 1871 MO living with widowed sister and parents 1900C
19-Apr2617Ina N[ell Seeley] FAGWorthen22milliner145 E. Broadway65115Gerald Worthen, engineer City Water Works 1910Cm. 1908 Tucson at 17 and 18 years old WSMI; b. 1891 CA with son Richard Worthen and parents, etc, spouse b. 1891 AZ 1910C; spouse may have divorced and remarried by 1914 per child's birth Kansas City, MO 1920; she married Virgel Stephenson; sister-in-law Myrtle Seeley also registered
30-Apr2958Gertrude S.Wright32housewifeAjo65.5154Willard S. Wright, auto service 1920CGerman; naturalized by husband; no number listed, determined by date; appointed UN Postmaster 23 Jan 1913 Ajo P.O. with mail to Gila Bend per 1852-1971 US Postmasters; spouse b. 1870 MO 1920C; comptometrist on 140 E. 14th for AZ Eastern RR 1917CD; b. 1885, immigrated 1890, widowed Los Angeles 1930C
29-Apr2895Mary M[cPhee] 1930CWrightover 21housewife646 S. 6th St.65.5158John B. Wright, attorney 1910Cx 1903(1874-1955) spouse 1872-1934 in Wheat Ridge, CO FAG; b. 1876 CO, spouse b. 1872 CO 1930C; middle name Philomine and m. 1898 CO FT; "Mamie" 1917CD; spouse asked for dissollution of CA Wine Co in 1915
22-Apr2708Minnie L. [Marinda Belle "Mina" Dearth] FTYoung39housewife128 S. 4th64150William Young, owns boarding house 1920C(1883-1955) South Lawn Cemetery FAG; b. OH, spouse b. 1873 MO, and m. about 1912 OH per son's birth 1920C; add patients as label for some of the roomers 1930C
18-Apr2580Mary A[daleda] 1920CZabriskieover 21housekeeper50 E. Ochoa St.63120SINGLEb. 1880 TX, "Zabreskie" single owns own home and 2 bachelor brothers William and Walter live with her 1920C; William A. now head of household of 3 single siblings El Paso 1930C
19-Apr2620Ellen Zent47housewifeRillito St., Longhorner62160William ZentUrbo [sic]; by father's naturalization; (1866 Wales-1941) with 10 Oct 1941 obit, spouse 1852 OH-1918 Kelvin, Pinal, AZ in Evergreen Cemetery FAG; spouse was stage coach driver and "Elizabeth" was postmistress in Goodwin, AZ 9 Jun 1942 Prescott Evening Courier; b. Scotland, m. about 1892 OH per son's birth and moved to AZ about 1895 per daughter's birth
30-Apr3042Hazle [sic] [Decker] Los Angeles 1930CZiegel25housewife742 N. 10th Ave.61103Jerry J. Ziegel, 1910C"Hazel" b. 1888 MI, spouse b. 1884 MA and m. about 1910 AZ per daughter's birth 1910C; widowed with her widowed mother and daughter living with her Los Angeles 1930C
18-Apr2473MALEdate by registration number; or 4/19
3-Apr2484MALEdate by registration number; or 4/5
9-Apr2489MALEdate by registration number; or 4/10,11 or 12
21-Apr2494MALEprobably spouse of #2493
14-Apr2506MALEdate by registration number; or 4/15
14-Apr2507MALEdate by registration number; or 4/15
22-Apr2709MALEperhaps #2708's spouse
24-Apr2762MALECarrie Chaffin's spouse
24-Apr2767MALEdate by registration number; or 4/25
28-Apr2846MALEperhaps #2845's spouse
29-Apr2907MALEperhaps #2908 or 2910's spouse
29-Apr2954MALEdate by registration number; or 4/30
30-Apr2993MALEFannie Plunkett's spouse
3-Apr2483UNKNOWNUNKNOWNS ARE BECAUSE ORIGINAL RESEARCH ONLY FOCUSED ON FEMALE REGISTRANTS; this one is a possible #2583 Dietrich typo; date by registration number; or 4/5
ADS=AZ Daily Star|AHS= AZ Historical Society, Tucson|C=Census|CD=City Directory|FAG=Find a Grave|FT=Family Tree at Ancestry.com|SP=Southern Pacific|WSMI=Western States Marriage Index

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